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Egypt holidays, hotels, visa, transport, beaches and shopping

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Holiday in Egypt is a popular location for Russian tourists. In truth, in the past few years of tourists in the country was slightly lower, but this fact was caused by a number of objective reasons (revolution, etc.), but people love to are affordable and still hot Egypt does not take away. Today, Charter flights are still links to Egyptian cities, so our tourists again cheerful filled with these foreign resorts.

The capital of Egypt is the city of Cairo. Other major cities should allocate Luxor, Giza, Port said, Alexandria and Aswan. Of course, this list of resorts and big cities is not limited.

How to get customs and Egyptian visa

At the moment, from St. Petersburg, Moscow and other cities of the Russian Federation and CIS countries is performed a huge number of Charter flights to Sharm-El-Sheikh, Marsa Alhama and Hurghada. There is also the opportunity to get to Cairo by regular flights. By the way, the currency exchange is best to do in the airports of Egypt. For $ 1 you can buy 7 EGP (local currency - Egyptian pounds).

For citizens of Russia and CIS countries a prerequisite for the stay in Egypt is the availability of visas. It can be arranged not only in the Egyptian Embassy in Moscow, but also directly at the airports of Egypt (which makes the vast majority of tourists).

It should be noted that this country is in any case impossible to take out of stuffed crocodiles, corals, ivory, sea shells, otherwise you can "fly" on quite a large fine. But if You purchased these things in the form of a souvenir, it is only possible to present a check in order to take them home.

Export and import of foreign currency in the country is not limited. Can free to bring things of personal use, 2 litres of beer, a litre of spirits, 50 cigars, 250 grams tobacco or 200 cigarettes.

In the duty-free shops, the tourist has the right during the day after arrival by the tourist centers 24 cans of beer and two litres of alcoholic beverages. All marks will be entered in the passport of the buyer.

Transport in Egypt

The best way to travel between Egyptian cities is by bus. Usually running vehicle companies in the East Delta and Super Jet, which are characterized by high comfort. You can, of course, travel by train, but only the popular routes here are considered safe.

The main resorts urban transport is almost the same everywhere by taxi and taxis the same manufacturer. In most cases, fixed-route minibuses carry passengers along the coast to the Central part of the resorts. The fare for one person is 2 EGP.

Transport v Egipte

At resorts you can also take a taxi: 15-30 EGP during the day and 20-40 EGP to night. It should be noted the fact that in Cairo, taxis are much cheaper. Before to go somewhere, we need to agree on the amount of moving with the driver.

If You wish to travel around the country by private car, you can rent. Frankly, it is better not to do it, because almost all local drivers about the rules of the road have no idea.

The climate of the country of pyramids

On the Mediterranean coast the climate is subtropical continental, and the rest of the country tropical. The air temperature may-September is about +35 to +40 degreesfrom December to February it does not rise above 25 degrees. Spring and winter are not rare blow "Khamsin" - dry hot winds.

The swimming season in Egypt lasts for the whole year. Water temperature in winter is +20..+22 degrees, and summer is +26..+28 degrees. If You are going to visit Egypt in winter, it is better to take any warm clothes because the temperature after sunset can drop to 15 degrees. But in the daytime, you can sunbathe without problem even in February. In the coldest months it is better to buy tours in Sharm El Sheikh or Hurghada, because the winter there is almost no wind. Read more about when is the best time to go to Egypt, read here.

Hotels of Egypt and the cost of tours

In Egypt, there are hotels in almost all the world's networks. But this fact is not guarantee you qualityservice. If your financial capabilities allow you to order a decent round, below 4 star hotel it is better not to take. Of course, there are good and less modest hotels, but their choice should be treated with extreme care. Popular services "all inclusive" hotels tend to vary, so you need to immediately clarify their details.

For example, in Alexandria operate in mostly urban hotels, but in the suburbs – the "beach" with a huge set of services and a large territory. Animation in local hotels is a rarity. But very often the hotels have their own discos or Nightclubs.

Hurghada is a quite old resort, if to compare with the new Sharm El-Sheikh. In Sharm hotels have a large area, as well as newer buildings. It should be noted that in Hurghada, a lot of hotels have 3 stars and are located on the first line of the beach. But the Charm all the way around, "treshek" much less, and if they are, that are a good distance from the sea.

El Gouna and Makadi Bay are small towns, which have, respectively, a small number of hotels. The fast pace of today rebuilt young resorts – Marsa Alam, El Quseir and its Bay. Of course, the level of service they have not yet up to European, but he is still better than in Hurghada.

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Prices on vacation in Egypt can be different. The price is influenced by many factors:

  • the number of days
  • the level of the hotel
  • food
  • the number of people
  • the city

The average price for a tour to Egypt will be from 20 thousand rubles per person. Read also article: How much money to take with him to Egypt.

Kitchen and restaurants

Egyptian cuisine is quite diverse. Here cook almost anything that swam in a network of fishermen, from fish to cuttlefish, various spices, middle Eastern lamb, rice-possums. A lot of emphasis when cooking meals the Egyptians do to the flavor, so is often used aromatic herbs.

