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Where to rest and fishing on the lakes in Chelyabinsk (with tents either on the basis of rest)?

Otdyh v CHelyabinske na ozerah

Clean lakes, the unique sunrises and sunsets, clean air and the sound of water – how can there be something better? Maybe you are not a fan of active leisure, prefer to relax in expensive beaches abroad, but remain indifferent to such beauty is simply impossible.

To understand what constitutes this wonderful form of recreation, you need to visit the Chelyabinsk region. After all, there are protected places, where rest is a pleasure.

If you are interested in an unusual vacation – we are ready to tell you what are the Chelyabinsk lakes where to go camping and whether has sense to take their children with them.

All this we will tell you and of course focus our attention on what lake is the most beautiful. So let's start the story with the description of this region.

The beauty of nature is perfect

This area has long been considered the most beautiful in Russia. Many writers and artists visited these places to receive inspiration and to enjoy the communion with nature.

I must say that in the world presents many famous works that display the beauty of the area. All the paintings were created on the basis of real beauty, but none of them, not without sketching the lake. This water source makes the whole area unique.

Nowhere else concentrated so many beautiful lakes as in Chelyabinsk. Here are actually a protected zone, and a holiday here will be unforgettable.

The most difficult thing for tourists and vacationers to choose a place, because the lakes are many and each of them beautiful in its own way. That's why we bring you the most famous of them and describe them in detail.

gde otdohnut s palatkami na CHelyabinskih ozerah

So, what is important to know the tourist?

In total, the Chelyabinsk region, there are over 20 beautiful and large lakes. Some of them are not a good place to stay, and the other is the most visited site. So before you hit the road you need to know all the fun.

List of lakes:

  1. Uvildyis an interesting place for every tourist. The name of the lake already attracts attention, but the nature that is present here attracts and like all travelers. It is considered that it is the biggest among all others.

    In the summer there are a lot of not only tourists but also locals who appreciate the beauty of this special area. The depth of the lake reaches 39 meters, but in particular, it is not more than 14.

    The lake location is unique, because the coast is very old and beautiful forest. In this place are the largest of the recreation center, there's a whole lot. So choose any of them always just. Evening festivities, a slight noise of water – all offers the most full-flowing lake in Chelyabinsk.
  2. If the first lake is the largest, that is, options where the total area of the water resource reaches 3 km2. For example, lake arakul the perfect place for families with children.
    Small but beautiful grounds allows you to feel all charm of the area. Many people know him under a different name - Sheehan. But if it was not called, to convey his fascination with words is difficult.

    Many come here and choose this place for the annual vacation the Main feature of this wealth of nature that the lake has a convenient location. It is located near the town of Upper ufalej.
  3. As already mentioned, stay in Chelyabinsk, on the lakes is a wonderful pastime, especially if you have chosen Argazinskoe reservoir or as it is called – lake Argazi.

    The history of the reservoir complex, because the lake is the main drinking source. Here's a favorite with anglers, for they have special places. In total there are more than 30 different fish speciesthat makes fishing ideal.

    But, the lake is always a lot of children and their mothers, who are addicted to the process of observation. The area is quite beautiful, the location is considered acceptable and comfortable. You can get here both by car and public transport.
  4. Kalda is a lake that has one feature. There is a sandy beach, ideal for children. Therefore, there often always a lot of young families. The place is very beautiful, the lake neglubokovodnym. Around is a forest, which is very complementary to the overall picture.

    In this place you can really just sit in tents and feel the peace that will give the sunsets. If you are considering as an option the rest of the Chelyabinsk lake recreation here you will be able to find.

    Is divided two kind of vacation. The first is the ability to sleep in a beautiful and well-maintained houses. The second is a great sleep and rest in tents. Such variety allowsyou choose what you like.
  5. If you consider Chelyabinsk lake - where fishing is of particular interest to you. In addition to all other there are three "magic" of the lake, where the bite provided to you.

    Their locals refer to as "the Kingdom of fish". This is a funny name caught on and each year, they gather thousands of fishermen, Amateurs and professionals. Kisegach lake, Chebarkul', Miassovo – here are three extremely famous lake. Here there are pike and perch, you can catch carp and roach, for each individual catch will be definitely successful.
  6. Spruce lake is the perfect place to stay. Here, the water has a peculiar soft and warm effect. It is transparent and soft, swimming in nice, you can play with children. The lake is not deep, but very transparent.

    It is a favorite place for those who loves to swim in the light blue water. This place is known for the fact. Here there are deposits of medicinal mud, so swimming here is not only pleasant but also very useful.

    There is a belief that if the kids every year to bathe in this lake, they will never get sick. This legend is the reason for the experiment, and therefore, it makes sense to come here at least once.
  7. rybalka na chelyabinskih ozerah

  8. Great Anukul lake, which is called "sight". It is an unusual place, almost magical. There are a lot of different trees that create not re-sound. It is easy fashionable to hide from the sun, relax on the beach.

    The water here is curative, and the terrain is varied. The depth range that is not very propitious for families with children. It can be seen as a great place for fishing and recreation.

Of course, this list is incomplete, because in the area there are numerous different and interesting places. Therefore, in order to learn about each detail makes sense to look at a map of the area. There are marked all water resources, there is guidance on the depth and location of recreation facilities. With the help of Internet you will be able to learn about the cost of living and conditions.

If you like to rest "savage" in tents, in nature – and in this case the lake of the Chelyabinsk region will please you. As we have already noticed the rest here completely different, and therefore everyone will find their favorite place.

You can come here on your car -then you need to go on the highway Yekaterinburg — Chelyabinsk. It is important not to miss a turn on., through Poletayevo.

If you take the route Moscow the route you need to move before turning to Mesas, then to Nepryakhino.

Don't forget about your favorite children!

You can also choose the Chelyabinsk lake, if you plan to vacation with the child. You are sure to enjoy, because you can and health benefits of time.

Here is everything you want baby, you will be able to control it, to see where he is. This stop will be very valuable to you and at the same time exciting. On the lake, the child can learn to swim, to fish; he is exactly like you!

Why tourists choose the Chelyabinsk lake?

Because Chelyabinsk oblast – a kind, unique in every senses of place, because only here is especially felt nice and warm sun, hear the enticing sound of water and wind, and there is amazing freedom from everyday worries, problems, sorrows and bustle.

Beautiful lakeshores, a variety of villages and small towns, great scenery – now, how will your summer vacation on a lake in the Chelyabinsk region, if you get here.

This unusual holiday in the most extraordinary place Russia is always unique and very unique. Many are beginning to go here since childhood or adolescence and remain faithful to this vacation of a lifetime.

Here I like to be children, teenagers, adults. Go here as a family dream of thosewho appreciate the beauty of landscapes and healthy, warm, pleasant air.