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A holiday in Greece, Islands, hotels, visa, climate, transport

Otdyh v Grecii

Hellenic Republic or habitually Greece worthwhile location and mild climate throughout the year. Once visiting this amazing country, it becomes clear why holidays in Greece so popular around the world.

Tourist Mediterranean country

A Mediterranean country located on the Balkan Peninsula. It also includes the largest peninsulas of Greece, the Peloponnesus and many Islands in the Aegean sea. Thus, the country is washed by another Libyan, Thracian, Cretan and Ionian seas. On land adjacent to Bulgaria, Albania, the Macedonian Republic and in the East - with Turkey.

Due to this geographical location in Greece observed three climatic zones:

  1. The climate in Santorini is typical of Sunny days, warm mild Mediterranean climate thanks to the Mediterranean sea. On the Islands of the Cyclades, Crete, Dodecanese, East Peloponnese and the coastal part of Central Greece the summer is hot and dry, and winters are mild and humid.
  2. Alpine climate in mountain areas of the mainland area is pretty harsh during winter.
  3. In the East Macedonia and Thrace temperate climate: relatively cold winters and hot summers.
  4. Gorgeous Athens stands out for its climatic zone. In the Northern part of Athens in the temperate zone, while in the southern and Central regions the climate closer to the Mediterranean.

This information will help You to choose where and when to go in Greece.

The visa regime in Greece and the Islands

By purchasing a tour in Greece, you must apply for a Schengen visa, because the Republic is one of the Schengen States.

Having such a visa in the passport, you can travel around Europe if enough time for longer trips. In the summer you can arrive without a visa to some Greek Islands by ferry from Turkey. However from 1 October visa regime applies to the island part of Greece.

For self-tour around the country must have a visa, which must be arranged in compliance with the "obesegenic" standard document requirements:

  • The passport must be with an active validity period of more than 3 months after the end of travel;
  • The questionnaire with the fields filled;
  • Reservation for hotel accommodation;
  • The plane ticket there and back;
  • Registration of insurance;
  • Bank statement confirming financial viability;
  • Pre-payment of 30% of the amount.

For those who go independently, that is without purchasing the tour in the travel Agency, you can contact the visa application centre to fast process an exit visa. The cost of this service is 75 euros for adults and 35 euros for children up to 12 years. If the child is only 6 years old and he has his AWP – artwork free.

The choice of resort for families with children and just for yourself

It is best to use the services of a travel company that has extensive experience and a good reputation, if your trip in beautiful Greece first. The Manager will tell the nuances of visiting the many attractions of the country. You can choose the trip with the priority of a beach holiday or to buy a tour, allowing for convenient travel to cities and famous Islands in search of a new thrill.

Roughly the price of a holiday in Greece range from 26 thousand rubles up to 35 thousand rubles. For example, accommodation in the Peloponnese will cost 26005 RUB the registration fee includes:

  • Flight by plane from Moscow and back;
  • Transfer to the hotel;
  • Accommodation in a double room – 7 nights;
  • Breakfast;
  • Medical insurance;
  • Tour guide services;
  • Liability insurance of the tour operator.

Agents travel agencies offer special trips for two persons to travel to Greece worth 28000 rubles and more. The main thing is to decide what region of the country more interesting.

Opportunitiesindependent travel in the country

Visitors to the resort is easy to get around Greece by public transport or rent a car. The bridge Rio antario across the Gulf of Corinth, the travellers move out of Central Greece in the Western Peloponnese. Expressway connect visited Athens, Thessaloniki and Patras.

arenda avtomobilya v Grecii

Urban public transport is significantly improved before the Olympics. Was launched commuter tram speed type. The Athens metro has grown to three branches. Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos" was reconstructed and launched new terminals corresponding to the European standards in international air transport.

Sights of an amazing country

The development of tourism in the country has added more than 900 thousand jobs. Almost 20 million tourists annually come to stay in Greece to visit:

  • The most popular among tourists are the cities of Delphi and Athens.
  • Our compatriots are willing to acquire tours of the island of Crete and Corfu.
  • Beach lovers prefer to settle on the Peninsula Halkidiki.
  • Call the resort Islands of Paros, Crete, Mykonos and Santorini.
  • Mount Athos and the famous monasteries Meteorsite loved the location Christian pilgrims.
  • Monuments of Byzantine civilization, Thessaloniki, Basilica of St. Sophia and many others are world heritage sites specified in the list of UNESCO.

And now more about the great historic monuments of Greece, which could see in Greece.

Arriving in Athens, you can get lost in the numerous museums, monasteries of the precious jugs and armless statues. To see all of impossible. So be sure to visit the Acropolis and its Museum of the twenty-first century. Lasting impression you get photographed against the guards of the Presidential regiment in comic form. Despite the heat and sun, here attracts many tourists.

Ceny na otdyh v Grecii

Warms the soul, that the ticket for 12 euros, purchased for the inspection of the Acropolis and the Parthenon valid for a few days. One day it's hard to see all the sights of the city. The next day the ticket go on Roman mountain, and then visit the Temple of Zeus.

