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Photo best Nude beaches in the world: the Black sea in Russia (Crimea), Europe

luchshie nudistskie plyazhi mira

If you love to sunbathe and ready to do it almost year-round, but ordinary tourism will become boring and seem like a standard, try to experience a new fascinating experience and take on one of the best nudist beaches of the world.

They are in almost every country in the world, and usually their permanent patrons are welcome to newcomers, and you have a real chance to make new interesting acquaintances.

TOP 5 best Nude beaches in the world

TOP-5 samyh luchshih zon dlya nudizma

Nudism was born a long time the rich peoplewho could afford to appear on the beach absolutely naked.

Then the representatives of a secular society to imagine that they become the founders of a new "culture".

Today of the most famous nudist beaches in the world are:

  • Le Centro Helio Marin in France, Montolivio. More common abbreviated name of the CHM. It is believed that here was born the culture of nudism in the 50-ies of the last century. CHM has become a real tourist center with a variety of entertainment, parks and stunning beaches. For a perfectly even tan come there with their families;
  • Grand Saline , on the island of St. Barth. This place is for naturists only with very high incomes. You can often meet the most popular celebrities. The only disadvantage of this Paradise - a strong wind, but fans of the Nude is not a problem;
  • Playa El Agua on Margarita island in Venezuela. This is the most luxurious beach of the country, framed by a succession of beautiful palm trees. In this place you can relax Nude. The area is very developed, you can find everything - from entertainment to hotels;
  • Plakias , Crete, Greece. Although a sufficient number of beaches in Greece allow for the possibility to sunbathe Topless in Plakias there is a complete freedom, so clothes can not wear at all, which attracts nudists from around the world. The beach is well equipped – there is a need for a comfortable stay and all kinds of water sports, several cafes and hotels nearby. The Eastern part of the beach dedicated for fans of "free body";
  • Haulover in Miami, USA. It is the only public beach where you can be in clothes and Topless, or even naked. The beaches are well organised - there are cafes, restaurants, shops, toilets, showers, and more.

Nudi-the beaches of Europe

nudi-territorii Evropy

The European continent is traditionally one of the leaders in the number of places for a beach holiday Nude.

The culture of the Nude is traditionally considered a symptom of elitism among many of the local intellectuals.


Sunny Spain beckons tourists to strip naked for an even beautiful tan. This can be done in the following locations:

  1. Es Trenc Beach. It is located on a gentle hillside in the southern part of the famous Mallorca and is known for perfectly clear water and dazzling white sand. This is one of the most famous places of gathering of nudists in a country where every year there are about 10 thousand people. The length of the sandy strip is about 3 km away, and the liveliness of the landscape give the birds: there are about 200 species of them;
  2. The Beach Of Las Salinas. Going for a glamorous Ibiza, don't forget to look here. Here you will be able to undress without being disturbed by guardians of public morality. Sea water is enriched with minerals and music give a rich nightlife: bars and cafes, all of which sounds club music - here common;
  3. Las-Salinas v Ispanii

  4. The beach of Sitges in the Costa Dorada is 15 km East of the Central city of the temple. The curves of the coastline here is striking in itsbeauty, as mountain scenery, and to swim naked in the sea water is possible without any problems.
  5. The beach of Conil de La Frontera in Cadiz-Costa de La Luz. Its length is 600 m with a relatively small width of about 20 m. easy to Get here due to the fact that the strip of sand surrounded by stones, but the people here are a little;
  6. The Beaches Of Oropesa. From quiet hidden coves surrounded by hills, they are considered ideal for Nude recreation. Golden sand and gentle sea waves on the sandy strip length of 10 km will help to quickly discard complexes;
  7. Punta Umbria is a wonderful chance to get acquainted with the wildlife and feel a part of it, stripped naked. It is close to reserve and Los Enebrales near Cadiz-Costa de La Luz. Get here by walking also to the beach there is a bus;
  8. The site is relatively civilized, there are secluded places, suitable for shy beginners.

