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Kuala Lumpur the capital of Malaysia on the world map with the sights and exotic beach vacation

Malajziya na karte mira

If you like fascinating journey among the amazing and pristine beauty of nature, Malaysia is the placethat these definitions best fits.

Awesomeness and feature of this area is that Malaysia on the world map is actually a series of amazing and exotic Islands large and small sizes, located in the South-Eastern part of Asia.

The two largest components of this state are located on the Islands of Malacca and Kalimantan, occupying a substantial area of these territories.

The composition of this amazing resort area also includes about a thousand small Islands, which attract special attention of tourists looking for pristine a real exotic, which you can now get in the modern urbanized world, perhaps only on the smallest Islands, where the exotic pristine nature have not yet broken the powerful influence of man.

The natural world consists of amazing beaches, rustling palm trees, the gentle sound of the sea and the boundless happiness of tourists who are fortunate enough to get into such a Paradise on earth.

Malaysia is a country with amazing possibilities beach vacation. A huge number of Islands and the amazing topography of the sea coast create this wonderful landscape and the conditions for a perfect holiday.

White, hot beaches and amazing clean water attract a huge number of tourists and the scent of pine hills makes you forget about all the problems of a dynamic world.

The tropical climate of this region allows tourists to enjoy the beauty of Malaysia is almost all year round.

It is very important that, despite the very warm climate of this region, the word heat is used very rarely. The average temperature in all months of the year in the range 27-28 degrees Celsius, which is the most comfortable performance for a beach holiday person.

Emerald sea Malaysia amazes tourists even seen many exotic countries of the world. This is truly an amazing place for diving, where immersed in the clear ocean water you can get away from all the problems and enjoy the peace and quiet of the deep sea.

This is truly a green region, where much of the land occupied by tropical forests, and some Islands are nature reserves, where there are the most amazing animals and plants. Some of them found only here.

The sights of the capital

The advantages and attractions of Kuala Lumpur it is possible to speak infinitely many, since this city perfectly combines at first glance mutually exclusive things – the beauty and the awesomeness of exotic wildlife and huge power located here modern, urban buildings and structures.

As a natural Exotica here we can mention about the amazing Batu caves, located just 13 kilometres from the city centre and representing an amazing and unique flavor of wild nature.

Particularly striking is the age of these caves, which, in the opinion of many experts, has more than 400 million years. It's really a place where you can touch the origins of pristine nature and which attracts every year millions of tourists and pilgrims.

Fans of the architectural attractions here also there is something to see - this tall Menara KL tower, which is striking for its great height (421 m) and gracefulness of design, and, of course, the twin towers of Petronasare proud of not only Malaysians, but all the people who are fortunate enough to go near these Grand constructions or even climb on their high-rise observation deck. After all, it offers amazing views of the entire city and exoticism of the region.

While in Kuala Lumpur, is well worth a visit a huge aquariumwith more than 5 thousand floating exotic fish. Being in a tunnel of this aquarium you are not sinking into the water of the sea can enjoy the beauty of the underwater world and experience the grandeur and the singularity of the water Kingdom.

In short, Malaysia is a beach holiday, the ideal place for people who love the exotic beauty of the natural world, but the beauty and grandeur of the Grand, modern buildings here are also amazing.

Malaysia on the world map - detailed location, the following video: