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Holiday in Italy - prices, sights, hotels, visa, climate, transport

Otdyh v Italii

Holiday in Italy – is, first of all, the Golden beaches by the Mediterranean sea, impeccable service, and of course sophisticated southern European flavor. But planning to spend your holiday in this Sunny country and not to visit at least a few local landmarks would be a real crime. Indeed, in Italy, gathered an unimaginable amount of historical and cultural monuments remaining from the Roman Empire and the Renaissance.

Where ever You are in Rome or on the coast, Venice or the Vatican – all screaming about his greatness. In addition, tours to Italy will be remembered, perhaps the best shopping in my life! Endless outlets and shopping malls will delight a huge range of genuine clothes and shoes from leading brands.

Popular cities for tourists

  • Florence. If you think about where to go in Italy, experienced travelers recommend starting your tour in Florence. The endless narrow streets cultural and scientific center of Italy will lead You to a masterpiece of world architecture, the Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore, which had a hand Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. The world famous dome of the Cathedral, the elegant elements of the building and beautiful paintings of the greatest masters will leave only vivid and unforgettable memories. Also, please enjoy the works in the Uffizi gallery. Here are collected the paintings of Botticelli, Rubens, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Donatello, Caravaggio, and many other brilliant figures of European culture.
  • Santa-Mariya-del-Fore

  • Milan. That would just take a break, visit Milan – a centre for contemporary fashion. Walk along the alley of boutiques, and having made a great purchase, go to admire the world-renowned painting "the Secret supper" in the Cathedral "Santa Maria delle Graz".
  • Naples. If you love to eat out and soak up the seaside, be sure to visit Naples. In this city, as you know, not only the most delicious pizza in the world, but also the wonderful traditions on cooking delicious seafood dishes. In addition, in Naples there are dozens of free beaches and clean coastline, amenities and Golden sand.
  • Siena. Good bite, head in the direction of Siena on the "wine route". Dozens of the best European vineyards will meet on Your way and welcoming winemakers charming to spend a romantic tour of her domain, and will give to taste the best varieties of their wines. When you get to the historic centre of Siena, here You may not see this cultural heritage as in Rome or Florence, but it will be something to see. Long since in this city settled big businessmen and rich people from all over Europe, which left behind a legacy of luxury, wealth and glamour.
  • Cinque Terre. Visit the town, which was declared a National Park and protected by UNESCO as world heritage. Cinque Terre represents one of the most clean and neat regions of Italy. Jewel in the crown of Liguria - five beautiful colored townships, which nest on the steep cliffs of the Italian Riviera, an unforgettable sight!
  • Venice. Before you ride the gondola in the most romantic city in Europe, visit the Basilica of St. Mark. This building is near the Grand canal and decorated the main square of San Marco. Inspired by the beauty of the pearl of Venice, take the water taxi or gondola and enjoy picturesque Grand canal, which takes You through all 6 areas of Venice, showing a harmonious bridges and majestic architecture of the city on the water.
  • Veneciya

  • Of Assisi. More than 15 million tourists a year arrive in this amazing mountain town. All these people are attracted to well-preserved from ancient times, architecture of the Roman Empire, thirteenth-century Basilica Di San Francesco, with chilling exhibits dark ages, magnificent murals and treasures of St. Francis. In addition, in the cold season, on the Alpine slopes near the city are of modern mining about descents and recreation centers, which should appeal to fans of extreme rest.
  • Pisa. To visit Italy and not take a photo at the leaning tower of Pisa – an unforgivable mistake!
  • Pompeii. On the shore of the Gulf of Naples with its majestic mount Vesuvius, which at the beginning of the first century buried alive the whole city. Now this mountain is sleeping and there arethe opportunity to see the horrific pictures of the walled in centuries, people and ancient streets. Overnight that previously seemed normal hill, the volcano spewed clouds of ash and lava wiped off the face of the earth a prosperous Roman city. Modern Pompeii is not distinguished for its magnificent palaces, but it is no less charming town, where is a good place to spend in peace and comfort a family vacation with children.
  • Rome. In the city where all roads lead, to look only for the sake of the Roman Colosseum. The symbol of the Majesty of one of the most powerful empires in the history of mankind. A technological wonder, a perfect amphitheater, the embodiment of architectural excellence of the ancient world and a symbol of brutality and cynicism of Roman rulers. This building dozens of times, tried to duplicate, but all attempts were scattered in history. After reviewing the Colosseum, head to the Roman forum for bright feelings, which causes the ancient district of the city, where for hundreds of years conducted the most extensive excavations. Take a break, dine at one of the famous Roman coffee shops on countless narrow streets of the city, and then be sure to climb to the fountain, Trevi. One of the largest fountains in Europe – an extraordinary example of the perfection of Baroque art. Thousands of tons of white marble and interesting story will not leave anyone indifferent!
  • The Vatican. After visiting Rome, be sure to visit the heart of Christendom – a sovereign state of the Vatican. Although an independent state, you can only get here via Rome. Here tourists can enjoy delightful views of the Cathedral of St. Peter and the Finger San Pietro – the pearl of the Catholic world. Might even be able to see the public appeal of the Pope.
  • Vatikan

