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Holiday in Thailand - prices, hotels, visa, climate, transport

Otdyh v Tailande

Thailand is by far the most popular country in Southeast Asia among the tourists. For the money you can get or make almost everything to satisfy every whim of body and soul, so a holiday in Thailand is extremely popular. Unfortunately, the "exotic" is no longer considered, because the whole country is standing safely on a commercial basis.

Geography home away from home

If You want exotic, it is possible for example to take the city of Yasothon, where in may is a remarkable and exotic rocket festival. You can also celebrate the festival of vegetarians in Phuket, in which everyone can participate. Deserve attention and Buddhist temples, Thai Boxing, and Wellness massage. At the moment Thailand is a wonderful vacation option which is characterized by a unique ratio of "price-quality".

The Capital Of Thailand – Bangkok. And where better to go? The most popular resorts such as Samui, Phuket, Pattaya. But among other major cities of the country are the following: Kanchanaburi, Chiang Rai, Chiangmai.

How to get to fairyland?

The airline "Aeroflot" carries out a four times weekly scheduled flights on the route Moscow – Bangkok. The duration of the flight is 9.5 hours. In Bangkok also operate several flights a week the airline "Thai Airways" and "Transaero". By the way, "Transaero" fly to Bangkok not only from Moscow but also from St. Petersburg. "Turkmen airlines" is ready to offer its customers flights to Thailand with some changes. "Qatar Airwais", "Emirates" and "Etihad Airwais" is a list of the most optimal for flights of Asian airlines.
"Ukraine international airlines" offer customers flights to Bangkok from Kiev. Also in Kiev you can get to Bangkok by Turkish Airlines, but will have to spend time on the transplant in Istanbul.

Visa and customs

If the citizens of the Russian Federation arrived in Thailand for a period not exceeding 30 days, and the main purpose of visiting the country is tourism, the visa is not required.

Export and import of foreign currency in Thailand is not restricted, but if you are going to carry across the border more than 10 thousand dollars, it needs a special Declaration. Special permission is required also in the case of export of the national currency, if the amount exceeds 50 thousand THB (1 us dollar is 30 baht). The local currency is called "baht".

Duty-free into the country can bring in one film, video or still camera, a liter of alcoholic drinks, 250 grams of tobacco or 200 cigarettes.

Buddha images, gold bars, raw gems, ivory and platinum jewellery export from the country is strictly prohibited. But the Antiques and stamps can be taken out only in the case if a special permission of the Department of fine arts. If You want to freely exported from Thailand jewelry, a jewelry store when you purchase, be sure to take the certificate.

Weapons and drugs imported into the country impossible. In order to import a drug that is composed of narcotic substances, need to have a special doctor's note confirming the appointment. By the way, if a person is detained by customs with drugs, he is sentenced to death.

The Climate Of Thailand

In the country it is customary to distinguish two types of climate:

  • tropical monsoon
  • tropical savanna

The climate in the Central part of Thailand is shared by three seasons:

  1. cool lasts from November to February (at this time, the temperature does not drop below 18 degrees, but does not rise above 32 degrees)
  2. from June to October in the country the rainy season (the temperature never drops below 26 degrees, and the maximum does not exceed +32 ° C)
  3. from March to may in Thailand, the hot season (temperature sometimes reaches +42 degrees)

To the South of Thailand it is best to go in the period from February to March, because from March to November there is very humid.

Winter in the North can be cold, especially at night, so don't forget to bring warm clothes. If You haven't decided when to go here, read this article.

The transport to move around the country

Taxi or public transport is the best means of transportation in Thailand. To get ona taxi from Bangkok airport to the city centre, you will have to pay about 400 THB, but the public transport will cost much cheaper – only 150 THB. On the amount of remuneration with the taxi driver should agree in advance, because there are unscrupulous taxi drivers who cheat the counters. In disputes with taxi drivers helps the tourist police. transport v Tajlande

The famous "tuk-tuk"

If You wish to travel around the country for a personal transport vehicle, it is best to refrain from this, because the rules of the road drivers here absolutely do not recognize, many traffic jams, left-hand driving and Russian driving license in Thailand do not apply.

