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Rest in Abkhazia - prices, resorts, hotels, climate

Otdyh v Abhazii

Distinctive and welcoming Abkhazia is a better place for a great stay and an effective recovery. Unique beautiful landscapes, tenderly, gentle sea, clean beaches and unique attractions make Holidays in Abkhazia in a fantasy tale, return from which in reality does not want. Visiting this magical country once the tourists stuck to her soul and returned here again and again.


Unique Abkhaz subtropical climate due to the geographical situation of the country. On the South side it is washed by the waves of the Black sea, the North is protected by the picturesque slopes of the mountain ranges. Even in winter the temperature here, with the exception of mountain areas, rarely sub-zero. Soft Abkhaz winter comes at the end of December, and in March again for spring fun. The average winter temperature is 7-9 degrees, in the summer, it is 26-28 degrees. The same indicator for seawater ranges from +15 °C in winter months to + 27 °C in the height of beach season in the summer. The main part of precipitation falls in winter, allowing you free to enjoy a beach holiday and a tireless summer sun.

Lush subtropical vegetation pleases the eye with unusual beauty and fills those tired of urban smog lungs with life-giving energy.

Forests occupy more than half area of the country, among which, despite the Mediterranean climate, are deciduous. On the coast, carefully tended by local residents, grow relict Pitsunda pine trees and mountains grow stately beeches and odorous spruce. In Abkhazia there are three huge nature reserve where you can meet bears and boars, and on the mountain slopes it is easy to see refined chamois. For fishermen Abkhazia is a Paradise. Mountain rivers and deep lakes are full of trout and perch, fishing brings true pleasure.

Otdyh v Abhazii- kurorty

Entry into Abkhazia and visa

For Russian tourists and citizens of the CIS countries an entry visa is not required. Crossing the Abkhazian border will need to present only ordinary passport for residents of Russia and a valid document for persons from Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and other CIS countries. For riding holidays the children will need a birth certificate or passport. If a child is accompanied by only one parent need consent certified by a notary from the other.

Resort fee and mandatory for entry into the country insurance, in case of purchase for vacation trips, usually take on the travel company. To reach the desired resort by any kind of transport - by train, by plane, by sea or by your own car. Cross the Abkhaz border, even on foot.

The state language is Abkhazian, however, along with it is widespread and accepted by most Russian institutions. The official currency is the Russian ruble, though in some places it is possible to pay European or American currency. The import of the money supply in the Republic of Abkhazia is not limited, so imported money, if available, will suffice to stay, and for attractive shopping.

Where better to relax in Abkhazia?

Tourist Abkhazia is divided into seven districts. The most attractive places for vacation tourists find

  • Pitsunda and New Athos,
  • the Republic's capital Sukhum and the Gagra,
  • Gudauta and Avadhara.

Otdyh v Abhazii- transport

Although in this Sunny country, to rest perfectly at any place. Beautiful pebble beaches and incredibly warm sea water, wonderful beach holidays, unique vegetation and mild climate help to improve your health with a respiratory problem, numerous mineral springs, Spa and hydrogen sulfide hospitals propose to strengthen failing health having a chronic problem.

Resort in Abkhazia is famous for a long time. Comfortable and well equipped resorts offer high-quality treatment of many diseases. The resorts of Gagra, Sukhumi, Pitsunda enjoy well-deserved popularity and demand. SPA services, pools, rooms for physical therapy, a great variety of food with lots of exotic fruits - holidays in resorts happy with the quality and friendliness of the staff. Every year in Abkhazia is openednew hotels, accommodation and services which are offered at the highest level, the cost is quite affordable.

Features of the Abkhaz hotels

When choosing a hotel, some tourists pay attention to the lack of the usual classification according to the presence of stars.

In Abkhazia it is not customary to estimate in this way the comfort and the availability of a package of services, but all, without exception, the hotels offer the highest level of service. A hotel room can be spacious or tiny, the building is high-rise or single-storey cottage, but always features delicious dishes of national cuisine, the staff is friendly and never rude, and traditional hospitality is off the charts.

Otdyh v Abhazii- oteli

Most often in sanatoriums and rest homes are offered 3 to 4 meals a day, and in hotels restricted to just Breakfast. But the presence of many restaurants and cozy cafe with a proud name Apache, outdoor terraces with a set of sweets and ice cream, swirling temperamental southern market with an abundance of seafood, vegetables and alluring with its freshness of fruit is not allow to stay hungry. Rather, the desire to try and evaluate the Abkhaz extremely tasty dishes draws in every restaurant, appearing on the route.