  • Sicily. The famous Sicilian cuisine is a Mecca for all gourmets, and the Sicilian tourist infrastructure is considered a benchmark of quality, comfort and impeccable service. In addition to five-star hotels of the côte d'azur, in Sicily you can take a tour of the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, where tourists will open the prehistoric temples Dating to the VII century BC.

The Climate Of Italy

Throughout the Iberian Peninsula and the Italian Alps, where is located Italy, is all of optimal climatic conditions for those who love to bask on the shores of the warm sea, and fans of extreme relaxation in the conditions of snow slopes.

Due to the elongation site from North to South, some regions of the country are in a temperate climate, while the southern coast is located in hot subtropical climates. The climate in mountain regions varies with elevation and location relative to the movement of warm Mediterranean air masses. In the mountains the snow is 2-3 months of the year, and on the tops of mountains, glaciers that never melt.

Do I need a visa to travel to the country?

Our compatriots for the trip to Italy must obtain a visa.

This should apply at the visa application centre, Consulate or the Embassy of this South European country. For guided tours ideal tourist visa type "C" with a permit of stay in the Schengen area (not more than 90 days). If you have relatives or friends with the citizenship of Italy, it is much easier to apply for a visa "invitation".

The cost of tours

Those who crave to see a truly beautiful country with ancient culture, narrow but not less comfortable streets, always warm and mild weather, you should be prepared to throw out a decent amount for a ticket to Italy. Prices on vacation in Italy is not for the budget traveler! Depending on the city, the apartment, duration of stay, planned programs, and tour operator price range in the aisles of 1000-6000 USD/week per person.

But for those who want to save money, but also not afraid of difficulties in a situation of spontaneous vacation, you can look for "hot tours". In this case, a travel company can lose up to 75% of the original cost of the tour.

Features Italian hotels

Italy is a very hospitable country and the question "where are you staying?" here loses all meaning. In coastal or mountain areas You will find a huge variety of hotels of any level of service, but in the Central regions of the country suggest it is better to stop in a cosy hostel, or mini hotel, where you will be able to absorb the full flavor and atmosphere of this Sunny region.

Ceny na otdyh v Italii

The local currency

In Italy there is a single European currency - the Euro. In the major tourist centers should have no problems with the us dollar. In addition, it is worth noting that, in most schools, even small kiosks, are the terminals for cashless payments, and then, depending on the package of banking conditions, the conversion of any currency can be run automatically.

Transportation in Italy

Italy is one of the best States in terms of infrastructure. To get from one country to another point in a matter of hours – a mere trifle. Between the cities are modern high-speedtrains. For example, from Milan to Verona can be reached in just 35 minutes. Most Seating locations, but if you slightly recline the back of the chair, then you can take a NAP.

The Islands of Sardinia or Sicily conveniently accessible by local airlines. Price for flights are quite reasonable.

To use own transport for travel to Italy is not recommended.

Several reasons for this:

  1. Highways, and tolls are almost always formed tube.
  2. In the Italian cities dominated by narrow streets, which are incredibly difficult to move large vehicles. If the vehicles of principle, it is recommend to rent a local mini cart that will easily cope with the serpentine mountain roads and narrow streets.
  3. The Parking system is not quite familiar to our countrymen. Progresiv watch in search of Parking, you get to the huge Parking area, where leaving the vehicle, it will take a little effort to find their vehicle among the hundreds of thousands of cars.

We wish you a successful and interesting trip to gorgeous Italy, because there is something to see!

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