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Karelia is a great place for various activities both in winter and summer

Otdyh v Karelii

Some vacationers are eager to get down South in a comfortable environment with all the amenities, but for others there is nothing better than a vacation in Karelia , on savage.

This method allows the rest to see all the natural beauty regardless of the influx of tourists.

By the way, those who plan leisure tourism bases should be warned beforehand about booking a hotelsince long before the beginning of the holiday season, all rooms are booked.

Unforgettable will stay in Karelia with children, because the winter there's skiing and sledding, dog sledding.

In the summer you can get pleasure from the countryside, Hiking, picking berries and mushrooms, fishing, horse riding excursions and so on

First time in the country's rivers and lakes?

On the issue where to relax in Karelia, there are thousands of answers.

Those who choose to camping, you can put your tent anywhere, but tourists usually don't go too far from the main roads, because I think such actions are dangerous.

Despite the common horror stories about hungry bears, snakes at every turn and huge mosquitoes beware of ticks should only. In Soviet times the forest was cut, but now ticks a lot. Therefore, resting in Karelia, before the trip should make appropriate vaccinations and stock up on funds against ticks. The peak danger is between may and September.

Some of the inconvenience caused and insects. However, if you put a tent in an open area and stock up on mosquito spray, insects can be forgotten.

Larger animals in the way of man - a rarity. In summer, all animals fed themselves are afraid of people.

Not to once again attract their attention not to scatter food near the tents, talking loudly, scaring off wild animals.

Among snakes , be aware of snakes in the summer. Usually they are black or have a reddish tint.

The most dangerous period is Julywhen the temperature reaches 30 degrees. But vipers don't attack first if they are not to step or not to pass too close. In any case, from the bite of a Viper in Karelia, no one has died.

White nights

Experienced travelers say that in the Karelia Republic in the summer there is something. For example, here in June begin white nights.

During this period, you can fish all day. Well caught:

  • breams;
  • roach;
  • bass;
  • IDE;
  • carp;
  • and other fish of the carp family.

The average temperature in June is 15 degrees. In July, the much warmer - up to 30 degrees. This is a perfect time for bathing in the numerous lakes and rivers, water sports.

By the way, the number of rivers in Karelia exceeds 27 thousand, and lakes - more than 60 thousand. In July begin to ripen berries: raspberries, cloudberries, blueberries. White nights are in full swing.

In August, a little cooler (about 20 degrees), but this period is the perfect time for fishing, and about mid-month open hunting season for waterfowl.

In September starts the mushroom season, to Karelia attracts huge number of tourists. At the same time can be enough to gather useful cranberries and no less useful cranberries.

Tourists do not know much about mushrooms and berries, should refrain from collecting unknown species.

Sights at every step

A lot of can show their guests Karelia, sites are encountered at every step - because this is a land of amazing natural beauty.

For example, which is only a boat ride on one of the lakes, contemplating the giant mountains on the horizon!

But there are places that recommended to visit each guest of the Republic. One such place is the island of Kizhi.

This is a real Museum under the open sky. The most prominent building is the Church of the Transfiguration. Despite its enormous size, the Church was built in the 16th century without a single nail.

Equally memorable place - Valaam archipelago. On top of the mountain range with steep walls located Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral, seemingly impregnable.

The national Park paanajärvi got its name from the eponymous lake, formed in the fissures of the rocks. It is a Park with beautiful nature, high cliffs and waterfalls.

One of Europe's largest waterfalls Kivach on the river Suna. The waterfall is surrounded by a nature reserve, which is also called Kivach.

No less striking landmark, man-made nature - Mountain Park Ruskeala. Former mines for the extraction of marble was flooded by the Finns, and now you can swim by boat in one of these artificial caves.

Marble canyon is the main attraction of the Park.

More and more tourists visiting the Republic in winter, stay in Spasskaya Guba or Algore. It is a modernski slopes are suitable for both beginner skiers and snowboarders, and professional athletes.

Fantastic fishing

Many who want to visit Karelia and among fish lovers. It is possible to catch almost all year round.

If the summer in reservoirs of many representatives of the carp family, it is closer to winter in any body of water a lot of predatory fish. Pike, salmon, trout in October and November, reaching an enormous size. But to catch them you will need a lot of effort, but it only heats up the excitement.

For big catches it is better to go for a swimming facility in the middle of the pond. The only thing that can upset this period is weather with constant rain and strong winds.

Simply put, Karelia is a great place for different types of recreation, both in winter and in summer.

A huge selection of entertainment, affordable prices and beautiful nature will definitely appeal to each guest of the Republic, guaranteed he'll see her re-visit.