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Vacation in Czech Republic - prices, sights, hotels, visa, climate, transport

Otdyh v CHehii

"Not the season" is for the Czech Republic the concept not familiar to you, because for the whole year have something to do. Holidays in the Czech Republic in Januaryand in July is characterized by amazing trips to the small streets of medieval cities, and eating fried sausages, drinking fresh beer, and of course excursions to castles.

The geography of the country

To revive the liver can be right here, because the Czech Republic is famous for its unique spas. From our country Czech Republic is practically next door, because it can be reached in 2.5 hours by plane. There are a lot of people communicate not only in English but also in Russian. You can't forget the many ski resorts in the country, among which stands out PEC pod Snezkou. The beaches here also exist. Surprised? But the resort Macha lake for many years successfully takes fans to sunbathe and be bought.

The Czech capital is an amazing city Prague. Large cities are as follows:

  • Omalos,
  • Pardubice
  • Ostrava,
  • Brno
  • Pilsen,
  • Ceske Budejovice.

How to get to the Czech Republic?

Every day "Czech Airlines" and "Aeroflot" make several flights from Moscow to Prague. Also, these airlines fly often from Sheremetyevo to Karlovy vary. The flight duration is 2.5 hours. But the Rossiya airline offers flights to Prague from St. Petersburg. Of course, this list of flights between the two countries is not limited, because in Brno, Pardubice, Prague and Karlovy vary can be reached with direct flights from Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Rostov-on-don, Perm, Ufa and Samara.

If You are going to visit this country from the Ukraine, the UIA offers daily flights from Kiev to Prague. From Odessa is best reached by train, and from the city by bus, because the distance is too small.
From Belarus, Czech airlines and Belavia fly on the route Minsk - Prague.

Visa and customs

As you know, Czech Republic is part of Schengen countries. This means that the citizens of the Russian Federation and all CIS countries always need a visa.

In the Czech Republic it is possible to import and export of both foreign and Czech currency. It should be noted that amounts in excess of 200 thousand CZK (Czech crowns) must be declared. If You are going to leave the Czech Republic, and you have local currency, you can exchange at the airport.

Duty-free import into the country provides 2 litres of wine or 1 liter of alcohol, 250 grams of tobacco, 50 cigars or 200 cigarettes, or 250 ml of eau de toilette or 50ml of perfume, medicines and drugs in the required quantity for each person. Take out things that are of historical value, is strictly prohibited. Antiques and art, as well as the arms are subjected to a thorough customs control.

Transport within the country

Flights are conducted between Ostrava, Brno and Prague. Railroad in the country less developed than the bus network. This is not strange, because the Czech Republic is a small country and the distance between the cities is small.

For resorts and cities is best to travel by taxi or bus. The only city that has a metro station is Prague.

Shema metro v Prage

Scheme of subway in Prague

There are a huge number of cab companies that individually set prices for travel. In one kilometer, as a rule, the price does not exceed CZK 30. It is in taxi services must be booked the transport, because the drivers on the street can "wring" a great price.

It should be noted that all bus passengers must wear seat belts.

If You wish to travel around the country by car, then you need to be under 21 years of age to have a credit card and international driver's license. Depending on the brand of car, you need to pay a Deposit that ranges from 300 to 1000 EUR.

There is almost no one violates the rules, always respect pedestrians, and the roads in the small villages are well maintained and cleared. To bribe Czech "cops" also does not work, because in addition to another penalty.

The safety of tourists

It must be noted that the Czech Republic is a very peaceful country, so even tourists to be in it absolutely safe. The theft of a wallet and handbag is the most common offense in the country. This happens, usually at railway stations. Russianthere is always a convenient and comfortable, because many of the laws coincide with the Russian.

The Climate Of Czech Republic

The climate of this country is temperate, transitional from sea to continental, with marked seasonality. The average summer temperature is around 20 degrees, so summer is considered to be moderately hot. But in January, the average temperature is about -3 degrees. Despite this, winter is quite wet and soft.

It is impossible to say exactly when the best time to travel to the Spa town of the Czech Republic, because there are well throughout the year. Of course, if you need ski resorts, it is necessary to go to January-February. Where to go in Czech Republic, read this article.

