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What to see in Azerbaijan of the attractions during a holiday on the Caspian sea?

Otdyh na Kaspijskom more v Azerbajdzhane

Azerbaijan is a country with unique featuresthat emerged at the intersection of two cultures: European and Asian. It is located on the Caucasus and has access to the largest closed reservoir in the world.

Vacation on the Caspian sea in Azerbaijan every year is gaining popularity among visitors from around the world. "Land of fire" - so in ancient times called Azerbaijan because of the vast number of temples, where it is constantly burning lights.

In VII century the territory of Azerbaijan was subjected to conquest by the Arab Caliphate and the population was almost entirely converted to the Islamic faith. During Soviet times, this country was one of Soviet republics and lasted in this role until 1991.

Azerbaijan is famous for its:

  • temples of the Zoroastrians;
  • carpets;
  • 40 types of plov;
  • black tea in convex containers;
  • the abundance of historical monuments.

In Azerbaijan there is a large number of architectural attractions, some of them already for several millennia.

Tourism in Azerbaijan

Tourism in Azerbaijan has ancient traditions, confirmed by the history. Will need only recall the Great silk road, which contributed not only sales of goods but also exchange of cultural traditions.

But fundamentally the increase of the interest to the state on the coast of the Caspian sea occurred after the start of the search of hydrocarbon reserves.

Quite interesting fact: in the early twentieth century in Azerbaijan was carried out to produce more than half of the total volume of produced "black gold" in the world. Even then the land to get rich quick has become attractive for traveling from all over the world.

In the days of the Soviet Union Azerbaijan on the beautiful Caspian sea, were very popular. However, after the collapse of the Soviet state this popularity temporarily waned.

In the 3rd Millennium, Azerbaijan rapidly developing tourist infrastructure and becomes a center of international tourism. A state with a rich history can provide thousands of places to visit – from the capital to small villages lost.

CHto posmotret v Azerbajdzhane iz dostoprimechatelnostej

Interesting places of Azerbaijan

The main sights of Azerbaijan, which boasts the country 's nature, historical monuments and the "black gold". In this country you can get to the rest as a great coast of the Caspian sea and the dense forest in the subtropics.

For visitors to have a wider appeal shore of the Absheron Peninsula. The water of the Caspian sea, the largest closed reservoir in the world, not as salty as in the ocean and has healing properties for the skin.

In the center of beach tourism in the Caspian region you can go boating, go sailing, go fishing, or take an unforgettable dive.

After resting on the sea, tourists wondering what to see in Azerbaijan? On the way to the Apsheron Peninsula on the outskirts of Surakhani village there is a temple of fire-worshipers Ateshgah, where natural gas is burning since time immemorial due to contact with oxygen.

Oil is the main source of income in Azerbaijan. A country that produces "black gold" for many centuries, has dozens of therapeutic hot mineral springs.

But the most important advantage of health resorts in Azerbaijan – Naftalan (Naftalan oil non-flammable), a substance with unique properties in the treatment of dermatological and women's diseases, dysfunction of the nervous system and musculoskeletal system.

The oldest village of Khinalig (formerly of Khinalug) is mentioned in the writings of ancient Greek and Roman historians. The residents of this locality has preserved a unique culture; they communicate in their native ancient language and wear traditional clothes.

The highest and most remote settlement in the mountain system of the greater Caucasus was not available until recently, but now has become a popular tourist destination.

Radical socio-economic changes have put business centre in Baku on a level with the capitals of the EU countries on the criteria of the standards of operation of hotels and development of tourist infrastructure.

Baku, Azerbaijan's capital, combines modern architecture of European cities and historical spirit of the ancient city. In the evening the city is illuminated in red and has a magnificent view.

From skyscrapers in the center of Baku you can enjoy the views of the Maiden Tower, and the upscale hotels are located next to the old narrow streets of Icheri Sheher (Old city). Attractions of Azerbaijan, as:

  • Shirvanshahs ' Palace, the former residence of the heads of state of Shirvan, which existed in the Middle ages;
  • Maiden tower - is included inlisted as a world heritage site by UNESCO;
  • Icheri Sheher is also a world heritage site by UNESCO.

Visitors to Azerbaijan must certainly visit the Gobustan reserve with an area of 537 hectares, where they found 6,000 images on the stone walls. Cultural landscape wall pictures of Gobustan as mentioned above were included on the world heritage list.

The Gobustan reserve you can also see the mud volcanoes; this area is about half of the mud volcanoes in the world.

From Gobustan you can go to Sheki. Sheki Khan's Palace is the pinnacle of medieval architecture of Azerbaijan. This two-storey Palace was built in 1761-1762 without a single nail and was the summer residence of Huseyn Khan Mustage.


Almost the entire territory of Azerbaijan has a subtropical climate. But, thanks to the presence of mountain belts, it is possible to meet mountain tundra climate.

Generally, in this country you can get in 9 of the 11 world climate zones. In July, the average t air + 26 C. the best period for travel time is from April to October.

Customs regulations

Export restrictions include the following:

  • the export of works of art and artifacts may be difficult, since the export of these items often requires written permission from the Ministry of culture;
  • for export new carpets with a size of more than 2 square feet require a certificate from the carpet Museum of Azerbaijan in Baku. The Baku carpet shops typically can arrange this document for You. Antique rugs may be exported from Azerbaijan in General;
  • the eggs take between 250 grams per person.

Visa and registration questions

A visa is required for most visitors and the receipt can be a costly headache (from $ 58 to $ 131 depending on citizenship). Since October 2010, visas are no longer available on arrival at Baku airport.

Almost all applications for reception are now require a letter of invitation from travel agencies such as Baku Travel Services or from friends or businesses in Baku.

But even this may not be sufficient: increasing the number of consulates now require that the letter of invitation approved by the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan, which greatly increases the cost and inconvenience of obtaining such a letter.

Tourist visas are issued only for one visit the country for business visas may repeatedly visit.

If you plan to stay more than 30 days to register with the police is a mandatory legal requirement in the local police station.

How to get to Azerbaijan?

The most convenient way to visit Azerbaijan are air transportation. From the capital of the Russian Federation in the capital of the Republic of Azerbaijan every day, available flights of "Aeroflot", namely from the airport Sheremetyevo-2 (terminal E), and Domodedovo airlines Azerbaijan Airlines and S7.

Flight time is about 3 hours. In the capital of Azerbaijan there are also airplane flights from such cities as Nizhniy Novgorod, Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk.

With regard to rail transport, a train Moscow — Baku walks 3 times a week from Paveletsky station. Time travel is quite large – 60 hours. There are also trains to the capital of Azerbaijan from Rostov, Makhachkala, Yekaterinburg, Kiev and Kharkov.

To go to Baku on the motor vehicle is possible through Dagestan (Makhachkala). The distance from Moscow to Baku is approximately 2300 km.

Travel to Azerbaijan is stay on the blue Caspian sea, lots of delicious fruit, gourmet, hospitable and creative people, and very diverse nature. You will definitely want to go back there again.