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Holiday in UAE - price, resorts, hotels, climate

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Lovers of luxurious holidays should definitely visit the unique country of Arab sheikhs, immersed in the exotic atmosphere of Oriental tales. Holidays in the UAE - it's white beaches, amazing service, and stunning shopping Paradise for gourmets.

A bit of geography

United Arab Emirates freely spread on the territory of 83.6 thousand square kilometers on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. Side by side with them in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the Sultanate of Oman. The shores of the exotic country is washed by the gentle waters of the two gulfs - the Persian and the Oman.

All year round in the country with a unique subtropical climate Sunny and warm below 20 degrees, the thermometer is never omitted. In the hot season, from may to September, the water in the Straits is heated to such high performance that sometimes tourists prefer to bathe in the pools, which are available at all hotels. In winter the water temperature can drop to 15 degrees. In the mountainous areas and the East coast of the country the heat is softened by the winds, but the capital Abu Dhabi and the second largest Emirate is Dubai sometimes cause discomfort poorly tolerate the heat of people.

Useful information

The official language of UAE is Arabic, although many residents speak English perfectly. Moreover, with the influx of Russian tourists, many sellers and hotel workers gradually begin to master the Russian language, which even appear signs in some places. The national currency is the dirham, it is equal to 100 Fils. The calculation can be made in US dollars, but cheaper to change them in banks or in exchange offices in local currency.

In the event of force majeure, the police or an ambulance can be called by dialling 999.

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The main form of transportation is taxi, which is of two kinds - the counter or without it. The minimum price of the trip is five dirhams, about the full cost, if the machine is not equipped with a meter, it is better to agree in advance. Interesting feature - in Dubai there are special taxis for the weaker sex, coloured pink. Drivers it employs only women. Public transport is underdeveloped. In the largest cities Dubai and Abu Dhabi there by bus, but transport mainly runs between shopping centers. A ticket bought from the driver and is 1.5 dirhams.

A unique attraction of Dubai is the presence of a water taxi. Abra serves as a means of movement from one side to another of the Dubai canal and the fare is one dirham. It is planned to open the same message between the Emirates. In the United Arab Emirates is quite widespread, a car rental service. Having a credit card and a driving license is enough to get a car for temporary use. Additional conditions - availability of insurance and age over 21-year


Features of holiday in the UAE

Resorts Arab Emirates offer high-quality and sophisticated travelers requiring extremely high costs. However, the level of service and get pleasure from an exotic vacation, well worth the investment of considerable funds. The locals are very sympathetic to Russian tourists, welcoming and friendly. But still, going to an Arab country on vacation, do not forget about the difference of mentality and to respect some requirements:

  • the local beaches are not made to sunbathe without swimsuits;
  • the Arab women should be treated with due respect, photographing them is strictly prohibited. This action is perceived as an insult. Married ladies decided to take under the arm;
  • outside the beach or pool to be in a bathing suit is not allowed;
  • any alcohol drinks, including beer, for drinking on the beach is prohibited. Also, you cannot transport alcohol from one Emirate to another;
  • throughout Sharjah is a dry law;
  • to give as a souvenir alcoholic beverages are not recommended;
  • log in to Arabic house shoes is impossible, possible only in the case if running ahead of the host it is not removed;
  • a tip for the taxi driver - is obligatory in all other places it is a voluntary action.


Which cities are attracting interest from tourists?

Great stay on the Gulf coast offers Abu Dhabi. Luxury hotels, huge shopping malls, modern skyscrapers and ancient mosques, perfectly developed tourist infrastructure attract millions of tourists annually from around the world.

Well-equipped beaches with many water activities, Nightclubs and casinos, restaurants and places of entertainment - life in the capital is boiling and you never get bored. Many unique attractions to delight and well-deserved attention. Beautiful fountains in Abu Dhabi, located on the Central promenade, the majestic Palace of al-Husn, heritage village Haritage Village - there is something to see. Arriving in Abu Dhabi, you must visit the bustling Arab markets, one of which offers fish specialities and a second happy abundance of tropical fruits.

Dubai is no less attractive for tourists the Emirate. Here are the most famous and exquisite hotels, many large shopping centers and stores, the world's best Kingdom amusement "Park of Miracles".

