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Do I need a visa to Turkey for Russians and Belarusians?

Nuzhna li viza v Turciu?

More and more of our compatriots prefer a comfortable stay in Turkey to all other proposals. There's a simple explanation - the gentle sun, warm calm sea, southern hospitality and a high level of service, modern hotels with friendly staff, and the ultimate affordability of tours offered. Do I need a visa to Turkey? This is the main issue that arises for the audience to enjoy the beautiful, washed by the four seas, southern country.

Is it possible to travel to Turkey without a visa

If the planned duration of stay of the citizen of Russia does not exceed 60 days, no permission to travel in the hospitable South coast. According to the existing mbetween our countries visa-free regime, in order to cross the border for recreation and tourism it is only necessary to have:

  • valid passport with validity after a stay of four months. Attention! This figure is changed from 1.01, 2015, before he was three months;
  • Voucher tour.of the company or confirmation of the hotel reservation;
  • ticket for homecoming;
  • med.insurance;
  • confirmation of the ability to pay for their stay in the country.

In fact, usually are checked only passport, but, if you wish to see the border guard with other documents, their absence may cause a negative reaction and deportation from the country.

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Visa - free regime- the basic nuances

The Russians have the right to enjoy a holiday in Turkey without a visa for 90 days within six months, but not more than 60 days without at least a short-term travel outside of the country. That is, you can cross the border to the desired number of times, but the total number of days of stay in Turkey should not exceed 90 days.

How is it possible to extend your holiday in Turkey

There are times when a stay in a small country threatens to drag. The possibility to extend the period of legal stay for three months, but to exercise this right only once a year. To obtain permission proposed treatment to the Department of the aliens Directorate of security (Emniyet Müdürlüğü Yabancılar Şube Müdürlüğü) before (important!), end of put under the law 60-day period. This should collect the required documents:

  • 2 profiles for obtaining temporary residence with the purpose of tourism;
  • 4 photos 3×4;
  • passport and its copy;
  • data on place of residence;
  • payment - 149 Turkish liras.

If the terms of legal stay in Turkey has exceeded or were informed of such treatment during the calendar year of the application will not be accepted. Response to the statement, subject to the necessary conditions and the required documents shall be considered within 10 days.

nuzhna li viza v turciu dlya rossiyan

The penalty for violation of visa regime

The Turkish authorities were quite severely punished for exceeding the authorized term of stay in the country - a possible monetary penalty or banning for a certain legal period.

If the delay in departure is not more than fifteen days, you will have to pay only a penalty of 165 us dollars, it is twice the price of the documentary permission for residence. In the Turkish currency, 250 pounds. If the time of illegal stay exceeded 15 days a ban on further entry into the country. Its timing is calculated according to a special scale, depend on the time of the violation and range from 30 days to 5 years. During the specified period to enter will be impossible under any circumstances. The financial penalty must be paid in any form of punishment.

For the citizens of Belarus

When considering whether you need a visa to Turkey the Belarusians should take into account the date of the planned trip. Last year the citizens of Belarus also can relax at a Turkish resort without the permission of the consular Department. However, unlike the Russians, they will be able to be here for 30 days only and with the obligatory presence of validity of passport not less than six months. If you wish to go for the long term, will have to open a visa.

Visa for long term

If you are planning a trip to Turkey than 60 days, the question arises, do I need a visa to Turkey for Russians. Of course, in this case you will need to apply for visa. You can do it in the Turkish Consulate and exclusively personally. To discover companies you will need:

  • travel.passport with a validity of six months, counting from the last day of the desired trip;
  • application form with pasted photo and filled in the sample;
  • a copy of the main pages of the passport;
  • proof of income or Bank account;
  • booked a room at the hotel.

nuzhna li viza v turciu belorusam

For the Russians, who rent any property in Turkey, instead of a confirmationreservation will need to produce the rental agreement. The first two items in the list of required documents for opening a long-term visa to Turkey are the same for all categories, the others vary depending on the purpose of the trip:

  • For a visitor's visa at the consular Department will need to provide original invitation, certified by a notary, and the paper from the Bank confirming account. In the absence of its - reference from place of work.
  • Visa to work you will need an invitation from a potential employer and the employment contract concluded with the Turkish company (original).
  • For the issuance of business visa you need to submit a notarized invitation from a Turkish company and a document from the place of permanent employment.
  • For technical visa will need an official letter from the company, registered in Turkey, confirming that the employee is invited for technical purposes. A similar letter, only sending the worker must be from a Russian company.
  • Those who wish to study Turkish language in special courses need to have an invitation from the educational institution, the contract, the certificate of registration for language courses, documents from places of their residence and lack of criminal record, confirmation from the Bank about the existence of the current account.
  • For driver visa will need a copy of your driver's license and employment record, agreement on labour activities, med.the certificate of absence of HIV, concluded the contract on services of international transport companies of the two countries.
  • For the official spouses of Turkish citizens will need copies of ID document of the person living in Turkey and the certificate of marriage and original notarized invitation of the spouse of Turkish nationality.

nuzhna li viza v turciu ukraincam

All the above mentioned categories, if you have the necessary documents, the visa will be issued only after the Consulate received confirmation from Turkey, so the process takes approximately two months.

Visa for neighbours from other countries

Do I need a visa to Turkey for residents of the former Soviet republics? Requirements on visa regime for them a little bit not the same. Ukrainians, for example, can be in this hospitable southern country without a visa for 60 days, but the residents of Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan and Belarus, this period reduced to one month. Georgians can enjoy a relaxing stay in Turkey for 90 days and Moldovans, as well as Armenians, to enter the territory chosen for the rest of the country will have to wait for the issuance of visas.

It should be noted that sometimes comes the refusal to grant the desired visa, and not always with the employees of the Consulate explains about this. The institution reserves the right to refuse permission for a long stay in the country for good reason. If you do not feel for a wrongdoing, you should seek clarification from the Consul.