The hotels and the cost of tours

At the moment in the Czech Republic, as in all countries of the region hotels are usually classified according to the European system from two to five "stars". In some cities there are hotels of the world networks. The category determines the level of service.

Now almost all travel agencies offer tours to the Czech Republic. Prices for holidays in Czech Republic can vary greatly. For example, tour for one person may start with 8 thousand rubles, and it could cost all 30. Of course, you need to consider many factors that affect the final price:

  • the price of the ticket,
  • the city
  • the number of days
  • the standard of the hotel
  • list of services, etc.
  • Exchange offices and banks

    Banks operate on weekdays. Open usually 8:00 and close at 17:00. It should be noted that some exchange offices they can also work in weekends from 9:00 to 12:00. The size of the fees in different banks is 1-15%. So before you choose a Bank for exchange, you need to make sure that the amount of fees will be adequate.

    Despite the fact that the Czech Republic is a member state of the EU and is a member of the "Schengen area", the Euro never caught on, at least for today.

    cheshskaya krona

    Czech Koruna

    Most advantageous to change money on the street of Political prisoners. This I know almost all the guides, so offer this service to tourists. Here Arabic exchange offices do not set any minimum amounts and commissions.

    Kitchen and restaurants

    Of course, words hard to explain, which represents Czech cuisine. "Restaurant" is the most expensive institution in the country. Meats can be bought for 200-300 CZK. And here is a well-known establishment as "Restaurace" features dishes that are two to three times cheaper. There are a lot more economical institutions is beer. Here you can enjoy a glass of fresh Czech beer with a delicious grilled sausages.

    Beer in the Czech Republic is a separate page. Talking about it is impossible – you just need to try. In some settlements located near beer Breweries (Prague, Budeevitse, Pilsen, village Velkopopovicky and Krusovice). Czech beer for several centuries called the nectar of the gods.

    Shops and shopping

    In Czech towns, the shops operate from 9:00 to 18:00 on weekdays and from 9:00 to 13:00 on Saturdays. But the grocery stores here and is open from 6 am. Huge supermarkets are open weekends and late.

    What can you bring with you from Czech Republic? It is absent in many varieties, Becherovka, articles of lace, crystal, glass, garnet jewelry, ceramics, and porcelain. But with spas home you can bring your own cups for drinking water, cosmetics, and carlsbad salt.

    Ceny na otdyh v CHehii

    I can confidently say that for the Czech Republic tend affordable prices. This is especially true of gifts. For example, magnets on the fridge, so I like to buy our tourists, have cost about 2 euros, bowls for healing water is 4 euros, jewellery with garnets is 40-70 euros. For one thing (clothing), which can be purchased in local stores, you need to pay about 15-25 euros.

    To have a dinner in Prague and Karlovy vary, you must pay at least 10-15 euros, and sometimes 30-50. Beer costs 1-2 euros depending on the location and status of the institution.

    Attractions, excursions and entertainment

    All travelers know that the Czech Republic is famous for its huge number of historic towns:

    • Pilsen,
    • Tabor,
    • Kutná Hora,
    • Brno – capital of Moravia.

    Great attention deserves the"Czech Paradise", which is 100 km from the capital of the Czech Republic. Here in the middle of impressive rock massifs are located in medieval castles.

    The main attractions of Prague: the Toy Museum, Jewish quarter, Prague zoo, Krizik fountains, the Charles bridge, Prague Castle, brewery Smichov, Older Place, a castle, boat trip on the Vltava river, Troja castle, the Cathedral of St. Witt, The Treasures Of Loreto.


    Prague can not not like it

    Golden Lane is a wonderful place that is surea must visit for any tourist coming to Prague Castle. There are many shops with Souvenirs. In Prague Castle there is the opportunity to climb the amazing tower Daliborka or shoot a crossbow.

    A great number of museums in Prague is impressive. The national Museum is the largest and most famous of them. To get round it is simply impossible, because it is located in the heart of the city. The number of majestic castles in the city is impressive:

    • Prague city gallery,
    • The wax Museum
    • Museum of Czech literature
    • Mozart Museum,
    • Prague city Museum,
    • National technical Museum
    • The Museum of medieval history
    • Picture gallery of Prague castle,
    • Museum of spouses Dusek,
    • Museum of Czech music
    • Museum of Czech glass.