Luxury hotels and simple Villa on the "island of millionaires"

"Island of millionaires" attracts tourists of different status. Hotels on the island of Corfu De luxe are surrounded by olive groves along the coast. Wishing to live in cheaper villas quite a lot. To deliver tourists to Corfu propose to use the services of the ferries. To reduce the time to move, you can arrive by plane to the airport of Corfu. There easier to get on any coast. Mothers with children have chosen Agios Georgios, Benitses and the sandy beaches of Sidari. In Kameno go for exclusive businessmen, which allows the wallet to settle in the most expensive hotels. Fans of active rest prefer to swim under water on Paleokastritsa. In Corfu there is no better place for lovers of snorkeling and diving.

Considering the beach area of the island it is possible to note that the small splash pool for children with warm clear waters and clean sand is located on the North coast. The Western coast is washed by the coldest waters. The small Bay is very beautiful. Huge boulders, planed by the sea waves seem to be man-made. A wide strip of sand on the South of Corfu favored by a considerable part of the tourists.

It is clear that in Corfu aren't going to historical landmarks and just relax by the sea and partying at night. Exotic groves of orange, olive trees and cypresses do not leave indifferent neither Europeans nor our compatriots.

Kids and adults find their fun in the water parks and the numerous rides. That can compare with skiing, banana boat rides and boat tours? For lovers of Hiking there are trails on mountain trails with panoramic sites.

On the largest island of Greece, Crete grows an olive plantation. And tourists enjoy visiting the resorts and attractions of the island. The tourists here love. But the main income of the islanders from the tourist business. Wine from local vineyards make for the Pope. Tomatoes-cherry, cultivated here, is tiny, similar to a cherry.

On the North of the island is the resort. From Elounda, Rethymon and other cities there are pleasure boats to the nearest toy island of Santorini.

Entertainment is available to all residents on the island. Many parks are waiting for their visitors and on the East coast and the West. Disco till the morning are the norm for self-respecting resort. Bright impressions will remain from the Cretan evening in the national style. Here you can feed and learn to dance Sirtaki.

The Cretan Saint-Tropez and other famous resorts

Resort on the North coast of Saint Nicholas the Cretans called San Tropez. Streets with small shops and souvenir shops filledthe visiting tourists. On the waterfront is also a pleasant stroll later tonight. Charming Bay of Mirabello invariably attracts the turquoise waters and manicured beaches. The best hotels of Crete is located on the shores of the Bay.

Kritskij San-Trope v Grecii

The city of Chania over a thousand years ago, defended the Cretans. The ancient fortress existed long before the time of Zeus. Vintage beautiful city remembers the times of the Crusades. In the city few tourists, relatively beach resorts. Chania attracts people who prefer the tranquility and silence at night.

Hersonissos is a small town, but it is a tourist center of the island. The staff often spoke in Russian. Souvenir shops, discos all night and all night bars located on the only Main Road. Great cafes and bars on the waterfront treat visitors with grilled fish and other Greek food.

On the ferry to Bodrum on the Turkish Bazaar

Having multiple "Schengen" good to go by high speed ferry in the Turkish Bodrum. Bazaar have always attracted tourists. From the harbour, KOs ferry ride to the island volcano of Nisyros and Kalymnos, where the local residents produce sea sponge.

Historically, the island was repeatedly conquered by the Romans and the Turks, was ruled by the knights of St John. Each civilization has left its mark in architecture. The Turks used the Greek monuments for the construction of mosques. An amazing sight in KOs, it is a commonplace observation. Muslims pray on the second floor in mosque Defterdar on the area of Avarii. And the first floor of a busy jewelry store. At the entrance of the mosque there are tables of local cafes.

Streets of the city meet the motley of tourists and hundreds of shops and restaurants. Despite the huge number of bars and cafes in the narrow streets in the evening, not crowded. After dark fun on the street becomes loud Bars. The food is very tasty and inexpensive. But for the same 25-35 euros in the city centre will be served a larger portion than at the edge. So you can eat together.

Definitely need to visit the fascinating local indoor market Agor. Excellent honey and olive oil are better than in large stores of Greece. Amazing jam from tomatoes and natural cosmetics side by side on the shelves. Here best prices on brandy and wine.

Ancient ruins after the earthquake

In 1933, on the Spit it took an earthquake that exposed the ancient ruins. In the center of the city there is an ancient Villa of the Roman era. Mosaic and murals of those times, pleasing to the eye of contemporaries. The ancient theatre of the Odeon chain of columns. It is called the "painted road" because the athletes rubbed themselves with oil before a competition, and then scraped the oil off the body. Absolutely for free you can visit the Ancient Agora, the temples of Aphrodite and Hercules.

Hypothesis and reality of ancient trees in the city centre

Platia the square plane tree is loved by residents and attracts tourists. Here grows the tree planted by Hippocrates 2,400 years ago. The huge plane tree of Hippocrates, a trunk girth of over 14 meters. But scientists suggest that the Appendix from the famous tree is only about 500 years.

Impossible to stop your story about the history and present of Greece. Resort area, historical monuments, nature and local residents – all is interesting for the present traveler.