  9. Beach Marbella. It is situated among green planting DULAS de Artola far enough away from the Costa del Sol. Nudism can not only relax on a lounger or take a shower, but also to rent jet skis and catamarans.


This country is known not only exclusive champagne and beautiful women, but also places to stay, popular among adherents of tan in the Nude. They have assigned to them:

  • Area of the Atlantic coast, bounded by the river Gironde, Bassin d'arcachon and Biarritz. Sandy beaches, where everyone can freely undress without fear of ridicule, look great thanks to the transparent waters of the ocean and the pine forests growing on the banks. The most famous places, where you will be able to get a taste of nudism - Vieille Girons, Grayan l'hopital, Le Porge, Montalivet;
  • Montalivet vo Francii

  • The Mediterranean coast in the area from Montpellier to Perpignan. Here a popular nudist village of Aphrodite, located 22 km North of Perpignan. Here come the whole families.

    Also on this beach is well organized entertainment: you can play tennis, Windsurfing, continuously held sports competition.

    Cap d'agde is the famous nudist resort in France. There's even built a village a little distant in a southerly direction from Montpellier. Entertainment on the beach adult-orientated, so that there prevails a rather loose morals, and walking around naked is possible and in the village itself. French nudists and tourists have chosen for themselves the Tahiti beach in Saint-Tropez and the Ile de Levante, not far from Marseille.


Even in Muslim Turkey, you can find a secluded area to relax in the Nude. In 2010, all nudist beaches in the country shut down by religious considerations, but as you know, laws are violated everywhere:

  1. In the Northern part of the coast of Kemer , you can find several beaches where nudists have a rest;
  2. In the East of Bodrum is the"naked Bay" and the Bitez Bay, which also welcomed nudity;
  3. The resort of Fethiye is a nudist beach called Kidrak Beach and is within 200 metres from the hotel Lykia World Village;
  4. In Kusadasi you can also strip off on the beach near the hotel Pine Bay Holiday Resort Hv-1* AI.

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Other European countries

ostalnye evropejskie gosudarstva

A lot of places where you can bask on the beach and swim naked, there and in other European countries. These include:

  • The red beach near Matala in Greece. He is very quiet and secluded, and magnificent cliffs of bright red Sandstone and rich azure water will allow you to present yourself as a real inhabitant of the underwater Kingdom, or a mermaid, rejecting the stereotypes of our civilization;
  • Micro Amoudi beach near Domoni on the island of Crete. There are rental cars, catering establishments do not exist, so water and drinks is better to take;
  • Beach Panorama in Bulgaria, in the Northern part of the famous Golden Sands resort. It covers quite a large area, so you will be comfortable enough if you are a novice nudist;
  • Entry into the water at the beach Panorama is very comfortable and gentle, is also on site nu bar.

  • Beach Agesta in Sweden. It is not only possible to sunbathe or swim, but encouraged Cycling in the Nude or walk along the coast wearing only sneakers;
  • The beach and Adegas in Portugal. Hardly the clean, but here you will be able legitimately to strip down and splash in the waves in the buff;
  • The island of Sylt in Germany. It is located in North Frisian and connected to the mainland via a dam. On the island you can buy food and Park, there is a bathroom and showers, and if you want to buy something global, then to Hamburg hence, very close;
  • Linguizzetta Italian Corsica. He gained famethe longest in Europe. The beach is 7 km away, and its distinguishing feature is the white sand;
  • Studland beach in Dorset in England. The beach is famous because here you can eat ice cream or drink a cold drink while bathing naked: the seller runs the boat along the shore;
  • Bellevue in Denmark, which is shared with Copenhagen only 10 km In its Northern part is mostly collected by the representatives of sexual minorities, and the loud music here is an integral element of a beach holiday;
  • Silver strand beach in Ireland in the County of Galway, near Malin Beg. The beach is the original form of a horseshoe and it is always very quiet;
  • Zlatni Rat beach near the village of Bol in Croatia where fans of rest without the bathing suits feel very at ease.


Vok Tum v Tajlande

Exotic country beckons you to remove your clothing and expose the skin with warm gentle sunlight. To do it in Thailand – the pearl of the Orient – you will succeed without difficulty.


