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Holidays in Germany - attractions, hotels, visa, climate, transport

Otdyh v Germanii

Germany — absolutely amazing world that combines old traditions and modern life. That is why, every year millions of people from around the world seeking to implement the stay in Germany and to discover the natural beauty of this region, and guided tours at all times in high demand. Against the backdrop of stunning landscapes here live a special life of ancient castles, cosy small towns and large cities, which rightfully proud of its architecture.

The favorite city of tourists

The history of Germany goes back to antiquity, which makes visiting the country an exciting adventure for every tourist. Along with the indescribable beauty of nature, unquenchable interest among travelers cause of the city, which is something to look at:

  • quiet winding streets
  • historical and cultural monuments
  • many fountains
  • cozy cafe
  • a huge number of colors that adorned every house

Among the most visited cities in Germany can single out the following towns:


At the moment, is one of the centers of the country, which is also called City of Heroes. Leipzig is famous for its unique vibrant culture and art, the formation of which had considerable influence personalities such as Mendelssohn, Wagner, Bach and others. Today, visitors can enjoy music by Bach, visiting the Church of SV. Thomas, on which territory there is the tomb of the composer.

In addition, tourists can also visit the Old town Hall to explore the many historical monuments, including the monument to Napoleon, to commemorate the battle of the Nations.

In the centre of the city is located the largest in Europe square, the Augustusplatz, which is located on the Central campus of the oldest University in Germany. Fans of exotic flora and fauna will be an interesting tour of the oldest Botanical garden, which is also the oldest zoo in the country.

Leipzig is famous for its colorful and memorable festivals that are held annually. Thus the special attention you deserve? the so-called "Festival singles", "Gothic festival" and Christmas fairs, which take place in the run up to Christmas.


This city is considered one of the most romantic places in Europe. Thanks to the many ancient castles of the 12th and 14th century, picturesque villages with distinctive flavor and world-famous vineyards of the Rhine annually attracts many thousands of tireless travellers to personally experience the world with amazing imagination.


Modern Cologne is one of the largest cities in the country, which was almost completely destroyed during the Second world war. Rebuilt and restored, at the moment he is the jewel in the crown of Germany, and also the center of attractions of the country.

The world fame of the city provided a gorgeous Cologne Cathedral and 12 other churches, medieval architecture. In addition, the attractiveness of Cologne for tourists is that the city is the cultural center of the state: there are numerous art galleries, historical, natural history and other museums, as well as a number of priceless architectural objects. I wonder what Cologne was invented in Cologne, the history of which you can learn more by visiting the Museum Farino.

ceny na otdyh v Germanii

Cologne Cathedral


At the beginning of the 20th century Dresden was one of the largest historical, cultural and architectural centres of Europe. During this period the city was the largest collection of paintings, sculptures and other works of famous masters, most of which was lost during the Second world war. However, over time almost all of the collection was restored, and today Dresden is again one of the most visited cities in Germany.

Among the attractions of the city deserve special attention:

  • "Brühl Terrace",located on the waterfront of the Elbe
  • complex consisting of 4 palaces, Zwinger
  • the Frauenkirche
  • the world famous Green Vault (Museum)

Cultural Dresden is the center of Opera houses, most popular of which is the Semper. The city is also famous for its festivals, among which the most favorite among Europeans considered Jazz festival.


Located in the Northern part of Germany, Lubeck is a port city which was founded in 1143. Here, in places interesting for tourists are such streets as Fleischerstrasse and Hochstrasse, which is the most historic monuments, art galleries, restaurants, gift and book stores. In addition, the traveler keen on the history of the city, would be interesting to visit the old city gate, ancient town hall (12th century), the house of Thomas Mann.

Its fame, the city also received by the invention (says local legend) and the production of marzipan. Also on the territory of Lubeck functions known in Europe wine factory which produces the products of the brand Rotspon.


In the city there are historical buildings: Heidelberg castle, old bridge, Church SV. Spirit etc. the Popularity of the Heidelberg among tourists unconditional and to a greater extent due to the presence in town of many pubs, shops, markets, galleries, museums and restaurants. So, traditional beer steins, are a symbol of the city, as well as cuckoo clocks can be bought in every souvenir shop and enjoy a traditional dish of sausages in each bar.


His popularity in Munichin the first place, I owe the beer festival Oktoberfest, which is famous all over the world and annually attracts many visitors. In addition the city is also known as medical center of the country in which the research is conducted in various fields and develop advanced technology in medicine.

At the moment Munich is the most successful city in the country. Here are several universities, a number of international companies, and Deutsches, other famous museums. In the city there is the national theater, worth visiting year-round strive millions of people. And, of course, every sports fan knows that Munich is the birthplace of many popular football, basketball and hockey teams.


