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Holidays in Montenegro - prices, resorts, hotels, climate

Otdyh v CHernogorii

This small but very popular country incredibly suitable romantic name "Montenegro". Although travelers call it a friendly Slavic state is somewhat more prosaic – Montenegro, it really is full of the exotic, but a quiet romance, which is so like vacationers. And although the beaches of this country can be called ascetic because of skalistoe, the sea where the water is clear to blue, and the views are amazing. Rest in Montenegro is not only the coast, but also mountains, which, according to seasoned travelers, reminiscent of the Swiss: the same lakes, the same mountain streams with trout, the same meadows. And Montenegro is a historic architecture and exciting city.

Places that tourists love: the towns of Montenegro

Main city of this small country – Podgorica. Despite the fact that sightseeing did not consider him a true European city, and certainly not compared with the capitals of the Old world, he is charming in its own way. Ancient and new trends it creates a weird combination and a special spirit, inherent only in Podgorica:

  • this "Turkish" old town,
  • and Illyrian fortress Medun,
  • and "Russian" monuments to poets – Pushkin and Vysotsky.

Museums, castles and galleries of the city can easily take a whole day even people experienced.

If you like to sit back, do nothing and relax, in Montenegro there is a place for this – Risan. Urban folklore says that man is created for these three classes, so if Metropolitan overcome by fatigue, then you just need to come and trust therapy friendly locals – there are only two thousand people and they will not offer you the frills that many already had time to sicken.

Purity Montenegro rich pine smells of the air and the clear water will act better than a visit to a shrink.

Otdyh v CHernogorii- kurorty

The natural beauty of Budva, make it one of the most visited resort towns of Montenegro. The little Peninsula on which the old town is a treasure trove of historical values, but do not forget here and about the bread: you can eat in cafes and restaurants and fun to walk around the shops. Although in General the bar cannot be called a peaceful place is more of a "Miami" of Montenegro, where the most sophisticated restaurants and the most exciting discos. Interestingly, this does not prevent the local beaches to be very clean eight of them marked with the famous Blue flag.

Certainly, Montenegro has a lot of interesting places and exclusive Becici, and Petrovac fabulous, young, energetic and Tivat, and other, interesting and authentic city. Each of them has a story to tell, the above are only the most famous. But it is necessary to learn, how many difficulties waiting for tourist who wish to visit one or more of them.

Otdyh v CHernogorii- viza

Do I need a visa to Montenegro?

The Russians a visa to travel to Montenegro for a period of less than a month is not needed and the overall design is quite simple: within days after arrival in the country need to visit a travel Agency or tour inspector for foreigners and a simple procedure. But it should be noted that in a country with tourists charged a fee that is about per person. To avoid problems at customs, it is necessary to pay attention to the validity of the passport – it should expire no earlier than the expiry date of the trip.
If the hosts decided to "walk" in such an unusual way of their favorite friends, be it dog or cat, they should visit a vet and obtain a special certificate for their pet and also prepare for the passage of the veterinary control.

Currency question

For over 10 years the official currency of this wonderful country is the Euro. They can to deliver cash in unlimited quantities, but the export will be more difficult: if the amount exceeds 500 euros, will need a completed Declaration stating that a tourist brought into the country more money, so to worry about this document is that at the entrance.

If you're travelling to Montenegro, used to the card system, it must take into account that credit cards of systems VISA and MASTER in the country go, so you need to apply for a card DYNERS.


Organized activities: acquisition of tours in Montenegro

Not all travelers are resolved on self-organizing such a difficult event, especially if they have little experience of travel abroad – even in the country visa-free, as is the case with Montenegro. Tour operators can easily offer a ride as such inexperienced people and seasoned travelers who just want to relax and lay on the shoulders of professionals in their care.

Otdyh v CHernogorii- oteli

This contributes to the cost of the tour – usually more than affordable. Because hardly anybody goes to such an interesting country less than a week, with this period usually begins tours: a week, two or three standard packages. The cost of the weekly stay under the warm sky of the Montenegrin starts from about 23-24 thousand rubles per person per week, if the speech is about the 3 star hotels, and from the 25-26-complexes. By the way, about the local hospitality industry.