    But for thrill-seekers well suited to a Museum of torture tools. Of course, spending time in museums is silly, if the city has several theatres: the national, "theatre black", puppets.
    The number of places for sightseeing are not limited, as if You were about to visit Prague, it is impossible to ignore the Troja castle, the Powder tower, the TV tower and Petrin tower.

    Ostrava is a city that is a direct competitor of Prague for the title of chief in the country. Musical groups compete for the title of cultural capital, as football fans fighting amongst themselves. Actually, Ostrava is an industrial city, where there are metallurgical plants. Despite this, in Ostrava there are many interesting places for tourists. Of course, most of the buildings in the city have an industrial setting, but the architecture here is quite unique.

    The attention of tourists is always attracted to the square. Masaryk in the heart of the city, which has a wonderful observation deck. Another feature of the Ostrava – there are no bars like in the rest of the Czech Republic, and there are narrow medieval streets. Business card of the city is the Basilica of the Savior of the Lord, which is next to the Church. Vaclav. Also in Ostrava are four theatres, several museums, the Philharmonic and the Opera. We should not forget about the local zoo and area, "Minimoni". "Minimoni" is a fantastic world in miniature. Here you can see the Eiffel and leaning tower of Pisa.

    Despite its small size, the country is just a huge number of attractions. For example, the small town of Kutna Hora is a place which is famous for its horror stories. All of them connected with the Church of the charnel house, which was built on 40000 human bones. You can get here absolutely not difficult, because Kutna Hora is just an hour's drive from Prague.

    Before kutná Hora was considered the financial capital of the state, because here got silver, so the money here was "found" is always large. Every year the city hosts the festival "Medieval show", which fully preserves the tradition of the city. The part taken by the knights, which attract thousands of tourists.

    Business card of the city of Brno – the Cathedral of Peter and Paul. The construction was carried out in the Gothic style, but due to the many renovations it looks more like a neo-Gothic style. If You think a perfect style of this building is the only feature, you are mistaken, because the building has a unique history. In 1645, when the Swedes suddenly tried to seize the city, one local ringer "untimely" ringing managed to save the entire city. To commemorate this event every year authorities are satisfied with the reconstruction of those times when colorful performances and staged battles attract residents of the entire city.

    In the Czech Republic there are almost a thousand castles. The most famous of them is:

    • Rožmberk nad Vltavou,
    • Orlik
    • Prague on the banks of the river Berounka,
    • Hluboká nad Vltavou with incredible romantic,
    • Zvíkov – "king of castles",
    • Sychrov,
    • Cervena Lhota, the Directors took over 30 pictures.
    zamok CHervena Lgota

    The Castle Of Červená Lhota

    Of course, without locks it is hard to imagine the modern Czech Republic, but Czech Republic without beer is just as impossible to imagine. The beer capital of Pilsen. Local residents have long been nurturing the idea to take away from the Bavarians the title of beer capital of the world. Once they managed to lure to your city brewers from Germany, which have begun to yield results. Today, Pilsen competes with famous Germans.

    Since the 19th century in Pilsen produced the highest amount of beer. Here is also a brewery Museum, a must visit for lovers of this great drink. Sample local beer at the Pilsner Urquell factory.

    Also, it should be noted that the city is famous for the manufacture of automobiles "Skoda", and the vast area in the country.

    Local residents believe that people who do not drink beer, definitely have a sweet tooth. The production of sweet cakes famous town of Pardubice. The popularity of gingerbread in Pardubice began in the 19th century, when local confectioners began to compete for the best production of this delicacy. Bakers began to add to the gingerbread sweets unknown before, so they have become a realbusiness card of the city. In addition to gingerbread in Pardubice there are also many attractions, especially the Renaissance. In the center of town are Church of St. Bartholomew and the tower of "Green Gate".

    As you can see, there are many interesting places, so the rest of the Czech Republic will be remembered by each tourist for the whole life.