People here love to spend my free time outdoor enthusiasts - Windsurfing, scuba diving into the mysterious depths, sailing and many other forms of entertainment cordially invites famous and popular resort. The number of tourist attractions Dubai surpass even the capital. Huge zoo will bring a lot of joy to children and adults alike, beautiful parks, al-Safa and al-Mushrif envelop coolness of rare species of plants, Jumeirah mosque and Sheikh Saeed's Palace will delight fans of the architectural creations. And yet Dubai will bring many pleasant surprises to fans of shopping, the Emirate is tacitly regarded as its center. The prices are quite affordable, and the variety of shops is amazing.

Sharjah - the cultural capital of the UAE and the honor of wearing that title. There is the famous exhibition centre, in a modern building which hosts large trade fairs, presentations and various international exhibitions. As in other Emirates, tourists are offered comfortable hotels, excellent cuisine, a variety of entertainment options.

Of RAS al-Khaimah, which in Arabic means "top of the tent", located in the Northern part of the country between the Persian Gulf and mountain ranges of Hajar. The capital of the Emirate is the oldest city in the country, known in ancient times as a major centre for the sale of pearls. It is divided into two parts by the lagoon and offers to review many interesting attractions. Ancient mosque of coral blocks, guard towers, the Palace of the Emir has always attracted tourists. Nearby is a Spa resort in Rotorua, with many mineral springs.

Of RAS al-Khaimah offers a variety of activities such as:

  • beautiful beaches,
  • scuba diving,
  • the water skiing and sailing,
  • unforgettable fishing in the Persian Gulf.

Active guests can enjoy a Safari on the desert dunes, to ride on aerochute or sport aircraft to engage a variety of mountain sports, osviti basics of Golf. Here is the largest in the UAE Iceland water Park, WaterPark, offering an unforgettable experience for young and adult visitors. Tourists can also visit the farm to grow pearls, the thrilling spectacle of falconry and ardently cheer for the favorite on camel racing. In a word, bored on holiday in the Emirate of RAS al-Khaimah just do not have.

Fujairah - formerly a part of Sharjah, the Emirate became an independent 62 years ago. It is located on the Gulf of Oman and striking in its extraordinary beauty. Stay here - a great option for those who prefer a quiet measured life and the presence of picturesque landscapes. Majestic mountains, roaring waterfalls and endless ocean, pristine beaches and lush tropical vegetation of Fujairah. All year round you can enjoy swimming and scuba diving in the pleasantly warm water, the storms are extremely rare.

Ajman - a small Emirate near the Sharjah city. This is the only territory that does not have its own oil reserves. Recently, the Emirate is rapidly gaining popularity among the tourists coming on vacation with children.


It is no secret that many tourists come to this unique Eastern country for the purchase of a high quality and inexpensive goods. Small duties and the originality of the laws are excellent conditions for business prosperity, therefore, the cost of goods incredibly attractive.

In UAE at very affordable price welcome to buy a car and bring him home via Helsinki. Fine gold jewelry can be bought by weight,the sellers are guided by the world market prices. Household appliances and computers, furniture and electronics - reasonable prices fascinate and demand action. Once a year is held in Dubai's famous shopping festival, which attracts many foreign tourists. The event held various lotteries and sweepstakes, are given attractive bonuses and entertainment.

Visa and customs regulations

To visit Arab Emirates Russian citizens need to worry about getting a visa. It can be arranged through a travel Agency or arrange through the Consulate of the UAE. To obtain permission for entry will need:

  • scanned coloured copy of your passport, which expires no earlier than six months;
  • questionnaire to fill out which will be in English;
  • color photo;
  • consular fee in the amount of 80 us dollars.

For children who entered in the passport of parents to pay the visa fee is not necessary. The processing time from three working days. The consular service can increase the processing time, to request additional and to refuse a visa without explaining prompted by this reason. In the case of a positive answer, at passage of passport control at the border will need to submit an electronic copy of the visa and valid passport.

Customs regulations when entering Eastern country are slightly stricter than when crossing the borders of European States.

Categorically prohibits the importation of products with erotic content, is tightly controlled by the quantity of imported alcoholic beverages and cigarettes, there is an emphasis not only on drugs, but the visual manifestation of their use.

If inappropriate behavior of tourists cause the suspicion of customs officers about the use of narcotic substances will be examined. In case of detection of traces of drugs imposed the rigorous sentence. The authorities are very hard to alcoholism and drug addiction, alcoholic drinks are not sold freely and only available in restaurants, hotels and airports.

The cost of tours to United Arab Emirates is different and depends on many factors - the location of the resort, time of year, level of travel and service class of the hotel. Not to say that fun is cheap, but to choose the most suitable option of suggested travel agencies is possible. Exotic vacation in this fantastic Eastern country truly memorable, you should not indulge in the available pleasure.