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Holiday in Bulgaria, tourism, hotels, climate

Otdyh v Bolgarii

Bulgaria is an amazing country to visit which is a dream of many. For most it remains a dream, while others carefully plan your vacation and prepare your trip in this remarkable region. But for those, and for others, it is of particular interest. Before you can realize your dream, you should learn as much as possible. Therefore, we reveal to you the secrets and main features of such a unique site. It should be noted that a holiday in Bulgaria is not just a tour, this, more, a terrific pastime that will be rich, interesting, exciting.

The preparatory stage or what you need to know?

In order to appreciate the full beauty of the area, sometimes it is not enough to look at the country or city photo. Therefore, a brief description of the countries interested tourists only partially and in order to obtain additional information, to know facts and important points. But even fragmentary view of certain countries is a reason to go on a beautiful journey. In the case of Bulgaria we can say that the unique attractions of this country, in truth, can surprise and even shock. Such indescribable beauty, it would seem, can only exist in a fairy tale, but there it is in real life.

To Bulgaria became more interesting for you, we will tell you about its history and the most interesting facts of this tourist destination of the world.

Interesting and exciting Bulgaria

It is a unique country and at the same time the most interesting place for tourism. Rest is not only Russian tourists, here also you can meet dozens of people from different countries. Rest here in summer, because this time is considered the most attractive for tourists. Winter is a completely different holiday, and it is intended for people who appreciate high mountains and unique ski slopes.

Here there is a city where you will be able to feel cherished freedom and harmony.

Recall that in Bulgaria there are many large and very small cities. Each has its own history and a lot of features, but there are those that are called "tourist destinations". We'll talk about each one and tell about what the city can attract your attention.

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About cities and towns

The most famous among others - Golden Sands, Sunny Beach, Burgas, Varna, Nessebar, Sozopol, Byala.
What unites them is that they are all located on the beautiful coast of the country. Of course, concerning the beauty and attendance is Sofia which is the capital of Bulgaria.

Otdyh v Bolgarii- kurorty

Each city reflects not only the extraordinary beauty of the whole country, it is also an example of a specific structure. This means that each of them has its own specific differences. So, we consider the most important features.

Sofia – old, interesting and very rich from the point of view of the architecture of the city. Here, everything is literally soaked era of the past. Each street has its own inimitable character, but there are modern streets that have multiple buildings and institutions of the new time. Attracts tourists, primarily, architecture.

Quite different are presented to tourists as Sunny Beach and Golden Sands, which not by chance got its name. These cities are not only beautiful places, which combines the Sunny coast and mountains. They are examples of what should be a holiday for the modern traveler. Here is everything what you can only guess. Individual attention, service and maintenance, special place in the life of the city is of course, relax on the beach. But for those who like to drive and extreme are open:

  • water skiing;
  • riding on yachts and scooters;
  • the hang gliding.

Otdyh v Bolgarii- ceny

The Golden sand is one important and basic difference is its location it is located within the National Park of Bulgaria, which makes the area unique and distinctive. The rich flora and fauna, amazing landscapes – all this open to the gaze of tourists of this city.
Very often, to see all the beauty of the country, tourists are planning their holidays so that to have time to visit different cities in Bulgaria. So you will be able to estimate all the main beauty of the country.

So touriststry to visit other cities. For example, if you go to Burgas to see Bulgaria is completely different. The peculiarity is that it is, first and foremost, the administrative center. Here are concentrated the major companies, and is therefore very much in this part of the country unique structures. Tourists like to walk here, because in Burgas you can make a lot of beautiful and unique photographs. He is attractive because here is the most famous Marine Park. To explore this area of Bulgaria is necessary, useful and very exciting.

Completely different – the city of Varna, which is both a port city and resort. There are a lot of educational institutions and no less unique for religious buildings. Varna have nothing in common with other cities of Bulgaria. In fact, every city of Bulgaria deserves to be. But we will also focus on other important aspects of the country, after all, the tourist must know about the country where you are sending as much as possible.