Hotels in Montenegro: all good, choose on taste

First of all, it should be noted that the Montenegrin hotels are divided not only by stars and lines from the sea, but also on segments. Thus, the country offers hotels:

  • youth;
  • for active recreation;
  • romantic orientation;
  • Wellness;
  • family;
  • budget;
  • exclusive.

Another interesting feature of local hospitality – minor price differences between five and four stars. So if you want reasonable luxury. It makes sense to choose a few cheaper option – the differences are really little. The standard cost of rooms in them – from one hundred euros, for which the traveler receives a beautiful room with air conditioning, standard – tomorrow, sometimes half – Board. There are options when guest do not have to worry about – all inclusive.

Otdyh v CHernogorii- plyazhi

However, it is worth noting that the hotel in Montenegro differ from the luxuries of Turkey and Egypt in terms of area – there is simply no huge complexes on the territory of which it is possible to spend the whole day, but if you want to get lost. But the hospitality segment develops and actively participate in the construction of new hotels (mostly common in the country 4 star hotels) and rekonstruiruet old – it could even get lost.
It is very very luxurious apartment, only a few pieces, because the tourism sector is focused on the country of visitors with an average income.

The climate

Travellers who do not like heat, choose the Central part of the country – it is more cool due to the influence subalpine factors. But usually come to the coast where a Mediterranean climate allows swimming and sunbathing from late April to mid-October, plus/minus and with reservations. Usually tourists come to the country from may to September, however, the "non-tourist" months also allow you to spend time interesting and cute.

For example, January's mild winter like the inhabitants of cold latitudes, but in February the best country to visit – this time for fans of the frequent cold rains. Quite soft, according to the Russians, and November, but at this time has little existing infrastructure – not a season.

The average temperature in Montenegro are as follows:

  • Winter – from +7 to +14 Celsius.
  • Spring – from +14 to +20.
  • Summer – from +20 to +30, sometimes higher.
  • Autumn – from +17 to +23.

Otdyh v CHernogorii- klimat

Transport question: what and how much

The country can move on airplanes, trains and buses (they are most common). So, for about $ 25 you can fly from Belgrade to Podgorica or Tivat and Pristina, but not all flights are daily.

You can also use one of four types of trains – the Express trains, fast, Express and passenger. Fans of Montenegro especially recommend the train from Belgrade to the Adriatic coast to admire the spectacular views – enjoy a private and very inexpensive. Tickets in General are quite affordable: depending on the class and the number of people in the compartment, their price ranges from two and a half to 6 euros. But it is worth considering that if a trip is planned for the summer, the tickets are worth buying in advance: despite the fact that the number of flights during this period increases, travel documents bought very quickly.

However, if you fail to buy a train ticket, not worth it – there are buses. They are different, but in General is very cheap (because this transport is the least comfortable and the most noisy), the fare is usually paid to the driver or you can buy a ticket at the bus station ticket office.

With regard to local public transport, this tram and bus, and tickets should be bought in kiosks, because the driver youpay more, sometimes significantly.

And now where to go?

Although famed for Montenegro is still not the attractions, places of interest are rife. Mostly natural attractions:

  • Skadar lake
  • canyons Tara and morača,
  • mountain Durmitor.

Unique natural gift – the only one in this part of Europe, fjord, 32 kilometers crashed into the land.
But the interesting man-made monuments – the monastery of Ostrog, which is considered miraculous (it is especially interesting that this is the Orthodox place is also visited by Catholics and Muslims came for enlightenment), ancient Kotor and car dzhurdzhevich bridge Container – the highest in Europe.

Otdyh v CHernogorii- dostoprimechatelnosti

In General, Montenegro is a place very favorite worshippers of the shrines of Christianity. Besides the already mentioned Sharp there is a convent Zdrebaonik, monument of the 19th century. The atmosphere in this place is amazing – it smells like herbs and flowers, feel the grace. You can buy grown and dried by the nuns herbs for health maintenance or healing.

Not less healthy and drive at the Skadar lake – you can visit it separately, and as part of a visit to Budva. It is the largest lake in the Balkans gives a feeling of peace and oneness with nature, and also of spaciousness and incredible aromas. Here sure to appeal to lovers of romance. But if on the way back to see the library of Budva, it is possible after the unique power from nature is easy to return to civilization, because it is a unique place – the center of knowledge and history.

But whichever direction you choose, whatever the transport does not prefer to Montenegro will appear before you great and cozy. Have a good trip!