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The weather and temperatures in September in Lazarevskoye

Lazarevskoe v sentyabre

Lazarevskoye — the warmest place on the coast of the Black sea. This is especially noticeable in the autumn, in September.

It is here longer than in all the other cities on the coast, to keep the hot summer temperatures.

Protected by mountains from Northern winds, so there so comfortable. Sea bathing be delayed until late autumn.

What is the weather like in September?

In the Krasnodar region in September yet is not felt fall. The day is hot up to 30 degrees. But already cool night, no more than 18.

The sea is well warmed, the water is very warm 24-25 degrees. Almost never rains.

But this week isn't very long. Already to the middle of the second week felt that the water has become slightly cooler, at 3-4 degrees, the air is freshened and dropped to 22-25 degrees.

And then the temperature is set at 20 degrees and does not change until the end of the month as the water becomes colder than 19 degrees.

However, the night is very chilly, and sometimes it is only 13-14 degrees. In the sky often appear clouds, but the rain is here at this time is not more than 3-4 times a month.

But noticeably stronger windblowing at this time of year, mostly from the West.

Kakaya pogoda v sentyabre?

Where to spend time in September in Lazarevskoye?

Dolphinarium "Morskaya Zvezda". The Dolphinarium is a place where fun can get both adults and children. Communicating with these intelligent mammals, dolphins will bring the sea of positive emotions.

And except for the dolphins and here are the seals and walruses, even white whales.

Oceanarium "Sea star". Here visitors will meet with a few carp and different species of catfish and catfish, there are parrot fish and blue Jackson, fish, which brought in China in the 3rd century only the Emperor, butterfly fish and an electric ray.

The water Park "starfish". The Park is located right in the centre of the village and offers a full range of traditional water activities.

Pinguinii "starfish". Here you can see the show king penguins.

Bowling "starfish". For vacationers bowling is open from morning to evening.

The Nautilus Water Park. Here are so many attractions that may not be enough the whole day.

The center of National cultures. In the halls of the centre daily concerts of famous singers and artists. Arranged show program.

Park of culture and rest. You can just walk around for hours, looking at a variety of tropical plants.

For lovers of active recreation in the Park there are rides: roller coaster, Ferris wheel, bumper cars. In September, still open billiard hall. There are mini Aqua Park "Mowgli".

From may till October a summer stage, where it is constantly held of circus performances, theater events, teams of national cultures.

Gde provesti vremya v sentyabre v Lazarevskom?


Ethnographic Museum

In these places lived Shapsugs, Circassians, then came the Russian immigrants. Their traditions, everyday life, crafts and Museum exposition. Here there are objects whose age is estimated 4-5 thousand years.

The Museum exhibits the weapons of the Scythians and Sarmatians, with whom he traded the ancestors of the Circassians. Always a lot of visitors at the window, which demonstrates the national women's clothing of the Circassians and Shapsugs.

In addition to the permanent ethnographic exposition in the Museum : an exhibition of butterflies.

What to do?

On the black sea coast in the vicinity of mountain ranges it is best to do excursions and Hiking to the unique beauty of natural monuments.

Lazarevskoye my eyes a rest.


Mamedova gorge: tour by car, lasting four hours; mountain canyon with waterfalls and ancient dolmens. The program includes a walk along the trail under the canopy of the forest of Colchis.

By the end of the tour, stay for high tea, pancakes with chestnut honey.

Volkonskoye gorge: a five-hour tour on foot and by car; walk along the Colchis forest, swimming in waterfalls, ride to the source of mineral water, sightseeing in the dolmen-monolith of the same ageof the Egyptian pyramids.

The Kirova: a tourist trip, lasting five hours; the road passes through the valley of the psezuapse river to the waterfall Shameless, where you can bathe in the natural baths, the bathing, according to the legend, returns youth and beauty.

The route includes a visit to the Museum-estate of Adyg-Shapsugs, where reconstructed dwelling, the traditional tools, various household items; the tour ends with lunch with national dishes.

It is There: tour by car in five hours to get acquainted with ancient dolmens, to visit the "Cave of the Witches" and enjoy the Adygei national cuisine.

The valley of the river Ashe: a five-hour tour on foot and by car to the waterfall "Bridal Veil" through a beautiful valley of the river, the program includes inspection of the dolmens, "Caves of the Witches" lunch Adygei cuisine.

Waterfall 33 legends: the program includes visits to tea plantations, swimming in waterfalls, lunch with the dishes of Caucasian cuisine.

Rafting on the river Mzymta: on catamarans in the canyon under the guidance of instructors, alloy lasts 10 hours.

The journey ends at the base for tourists ready sauna, dinner, cooked mostly trout.

Tea houses: the tourists will visit the Museum of Russian tea, then the tea houses will be held the ceremony of tea drinking accompanied by the Russian folk ensemble.

On the way back stop at the famous Tulip tree in Golovinka.

Hike to mount Fisht instructor.

Lasts a few days, depending on the duration and route, you can climb a mountain pass or to walk the glacier, visit lake of the ancient Circassians, where in the summer time the grass grows and snow.

CHem zanyatsya: ekskursii

Relax on the beach

Beaches in Lazarevskoye pebble, without breakwaters, almost all the beaches are free.

The Flamingo Beach. Rassolozhen right at the entrance to the village, near a cafe. The beach offers various activities like snowtubing.

Beach "Dolphin". Recently remodeled in accordance with modern requirements: there are showers, toilets, lockers, a café, flower beds, installed a children's play structure.

Beach "Svirsky". Clean beach, but no special comforts, is wide enough.

The beach "starfish". A beach, part of the entertainment complex.

The beach of the shipyard. Near the industrial area. Nothing equipped, but poorly populated.

Central beach "azure". The most crowded beach, stretching along the waterfront from beginning to end. Here are the rescuers, many different amusements, a café, equipment rental.

The Beach "The Seagull". Near the river, so you can alternate swimming in salt and fresh water.

Beach Kolos. The beach attracts campers convenient Parking. There are toilets and a cafe. There are rental equipment for water activities.

Beach Grenada. Known for the fact that there is a diving centre offering a programme of entertainment on the water and diving under water with the instructor. There is a rental of beach equipment.

Beach "Bagration". Quiet, uncrowded, a small beach, which has a terrace.

Paid beach "Odyssey". This is the most equipped and modern beach.

CHem zanyatsya: otdyh na plyazhe

Sun-warmed pebbles are very good for health. A walk in the mountains help to test myself, my endurance.

In addition, they're informative and give a cheerfulness, going to the Dolphinarium or pinguinii warmed the soul, makes a different view on the world.

And all this can be done in Lazarevskoye!