Otdyh v Bolgarii- oteli
Nessebar is a town
on a rocky area which is very much like those who see the beauty in the mountains. There are few tourists with children, are increasingly found young couples and large student groups. Increasingly, there are painters, sculptors, architects, scientists. There are many churches, why, and called the city "Holy", they attract people of art. In this city for all time of existence were written more than 100000 pictures, hands of different artists, which today represent BULGARIA in other cities and countries.

The climate in Bulgaria

Oh, that's the main value of Bulgaria. The unique location allows tourists to see the contrast of temperature, which is felt at a slight distance. If you go here in the winter – you will witness amazing snowfall and enhanced the nebula. This is due to the obvious influence of continental climate. If you devote your holiday in Bulgaria the warm season, in summer there is a noticeable hot and dry weather. In one word, Bulgaria can be called a variety in this sense. So often people are on vacation here twice a year, so I love Bulgaria tourists. It is not indifferent, and always so amazing.

Visa issue

To go in this country, you will need not only to know about the most interesting places to stay. Be sure to take care of the other side of the journey.

As you know, this country does not belong to the Schengen area, and therefore need a visa.

It means that the preparatory stage of the trip will be somewhat more complicated, but it will not be a big problem. There are a number of rules and obligations, you will need special documents for registration. Within five working days (if all documents are in order) you have the opportunity to receive the visa on hands. A separate situation arises when you go on holiday with children, there are some limitations, which can be obtained in an appropriate institution.

Question about payment systems

In Bulgaria the currency is the Lev, its exchange rate pegged to the Euro with distant 2002. As in other countries there are various notes, which capture the image of the great figures of the country.

The cost of tours

Depending on where you start your tour, prices may be different. Equally important is the mode of transport. If you go on the road on the plane, then we can talk about a sufficient increase in the total cost. The advantages make sense, because the only way you will save time. There are also options to travel other options, but the time they will take a lot of. The cheapest option is a bus tour, but he's also the most tedious. This trip brings much pleasure and the first day after arrival you will soon recover. But as they say, tastes it and we're all different, so choose the option that fits better.

Otdyh v Bolgarii nuzhna li viza

Local transport

This is very important, because transportation service is the main sector of the economy. The Bulgarian government has paid special attention to it, so there are motives to say that he is most comfortable in the world. It is very convenient to travel, making a holiday in Bulgaria enjoyable. From the airport you can quickly and easily get to any point of Bulgaria. Here developed all types of transport that is convenient and profitable for every tourist. In fact, in many other countries, this movement is the main problem in Bulgaria is another opportunity to save more precious time and see even more interesting things.

At least a good and comfortable stay in Bulgaria, thanks to numerous hotels. It's not just beautiful buildings, it's a chance to see the country from a different angle.Incredible views, great opportunities, good services will make your holiday bright and memorable.

I must say that in Bulgaria are sent for different reasons. Some want:

  • to see the beauty of nature
  • others enjoy the opportunity to see old buildings and structures,
  • to feel the sea breeze,
  • to feel the scorching rays of the sun.

Otdyh v Bolgarii- shopping

But there are those who know that shopping in Bulgaria is unique. Here you can find something that is not in the world. Beautiful handmade, quality Bulgarian shoes, is a very useful household items. There is everything and the price is more than affordable. If you compare with other resort countries, in Bulgaria to relax and to shop profitable. Here are very hospitable, they are ready to give tourists good discounts, a lot of smiling and always friendly. So if you aim to buy a variety of useful things and objects, then Bulgaria is a great place for shopping!

Want to relax to have a desire to work, want to remember the vacation for a long time and bring a lot of interesting photos – then Bulgaria is pleased to welcome you. Here you can taste the most delicious dishes, drink lots of fabulous drinks and to witness the unique traditional festivals!