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Where to go on holiday to Thailand - Phuket or Pattaya?

Kuda poehat v Tajland?

Rightly called exotic vacation in Southeast Asia. For Russians, the unknown and surprising is everything to do with Vietnam, China, Laos and Cambodia. But the most popular at present is a holiday in Thailand. Brave and curious travelers are not afraid of a long flight, big time difference and the unusual culture of this region. The main thing is to decide where to go in Thailand.

For those who love beach holidays, the natural conditions of this country will do very well. It has everything: white sandy beaches, aquamarine sea, numerous bays and Islands, exotic fruits, tropical plants and birds, abundant wildlife. Gourmets in Thailand will appreciate the unique national cuisine. But the most attractive thing that a year-round temperature is +30°, and the water is not colder than +26°C.

If you are choosing between Pattaya and Phuket, it is important to know that in Phuket town above the price of the stay, but the water on the beaches much cleaner.

The most popular place in Thailand – Pattaya

A large number of comfortable hotels stretching along the coast. The star hotels, but even the 3* hotels will provide normal conditions for recreation. Pattaya is the cheapest and affordable resort. Also it is famous for its nightlife. If you have the spirit of adventure, the desire unusual an action-Packed holiday, Pattaya is for you. An abundance of entertainment venues, clubs, Go-Go, "Alcazar show", massage parlors – and not just countless, known throughout the world.

Pattaya is noisy, colorful, flowing there with music and alcohol, the smell of spices, exotic dishes and erotica. 5* hotels in Central Pattaya no.

Tours in Pattaya are much cheaper than other resorts in Thailand at any time of the year.

For a relaxing beach holiday you need to choose a hotel on the coast of Pattaya away from the city: there and the sea is cleaner, and calmer, and the prices are reasonable. Generally, tourists prefer to swim in the clear waters on beautiful Islands or in the water Park of Pattaya. And all the night entertainment is quite possible if you wish to visit by going on a night walk.

What a must do in Pattaya?

  1. Visit a massage parlour
  2. To visit coral island
  3. See elephant show
  4. Visit the crocodile farm
  5. To See Mini Siam

There is still a tiger zoo. All animal shows attract. Few tourists will refuse to myself pleasure to diversify beach vacation. After all, to see the habits of animals that live in the tropics is very interesting. Moreover, for the show many of the animals are trained, the tourists see a show.

Elephant show will surprise you with grace and intelligence of these huge hulking animals. They not only play football, throw Darts, but with a brush and paint paintings that you can buy. Well, a very exotic and interesting, especially to children.

If you want to see copies of architectural structures of world importance, you should visit the Park “Mini Siam”. Of course, the famous buildings are made in scale 1:20, but the Park is truly amazing. Particularly educational for children. In one place and the statue of Liberty and the Eiffel tower, and even St. Basil's Cathedral. Strolling through the Park, can be at ease to move from Europe to Africa and thence to Asia and beyond. Thai beauty is represented in full. If you fail to go on a tour to Thailand, then at least in the photo you can capture yourself with Thai temples.

Mini-Siam v Tajlande

Yeah, don't forget to show men dressed and "altered" in women. Where else is this incredible show will see? In Pattaya it show "Tiffany" and "Alcazar". Of course, for the Russians are such fun – a real exotic. Our mentality is not fully aware of their surroundings and their customs. But bright enchanting action, sumptuous costumes, national music, beautiful choreography create a sense of unreal occasion. Just prepare small bills, because after the show to photograph Thai "beauties" can only be for money. So they have a small business.

About Thai massage

At the words "Thai massage" many people in the mood, and even those who never did. That is to say, heard. But hearing it and doing it are two big differences as speak in Odessa.

A bit of history. More than two thousand years ago, the court physician of the Indian king used the techniques of acupressure for therapeutic purposes. Massage techniques were passed down from master to master through training, as writing was absent. In more recent times, the monastery Wat Pho in Thailand was founded the first University. On the temple walls in sixty tablets were carved diagrams and graphs of lines by which to affect the body. Still preserved marble sculpture depicting stretches and yoga poses and acupressure points.

Thai massage combines acupressure with elements of manual therapy and yoga. Awesome is a beneficial effect of Thai massage:

  • Improvement of blood circulation
  • Relieve tension from the muscles
  • Elimination of toxins
  • Stimulation of the nervous system
  • Improved breathing and digestion

While vacationing in Thailand, be sure to visitThai massage salon. A beneficial effect is guaranteed to you.

Phuket has a lot of interesting

Know where to go in Thailand? If you want to see heaven on earth, go to Phuket! Emerald tropical vegetation combined with the white sand and azure sea creates a unique mix, pleasing not only the eye but also the soul of the traveler. Located in Nirvana on the shores of the Andaman sea and forget about everything – just such a thought can occur in Phuket.

Kuda luchshe poehat v Tajland?

In the tropics warm at any time of the year. The air temperature +28 to +32 degrees and the water is not colder than 28 degrees. Can spoil the mood only tropical rain, Yes monsoon winds. Therefore, a comfortable time for a holiday in Thailand falls on the Russian winter – from November to February. It was at this time nothing will spoil your holiday.

In addition to the beach, where you probably will get burned on the first release, it is necessary to consider the options of tours. Them on the island many:

  • You can take a tour of the virgin jungle
  • See how they grow sea pearls
  • Fun in Fanta Sea
  • To make a boat trip to the Islands Semilaevis

In addition, Phuket is a real Paradise for divers and surfers. Snorkellers from all over the world for positive island with amazing underwater world.

What is good about Phuket? Yes its ethnic cuisine. Many cafes, restaurants, street vendors offer cheap and delicious exotic European food. Hungry in Thailand won't.