In Thailand it is considered rude to appear in public not that naked, but even without clothes, almost completely covering the hands and feet. However, on the island of Phuket with its warm sea and soft, pleasant to the touch, with sand you will definitely find a quiet placewhere you will be able to remove the shackles of civilization in the form of clothing and feel inner freedom. Among nudist beaches here is to provide:

  1. Lemon Tree Naturist;
  2. Kata Beach;
  3. Mai Khao.

Krabi and the Islands

Koh Samui is known for only one popular with nudists plot Tongson beach, located at Cape Plai Laem. The sand is grayish, mixed with small shells and pebbles and is separated from the place for a family holiday here, a strip of stones.

Infrastructure at the beach, but an even tan all over the body without straps and straps provided to you.

Sometimes nudists and summer residents like the beach of Maenam in the North of Koh Samui.

Wherever you come to Thailand to relax on the beach without clothes always have a place. The most popular nudist beach opportunities include:

  • Rai Leh beach in Krabi province;
  • The beaches of Koh Chang island;
  • Samae beach on the island of Larne;
  • The beaches of Wok tum and AO hin LOR in Koh Phangan.

In Thailand, wild beaches are not suitable for Nude recreation, as these areas often summer residents like ordinary tourists, some with children.

Black sea coast of Russia - photos

CHernomorskoe poberezhe Koktebelya

To undress on the beach and to be surrounded by likeminded people, not necessarily to go abroad.

Nudism in the Crimea

In the beautiful Crimea ardent fans of nudism expect the next beaches of the Black sea:

  1. In Koktebel, where you will be able to feel a true representative of the Bohemian: according to rumors, in the early twentieth century they were also not averse to sunbathing in the Nude;
  2. The Fox Bay near the village Resort, where you will find a whole tent city for fans of naturism;
  3. In Ordzhonikidze, where does the invisible trail among the hills and which brings together 3 private cozy Bay;
  4. In Sudak the local beach known by a ridge of flat rocks, which is very convenient to expose the body to the sun;
  5. In The Sea. despite its small size, it looks very nice and allows you to tune into harmonious wave nature.

Naturism in the Big Sochi

Sochi is of great interest to diehard nudists thanks to a large choice of places for a beach holiday. Among them:

  • Central beach "Sputnik". Right in the city part of the beach dedicated to those who prefer to sunbathe without swimsuits and swimming trunks. Garbage is cleaned, but there are no toilets;
  • The beach Loo with pebble coating, protected from prying eyes by a steep descent of the hill and lots of vines;
  • naturizm v Loo

  • The beach in Dagomys, noteworthy due to the large width of shoreline;
  • The beach in Lazarevskoye, known for his kamenistoe, however, separated from the rest of the shore line, shore Mall, so consider closely of naked vacationers, passers-by can not;
  • The beach of Vardane near the village of Uch-Dere, where a fully naked men;
  • Women on this Nude beach can only stay Topless.

  • Beach Host, located on a Prominent Cape, directly opposite the railwayof the tunnel.

The rest of the beach area

Lovers of naturism and naked women, be sure to look at the following beaches:

  1. "Diana" in Abrau-Durso. In this wild place with a pebble beach regular camping culture fans Nude;
  2. Nudist beach in the village of the Annunciation, known for its unique sand drifts. Nude vacationers is easy to get lost in its sandy strip length of 30 km;
  3. Gelendzhik beach. To get on it, you will have to pass from the lighthouse at Cape Thick through the vineyards and clusters of stones and then the wooden stairs down to the beach. On a rock near the place of the café;
  4. Tuapse beach – a real untouched "gem" of pristine nature with amazing mountain views Hedgehog. The water here is clean and the bottom is overgrown with seaweed.

Thus, it is possible to lose tissue "shackles" from the entire body not only on beaches abroad, but also in Russia. Nudist beaches in the most wild, especially in Russia, and only some of them have well-developed infrastructure.

And some nudist beaches in this video: