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Morocco: where are you located on the world map, attractions, weather by months what to see tourist

Marokko na karte mira

On the African continent there is no country more beautiful than Morocco.

Its area is not much larger than the area of California. Washed by the Atlantic ocean to the West, and the Mediterranean sea from the North, this country presents to the eyes of tourists a lot of amazing scenery.

If you look at Morocco on the world map, you can see how close it is to Spain.

Morocco: a game of contrasts

This unique state is born at the crossroads of European cultures and traditions of Islam. It is inhabited by Arabs and Berbersas quite modern, and as if frozen in the middle ages the tribes. Tourists who love the natural beauty of nature, there, what to see in Morocco.

Its territory is traversed by parallel to each other, from the South-West to North-East, three mountain chains of the Atlas mountains. Long and branched tops of the high Atlas covered with snow.

A four-kilometer mountain peak Jebel Toukbal has such convenient for climbing slopes, even far from the sport tourists are able to use it.

Ridge of the Middle Atlas are the glory of the local Switzerland: there is an abundance of freshwater lakes, rivers, waterfalls, thick forest-covered valleys, and in the winter and comfortable ski slopes.

Numerous river valleys fed by the waters of the rivers falling from the mountain tops, therefore, look as blooming and fragrant oases. Many of the rivers dry up in summer, leaving behind a deep , dry channels - Ueda.

But underground waters are sufficient and the beauty of nature in valleys do not fade. The government of Morocco on the world map - one of the few countrieswhere you can see so many kinds of landscapes: lush forests, steppes, mountain meadows.

Located on the southern outskirts of Morocco the Sahara desert trying to capture new territory. It is close proximity to dense vegetation covered mountains just looks amazing.

Wonderful beaches of Morocco attract fans of underwater hunting, surfing, fishing and boat trips. Numerous lagoons, coves and rocky cliffs to diversify and enliven the local scenery.

The detailed arrangement of Morocco on the world map - in this video:

Eight wonders

Some are located in Morocco sights related to the UNESCO world Heritage list. Just eight of them.

Among them, the old parts of the cities (Medina):

  • picturesque Spanish-Moorish city, famous for its unique hybrid architecture;
  • the former capital of Fes, a haven of the prophet Mohammed.

In the South-West of FEZ is rich in historical monuments of Meknes, next to him - the ruins of ancient Roman Volubilis with well-preserved:

  • terms;
  • the houses of the nobility;
  • The triumphal arch;
  • the Roman Capitol.

What to see tourist on the Atlantic coast of Morocco? Undoubtedly, this old Portuguese town of Mazagan and the ancient fishing port of Essaouira, tucked away in the Bay.

In the vicinity of the port of ancient sand castle the gift of the Sultan, the island of Mogador, and spectacular Purple Islands.

Fans of extreme spectacles will appreciate the Todra gorge in the ridge of the Atlas mountains. The journey through narrow mountain path surrounded by walls of rocks with a height of 150 meters, they will not leave anyone indifferent.

Just South of the stunning eyes the valley of the river Draa. The Moroccan part of the Sahara desert is famous for the dunes of Erg Chebbi. Travelers prefer to explore the area on camels.

The abandoned medieval city of AIT-Ben-Haddou was once an important center on the way of caravans.

Tourists who are not afraid of the bustle of the crowded streets, prefer to spend time in most major cities in Morocco: Rabat and Marrakech.

In these cities there is also the old part of cities with fortresses and ruins of ancient buildings, mosques and tombs of kings. Near Rabat you can explore the exotic gardens and the famous Moroccan zoo.

Marrakech, in addition to ancient palaces and mausoleums, famous for its fountains and markets. The tangle of its streets will lead tourists to the very center, on the Djemaa El Fna square.

By day it's full of colorful performers: snake charmers, monkey trainers, and endless rows of souvenir sellers. Closer to the night, they give way to the connoisseurs of black and white magic, shamans and traditional healers.

Weather: bad seasons does not exist

Tourists planning to visit Morocco, weather by months always interested. Here every season has its charm.

In winter, when temperatures hover indicators +13..+18C (November-March) there is not crowded. These months are ideal for sightseeing and skiing.

In the season of open beaches, temperatures rarely exceed 30 degrees (late may to September), while water often cools.