Berlin — Germany's capital, it is filled with historical events of world importance. That's why in the city there are thousands of attractions, cultural institutions, museums, exhibitions, etc. Especially attractive for tourists are the objects such as:

  • The Reichstag
  • Brandenburg gate
  • the Holocaust memorial
  • part of the Berlin wall, which survived after the reunification of Germany and the GDR
Brandenburgskie vorota

Brandenburg gate

The city is famous for its zoos, Botanical gardens, public parks, and in addition, exciting night life, which boils in bars and Nightclubs.

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The Climate Of Germany

Before traveling, every person to strive to collect as much information as possible about the country where he decided to visit. And information about the weather and climatic conditions when this is not the last place. Deciding on a trip to the beautiful Germany, you should know that the country is situated in the zone temperate continental climate. This means that heavy warm clothes will be Luggage unwanted.

The average air temperature on the territory of the country in winter ranges from -3 to +1. Of course, there are exceptions: in this case, under the influence of the cold cyclone temperature can drop to -15 degrees. However, going for new experiences in the Northern regions of Germany you can not worry — particularly changes in temperature is not observed. But the Eastern regions of mild weather do not spoil: frosts reach up to -20 degrees.

In the summer the warmest months in Germany are considered to be July and August when the air warms up to +20-30 degrees. Spring here is pretty cool and the warm days can quickly give way to sharp cold.

In Germany pretty rainy and the bulk of the precipitation falls in the summer. Most of the raining in the mountain areas.

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Do I need a visa to enter?

A visa to enter the territory of Germany is absolutely necessary. The documents and duration of stay in the country depend on the purpose of the trip. To visit the state person to need one of several types of visas:

  1. student visa
  2. visitor visa
  3. business visa
  4. transit visa
  5. tourist visa

For those who wish to enjoy historical landmarks, shopping, shopping or night life, which boils in the big cities, need to apply for a tourist visa, which costs30 euros.

About local currency

Since 2002, the national currency of Germany is Euro. From this moment the German currency, the former in the course, not used but can be exchanged for euros in any Bank in the country.

However, interesting is the fact that recently in the territory of the state in the turnover of new means of payment — "her" used for the settlements to each other by some businessmen that since the release was regarded as a provocation, not worthy of attention. But as time went by and after five years the idea was supported by almost all regions of Germany and today, along with the national currency, monetary transactions can be paid "kawanami", "cimaware", "namesecure", "Ustyany" and "starlit taller". Currently on the territory of the country in everyday life is more than 20 currencies.

How much is the tour in Germany?

As a rule, the prices in Germany depend on the vehicle, the number of days of the tour, category of hotels, and margins of the tourist company. The burning stages are usually 20% below normal. According to data provided popular agencies, a trip by bus+ferry and further accommodation in a three star hotel will cost 200 euros person. The duration of the tour, in this case, is 4 days and three nights.

The average value of cost of travel varies up to 400 euros, while the maximum may depend on a number of factors: the number of days used transport, and much more. Detailed information is provided by travel agencies when ordering.

Popular types of transport

nemeckij avtoban

Vehicle in Germany represent the same tradition as all famous German sausages, beer and pubs. Regardless of choice, the main advantage of transport of Germany are quality, reliability and consistent punctuality. Currently the transport system of the country is considered the best in Europe and includes the famous highways, bus and train routes.

As a rule, for a trip to the cities of German tourists use the most convenient and inexpensive way for rail.

The characteristics of the local hotels

Dreaming about vacation in Germany, there is no need to worry where to stay. In addition to the many hotels, also accept, we can say, on the peasant farmsteads, Inns, bed and breakfasts. Hotel facilities Germany is rather unique and its main feature is the fact that the owners of such establishments to independently assign categories to them.

But even that is not a reason for concern — the desire to please pedantic and demanding the Germans, hotels almost always correspond to the declared, even by providing affordable accommodation and minimal comfort and all the amenities. Today the average price of a three star hotel varies in the range of 100 euros.

Shopping in Germany

A relatively new topic in the world of shopping are Outlets (Chic Outlet Shopping® Villages), which are boutique towns that are located close to most major cities in Europe. The popularity of such establishments due to the fact that, being arranged in this way, they perfectly complement the beautiful landscapes and made in accordance with local architectural traditions. In Germany a similar institution located in the vicinity of such cities as Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart and Berlin.

Each village is ready to provide its visitors with many positive impressions as well as a decent selection of women's, men's and children's clothing from leading brands. In addition, here you can find everything your heart desires: from exquisite lingerie to household appliances.