For a trip to Thailand be sure to take sunscreen and burn cream!

Couples prefer Koh Samui

In the Gulf of Thailand lost the third largest Thai island of Samui. Unspoiled nature, white beaches and transparent sea attract here lovers, honeymooners and those who love peace and privacy with the comfort and service in one. Only the most luxury hotels offer accommodation on Koh Samui. A high level of service will win over the discerning traveler. It is noteworthy that the tallest building on the island is not allowed. Because tourists are accommodated in bungalows with air conditioning, a bar fridge and a terrace.

kuda poehat otdyhat v Tajland?

Samui has its own airport. From Bangkok to fly about 1 hour and 10 minutes. The best months to stay in Koh Samui – January, February, July and August. Although in a different period of Asian exoticism will not disappoint you. After all, nature has no bad weather!

Excursions offered to the tourists on holiday in Thailand

Naturally, one even lying on the white sandy beach your holiday complete is not called. Once in the exotic country, is acquainted with its traditions, history and culture, see famous sights, to diversify their leisure walks, hikes, and trips. To do this, in Thailand there are great opportunities.

Do not deny yourself the pleasure to visit the national Park nongnuch. This is the largest Botanical garden in the world. Collection of cacti, orchids, butterfly Park fascinates with its beauty and uniqueness. Just for your pictures you will be able to see it all again.

Crocodile and snake farm and tiger zoo will be interesting both for children and adults. This sight will awaken new sensations that will give strength and is long remembered.

Visit of Islands such as Phi Phi, Nemilany, coral Islands will appreciate not only natural beauty, but also well-organized program with the flight of the parasailing, banana boating, scooter, water skiing, seafood lunch, lots of drinks and exotic fruit, and even souvenir shops.

Sightseeing tours in Thailand

Done separately, is a sightseeing holiday in Thailand. If the question is where to go in Thailand, you will answer – on tour, in just one week you have the opportunity to take in the culture, history and religion in this South Asian country. What kind of tours you are prepared leading operators in conjunction with local tour companies?

  • Treasures of the Thai Kingdom
  • From the emerald Buddha from the Golden triangle
  • The lost world

Also very interesting are the tours to several countries. For example:

  • Thailand + Cambodia
  • Thailand + Singapore
  • Thailand + Malaysia

While in Thailand, you can also visit Laos, Hong Kong and Myanmar (Burma).

Each tour is unique as to its content, the route objects that are visited. But, clearly, every tour enriches the tourists with new knowledge, experiences and emotions.

The main Treasure of the Thai Kingdom is considered the best Buddhist temples, which are vast in Thailand. Amazing architecture of these buildings, the rich decoration of the interior will bring aesthetic pleasure to tourists and photos taken during the tour will be a pleasant memory for many years.

A side trip to the "Golden triangle" is included in many excursions. And rightly so, not to miss such a historic and iconic places like Laos, Burma, while in the South-East Asia. During almost any tour you will see statue and Golden Buddha, andThe emerald Buddha, and visit the elephant farm and nursery cobras, will delight your eyes national Thai dances.

A nice addition to a rich excursion program in Thailand is the ability to complete the voyage on the sandy beaches. So to speak, to wash off the road dust and relax in a Nirvana.

What to see in Bangkok?

Stay in the capital of Thailand may be short-lived. However, it does not hurt to get a charge of positive Asian energy. After all, Bangkok is a tourist Mecca for many tourists who have chosen a beach holiday, but at least a day delayed in Bangkok.

Experienced travelers are advised to concentrate on the Essentials to get the most complete picture of an unfamiliar culture. Now, the Royal Palace with the temple of the emerald Buddha must necessarily fall into your route. At the Palace you can walk for hours and enjoy the beauty of nature and architecture.

Take a ride on a boat through the channels of Thai "Venice" on the Chao Phraya river.

reka CHao Prajya

Visit the temple of dawn (Wat Arun) – elegant, unique, decorated with Chinese porcelain, with a height of 79 meters. It was built for 27 long years and for over 200 years now, and astounds visitors with its beauty. It is believed that the temple in the morning is the most beautiful, but visiting it in the evening, you will find the charm the silhouettes of Wat Arun against the evening sunset.

Entertainment for kids in Bangkok

If you find yourself in Bangkok with children, Dream World, Safari Park and Aquarium will be a wonderful place of entertainment all the family. Dream World – an amazing amusement Park, where interesting not only for children. This Park is similar to Disneyland, it will satisfy the tastes of any traveler on vacation, and besides, he's the biggest in Thailand.

Safari Park favors the bold. After all, on a special, covered with a protective mesh machines, the tourists are taken on a real jungle, where a car from behind any Bush can pop up a leopard or tiger. The spectacle is not for the faint of heart! But to see giraffes, zebras and other inhabitants of the Savannah in habitat, very interesting and informative.

And about the Aquarium and even not necessary to speak. All ocean fauna is presented so clearly that in a transparent tunnel and have to Dodge sharks, electric rays and other ocean inhabitants. Children to take out the impossible!

Adult entertainment in Bangkok

For lovers of night life in Bangkok there are many restaurants, exotic night clubs, a variety of shows for every taste and interest. The most visited real men place in Bangkok – Soi Cowboy. As experts assert, is an internationally known hangout for the nightlife of Bangkok. More than 36 institutions inviting tourists to have fun. It is worth to note that most of the establishments on Soi Cowboy's Go-Go bars. Are their Asian customs!

And shoppers will love the large shopping centers with many branded divisions, which is quite reasonable prices for goods. There are departments with also a good Thai goods. There are night markets, where discounts to buy decent quality stuff.

And finally a video about the choice of places to stay in Thailand: