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Holiday in Spain - rates, cities and Islands, hotels, visa, climate, transport

Otdyh v Ispanii

Holidays in Spain can be diversified. In this country a very beautiful city, the best museums in the world, many monuments. A large variety of landscapes will not leave anyone indifferent.

Where you can relax in Spain?

Barcelona is the most beautiful city on the coast, an architectural marvel which is popular with tourists all year round. It is a kind of outdoor Museum, which wonderfully combines Gothic masterpieces of the middle ages, buildings in art Nouveau and modern styles such as high-tech, etc.

The best beaches of the country stretches along the Mediterranean coast and on the Islands. The beaches in Costa Daurada wide, sandy, their length is 200 km. the Sea is quiet, has a gentle entry into the water. The warm climate attracts large number of tourists. The most popular tourist cities in Costa Daurada are:

  • Tarragona
  • Sitges
  • La Pineda
  • Cambrils

The lovers of picturesque scenery will love the amazing landscape of the Costa Brava: the beaches are in the bays, the form of which is simply mesmerizing. Among young people is very popular resort of Lloret de Mar, however, the lovers of peace and quiet will probably prefer to relax in the peaceful resort of Tossa de Mar. In all tourist cities of the Costa Brava such as Blanes, Palamos, Playa d'aro and Tossa de Mar, you can find a lot of shops, cafes and bars, so bored visitors don't have.

The coast of the Costa del Maresme is located South of the Costa Brava. Clean sand and wide coastline, as well as affordable prices for accommodation in pryberezhne hotels entice every season a large number of tourists. Most of the hotels in the main resorts of the Costa del Maresme is focused on families with young children and youth. The main resorts of the Costa del Maresme are:

  • Santa Susanna
  • Malgrat de Mar
  • Calella
  • Pineda de Mar

The resort Costa Brava is one of the sunniest and friendly places in Spain. Here tourists enjoy the clean beaches and plenty of historical attractions, and hotels attract visitors with its quality service. Among the major resorts of the Costa Blanca are the most popular Benidorm, Alicante, Torrevieja, but many visitors prefer such small towns like Moraira, Gandia, Altea and others.

ceny na otdyh v Ispanii


Millions of visitors come to the resort of Costa del Sol. The most prestigious and expensive your vacation is Marbella, but lovers of peace, to families with children is better to go to Estepona. Benalmadena and Fuengirola is ideal for romantics, Torremolinos, in turn, more suitable for active young people.

Costa de La Luz is bordered by Portugal and the Atlantic ocean. Wide beaches of fine white sand framed by sand dunes and pine forest. Beach season here is shorter than Mediterranean resorts, so you won't find here crowds of tourists, which will provide a more relaxing vacation.

Balearic Islands located between Africa and Spain. Mallorca is famous worldwide for its expensive hotels of the highest class. Ibiza, in turn, is famous for its vibrant nightlife and youth hangouts.



The Canary Islands - and Tenerife, and the island's bustling Las Americans and Los Cristianos, and prestigious resort of Gran Canaria. You can also choose the island of Lanzarote, if there is a desire during the holidays to achieve the maximum unity with nature, to relax from life in the bustling city. Canary Islands often choose a couple for a romantic trip during your honeymoon.

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The Climate Of Spain

Spain is a large country so the climate depending on the region different. On most of the territory is dominated by a subtropical-Mediterranean climate, however, only in Andalusia and Extremadura, located in the South-Eastern coast, it occurs in its pure form. The temperature in this area throughout the beach season (June to September) is about 25 degrees.

In the Central part of mainland Spain there is a sharply continental climate. The summers are hot and winters are relatively cold(the temperature sometimes drops to -10).

The Northern and North-Western part of the country has a climate that forms the Atlantic ocean. Thus, in Catalonia and Galicia mild winter is observed, with high rainfall and summers are comfortable, warm (the average temperature in summer is +20).

Balearic Islands are famous for the warm summer climate and infrequent rains. In the Canary Islands there is a subtropical climate, almost the entire year the temperature is around +20 degrees.


March in the North, the rainy season. There is a warming in comparison with the last month of winter, the average temperature is from +15 degrees to the North to +18 in the southern and Central regions. The sea water for swimming is still cold.

In April is less rain, the air warms up to +20. At this time all around is blooming and filled with colors. April is the best month for tours and sightseeing. In may on the East coast (except Barcelona) starts the beach season.


In June the water warms up to 20-21 degrees, and even in Barcelona you can swimming in the sea. July-August - time of the largest influx of tourists, beaches and hotels filled with vacationers. The temperature is kept at 25-30, it rains rarely.


This time peak season. The temperature of the air and water are still warm, comfortable, but by the end of September the crowds dissipate, comes a wonderful time for fans of quiet rest.


In the cold season the air temperature in some regions drops to -16 degrees. Periodically snowing, rain, sometimes frost.

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Visa to Spain

To enter the territory of Spain to the Russian citizens need a Schengen visa.