The main Abkhazian sights

Many hotels and resorts offer an extensive excursion program. Many national parks and museums, medieval castles and unique caves, the beautiful waterfalls and mountain lakes can be viewed as part of a tour group, and independently. A small area of the Republic makes it possible to visit unique places of Abkhazia during the holidays.

Probably the most visited place of Abkhazia can be called beautiful lake Ritsa. The largest Alpine body of water is striking in its exquisite beauty and mystery of the deep. Here is an opportunity to walk near the former possessions of Brezhnev and Stalin, and a little further there are no less than beautiful Blue lake.

Gagra offers to learn about the castle of the Prince of Oldenburg, a beautiful seaside Park with unique sculptures, has seen a lot of celebrities, the restaurant "gagripsh", the medieval fortress Abaata. Gagra colonnade is considered a symbol of the country and a hallmark of the city.

Otdyh v Abhazii- dostoprimechatelnosti

The capital of the Republic of Abkhazia Sukhum offers so many interesting attractionsthat are unlikely to become familiar with all enough for one day. If the vacation is with children, it is simply impossible to deprive them of the pleasure to visit the famous monkey house, which is home to more than three hundred fun representatives of the monkey tribe. You can then relax with a stroll through the alleys of the Botanical garden, unique plants which is impressive and pleasing to the eye with its elegance and splendor:

  • Sukhumi fortress and Eucalyptus Park
  • temples and art gallery,
  • Kamany monastery and ruins of ancient castles.

Even a cursory acquaintance take time.

Sukhum, a beautiful and quiet city, a leisurely walk along its shady streets and embankments, it is a true pleasure, therefore, to be necessary to devote several days of your holiday.

Another city that is well worth a visit, is New Athos. It is famous for its unique monastery complex with six temples, beautiful caves, and the new Athos cave, built in the VII century Anakopia fortress. You can not bypass their attention and sights in the city - two beautiful waterfalls, with the touching legend, the Patriarchal Cathedral of St. Andrew and Pitsunda-Mussorsky reserve with relict pines.

Otdyh v Abhazii- ekskursii

The movement of Abkhazia

If you are going to see the sights of Abkhazia and to visit all its beautiful corners, you need to have an idea about the local transport, which is unique. The buses and taxis plying between settlements are on the main track and the Abkhaz do not have a clear timetable. Only in the capital city vehicles is subject to generally accepted rules and demonstrates the regularity. Several routes are in Gagra and Pitsunda.

The airport of Sukhum will not accept regular flights, only once a week a plane flies along the route Sukhum, Abkhazia - Pskhu. By sea you can move from one coastal town to another by using boats and flight "Sochi – Gagra" is to go on holiday to Abkhazia from Russia on a catamaran. Railway, the length of which is 221 kilometers, originates in the Psou on the border with the Russian Federation, and ends at the Georgian border. With the help of electric trains can also be reached from Adler to Gagra.

The most convenient and reliable way of moving around the country is by taxi. The largest taxi service "Garuda Express" has an extensive fleet of comfort and business class. With clean and comfortable cars you can get to any part of the country. The fareit is quite affordable, to negotiate the best price with the operators of taxi services. But to rent a car in Abkhazia is impossible, at least officially.

Shopping and entertainment

Bored on vacation in Abkhazia do not have. In addition to the tours and beaches, it offers tourists many unique opportunities:

  • rafting and scuba diving,
  • horseback riding and dizzying flights on Aero plane,
  • kitsurf and wakeboard
  • jet-skiing and fishing on a mountain river.

But what is attractive to some, of no interest from others. What's a vacation without shopping? Russian tourists with pleasure buy here all kinds of spices and is full of natural flavor of the wine, nuts and Souvenirs, jewelry, and mahogany Turks for coffee. Abkhazia is famous for its huge shopping malls, mostly small private shops. Turkish things that are often found that are much cheaper than the same in Russia. In local markets you can purchase a variety of handmade crafts and a variety of yummy - flavored honey, Abkhazian tea, homemade cheese, magnificent peaches, and melting in the mouth sweet grapes.

Otdyh v Abhazii- shoping

Holidays in Abkhazia attracts not only for its beautiful scenery and warm sea, but also for its attractive financial inclusion. The price level varies with the season, but even in mid-summer luxury vacation at the Black sea coast will cost quite inexpensive.

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