National meat dishes are stews and possums, but the vegetable should definitely try the braised beans with garlic, onion and olive oil, and falafel.

In Egypt you can eat cheaply in the city's eateries, but you can at expensive gourmet restaurants. Before you go to any restaurant, you should pay attention to hygiene.

Shopping and shops

The majority of people, if he brings any thing from Egypt, it is only Souvenirs. No reason to buy something else, almost none. Such typical Souvenirs can be:

  • papyrus
  • hookah
  • alabaster, granite or basalt figurines of ancient Egyptian gods

Fixed prices in resort towns there, so every dealer installs them on their individual preferences.

The main skill that you need to have in the process of shopping is to bargain with the sellers, because the price can be brought down significantly.

Special attention should be paid to the shirt for 200 EGP and other products, which are manufactured from high quality Egyptian cotton at competitive prices. Also in Egypt you can find cheap rugs that are not only beautiful, but also quality. Gold is a good acquire, only it should be buy only in the checked jewelry stores, not a gift.

Attention should be paid to the selection of hookahs, because some of them gift, so use them. If You have visited Cairo, you must visit the branded shops of shoes and clothing at affordable prices will become valuable.

Attractions, excursions and entertainment in Egypt

Tour "chips" in the country there are four: Valley of the kings, temples of Luxor, the Sphinx and the pyramids. In most cases, all these four sites include in one tour. Tours often combine a trip to Cairo. On other sites you can read in this article.

Of course, the capital of Egypt – Cairo has many interesting places among which are: the Khan El-Khalili is the largest middle Eastern market, ancient buildings and a huge number of mosques.

Memphis – Dahshur – Sakara – Giza – this is one of the most exciting routes on the outskirts of Cairo. If you start this route from the Piazza of the Sphinx, the taxi drivers for EGP 50 will kindly agree to take you to all three places. For example, at Saqqara there is the opportunity to see the ancient great pyramid of Giza and the stepped pyramid of Djoser.

Also big attention is given a magnificent necropolis that stands on the site of Memphis. Beautiful pyramids can be seen in Dushore, which, despite its small size, differ in a number of features. Pink – one of these pyramids, which received its name because of the color of limestone. Broken – the second of the three pyramids, which gained this title due to the sharp bendsof their faces. But from the ancient capital of Egypt – Memphis today was only the great Sphinx and a small Museum.

Many interesting things can be found in Alexandria:

  • Roman amphitheatre
  • elegant library of Alexandria
  • the Palace RAS El-tin
  • Museum of fine arts
  • Montaza Palace
  • "table of Pompey"
  • Fort Faroese lighthouse

For lovers of fauna and flora of Egypt, great choice of RAS Mohammed is a national Park in the Sinai Peninsula, and you can also try diving.

Nile cruises

Today, cruises on the majestic Nile, take place only on the section from Aswan to Luxor. Usually they are held on ships 4, 5, and 5+ categories, so they can be safely regarded as "floating hotels". Now on this route run approximately 200 ships, besides each of them has three, four or even five decks. Disco, bar and restaurant is, as a rule, the lower floor and the upper house swimming pool, sun loungers, parasols and a bar. If we talk about cabins, they are practically everywhere, except the top floor.

kruiz po Nilu

For all vehicles typical buffet throughout the day but the drinks in this cost are not included, so you have to pay separately.

Of course, in addition to travel, tourists have the opportunity to take optional excursions. Standard 4-day cruise can be great to combine with a stay in Alexandria or Cairo.

The Beaches Of Egypt

Egypt are quite large, so not all the beaches in the country monotonous. For example, the beaches in Alexandria sandy. In this city there are few hotels that have private beaches with umbrellas and sun beds, so tourists are forced to use public beaches. And the hotels that are located in the suburbs of Alexandria, always have their own equipped beaches.

And here in Hurghada all the beaches are shallow but not all hotels have beaches with clean and fine sand. Besides, not all hotels here have the open sea. That is why we have to settle for in-depth artificial lagoons. Unfortunately, the water in these lagoons is quite muddy. Most of the hotels in Hurghada have their own "house reef" where you can look at the fish. Because of the coral in them to go barefoot is almost impossible.

Beaches in Sharm El Sheikh sandy only conditionally, because not all places you can go in the water without special shoes. Cleared areas, usually fenced by buoys. The Bay of Sharm El Maya is the only natural beach in the city, where you can swim barefoot and absolutely nothing to fear. But new areas of this resort (Nabq Bay, Bay of sharks Bay and Hadaba) have sandy beaches and coral. The coral here starts from the water's edge, and their length reaches deep into 15-30 meters. Agree, because for children it's too uncomfortable, but the fans of fauna and flora will be interesting to observe the reef.

That must be done in Egypt?

  1. Visit of Alexandria the catacombs of Kom ash-Shugafa.
  2. To try the dates in Aswan.
  3. Take a cruise on the Nile.

Thus, the holiday in Egypt is a unique opportunity to visit a country that has many historical sites and mysterious Oriental flavor.