For registration submit the documents to the visa centers of Spain. In addition to the standard "obshestvennogo" of documents, you need to make copies of all pages of passports of the citizen of the Russian Federation (domestic and foreign). Children up to six years Schengen visa is issued free of charge.

How much is a holiday in Spain?

Prices for holidays in Spain are different depending on duration of stay and cost of hotel, flights. On average, two adults can relax in the amount of 25 thousand to 120 thousand rubles.

As in other EU countries, Spain currency is the Euro. Currency exchange in this country is simple: on the street you can meet a lot of exchange kiosks, also there are currency exchange offices in hotels and banks. The most popular method of payment in the country is cashless, but in this case, it may be asked to show your passport (copies will suffice).

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Local transport

In Spain it is best to travel by cars and trains. Buses, though cheaper, but it is not always convenient.

Local trains are comfortable and great speed. By the way, tickets can be purchased at discounted rates and also get a full refund in case of late trains more than 10 minutes.

Spanish roads are very good and the vast majority are free. To rent a car you can contact one of the rental companies. Rent a car at 18 years (in Barcelona from 21). Refuel in the middle of the week, so the service vehicles will cost much cheaper.

dorogi v Ispanii

The cost of travel in metro and buses are the same. Among immigrants very popular "Tourist buses" for which payment works for a few days. During this period, you can use these buses many times, the tourist bus also stops at the main attractions of the area. This is the best way without haste and unnecessary spending to explore the city.

Get to the Islands via ferry.

Features hotels of Spain

A feature of the Spanish hotels is that the number of stars emblazoned on their brochures and the facades of buildings, still about what does not speak. In each province for this reason there are rules. For example, on the coasts of Costa Blanca and Costa Brava are mainly, hotels with three stars. However, the quality of service in these hotels are equivalent to many five-star hotels in other European countries. Moreover, these resorts are fiscal, that is, they are designed for travelers with low incomes.

Hotels with private beaches in Spain no. All the beaches are public. Of course, there are the beaches to go to which is possible only through the hall of a certain hotel, but the staff in this case has no right to deny anyone to take to the coast.

The same situation in Mallorca, Tenerife, Ibiza, Costa del Sol. Hotels with great service can't provide to its visitorsprivate beach.

Almost every hotel has a pool, admission to which is free. All money and valuables are best stored in the safe, if such a room was not likely you can get it for a fee. Clean the rooms every day. Breakfast almost everywhere the classic "European" - scrambled eggs, muesli, fruit, to what many Russian tourists are not ready.

Service "all inclusive" found in the hotels of Spain are extremely rare. Still customers have to pay extra for drinks, so all details stated, "all inclusive" should find out in advance, so you do not spoil your mood and holidays.

Entertainment and shopping on vacation in Spain

It is considered that in Spain we go to lie on the beach and swim in the sea. It is not so. This country has a rich history and equally rich cultural heritage.

In winter many tourists come to conquer the peaks of the Sierra Nevada. In addition, at this time you can enjoy excursions to Seville, Cordoba or Granada. Holidaymakers in the North of the country in addition to Barcelona is to watch one of the most important settlements of medieval Christianity - Santiago de Compostela.


Santiago de Compostela

Also in Spain a very large number of different museums, so every tourist will find for himself an interesting place. All tourists in Spain affects not only delicious and rich in nature, history and delicious food and very friendly locals.

Children will be interested in visiting theme parks, zoos and water parks. By the way, kids amusement parks in the country also suitable for adults. Water Park "Fantasy Island", located in the suburbs of Barcelona, covers an area of over 100 thousand square meters. Each of the twelve pools offers water slides, a Spa, fountains and artificial waves.

Zoo marine inhabitants Marineland will make your trip unforgettable, because here you can watch the performance of dolphins and other marine animals and even swim with them. In port Aventura, located in the heart of the Costa Blanca, you can meet five different "countries": the Wild West, Mediterranean, Polynesia, China, Mexico, and also children's country "sesame". Water Park "Siam Park" is one of the most popular attractions in the island of Tenerife, all of its buildings - copies of the Ancient sights of Thailand. At Siam Park is the biggest artificial wave in the world.

In the town of Blanes (Costa Dorada), you can visit the world famous Botanical gardens. Often visitors go to tour the castles of Spain. In the capital of the province of Alicante on the rock Benacantil is the castle Castillo de Santa Barbara. After rising to its height (166 m), you can see the magnificent view of the surroundings. In the same city over the municipal Park is the Castillo de San Femando. On Mallorca you can also see the fortress: prison Bellver, an ancient Palace of Bruhl, the Arab Almudaina Palace, the Cathedral of the blessed virgin. In the Canary Islands lovers of fishing can go fishing on the boat.

Tourists home from Spain usually bring a variety of Souvenirs and food (wine, cheese). Are also popular wooden headbands, various wood carving and pottery. Local women weave beautiful, but very expensive lace. In Spain there are lots of shops of brand clothes, often hosts fashion weeks in major cities even have a special "shopping village".