Take a water motorcycle or moped in specialized firms, because they provide insurance and high-quality means of transportation. But you need to think ten times to take a moped, it is very dangerous!

Exchange offices and banks

Immediately it is worth noting that to change money in the hotel exchange offices do not need to, because their course may be too disadvantageous. This is best done in banks or exchange offices. For example, almost every major supermarket are any Bank exchange offices.

Banks, as a rule, work only during weekdays. Mode of operation are different, but in most cases they open at 8:30 and close at 22:00. But the licensed exchange offices and small banks operate on weekdays only until 15:30. A more continuous operation can be found in several resort towns.

A huge number of restaurants and shops accept well-known Bank card, Diners Club, American Express and Visa. To withdraw cash in the country is quite simple, but sometimes situations may arise when the number of banking points, no cash.

The Beaches Of Thailand

On all the beaches of the resorts of Thailand sun loungers and deck chairs are offered, usually for an additional fee: per person per day is about 100 THB. Of course, the hotels with private beach offer clients the following services free of charge.

Beaches the country is almost everywhere sandy, but not all of them ready to boast clean sand and water.
Pattaya is the most popular resort on the East coast of Thailand. There is always a large number of tourists, so the beach will have to overcome. In Pattaya, the dirty sea, and the coastal strip not too clean. The most clean is the beach of Jomtien.

plyazh Dzhomten v Pattaje

The Jomtien beach in Pattaya

Koh LARN is the most popular island, which is located near the city. It can be reached by ferries that operate around the clock to island and back. Tropical nature, white sand and clear water are the main features that attract to the island thousands of tourists.

The island of Phuket is no less known place among tourists. Among the many beaches on the island, the most famous one is Patong. To conduct a measured and calm vacation here is unlikely to happen, because people on the beach are always too many. Unfortunately, this is not the best place for swimming, after all discotheques and bars, the dirty coastal line and the muddy water felt. The complete opposite is the beach of Kata beach, because here the white sand and fairly clean water. If You want to relax, then Bang Tao is the best place to fulfil this wish.

Hotels and prices on vacation in Thailand

It should be noted that Thailand has quite good hotels, with most of them is small in prices. Usually stars hotels themselves are not assigned. On the Islands Koh Chang, Koh Samui and Koh Samet, most hotels are modest, but sometimes there are more 5-star.

Thais care much about the surrounding landscape, so almost all the hotels are low-rise.

Dinners at the hotel no need to book, because most of the tourists throughout the day allow yourself to eat in local cafes and restaurants. This is due to the affordable prices that offer a similar urban institutions.

Things to do in Thailand that offer domestic tour operators can be quite different. They depend on the flights, and from season to season and choice hotels, as well as many other factors. And yet, how much it costs to go? The minimum tour price is about 20 thousand rubles, but if you want to spend your vacation more comfortable, you will have to pay a half to two times more. About how much money you need to take with you, read here.

Shops and shopping

Today many people know Thailand as a country where you can purchase high-quality jewelryhaving precious stones. So, for example, most guided tours around the city caninclude a visit to any jewelry center. Can never buy jewelry from hands, because scammers can sell fakes. In addition, the certificate they will not be able to provide, and this means that you can take out the jewels will be hard.

Also it is necessary to refrain from buying fake designer and name brand items, because they can easily be confiscated at customs.

Among the many traditional Thai Souvenirs deserve special attention figurines of elephants. By the way, with the image of elephants here, you can also purchase masks, plates and panels.

ceny na otdyh v Tailande

In Thailand, the stores generally are open from 8:30 to 20:30. Most stores and shopping malls located in Bangkok.

Restaurants and kitchen

Rice is the main staple food in Thailand. Almost every region of the country has its own variety of rice. A mixture of spices, curry is also considered to be one of the main ingredients of Thai cuisine. It is usually cooked in coconut milk. Many people believe that Thai cuisine is a mixture of traditions of Laos, Burma, China and Malaysia.

Here meat is considered a luxury item, therefore, the inhabitants of the country consume food from river and marine life. Many dishes cooked noodles – usually rice. Soup "Tom Yam" with shrimp is the most famous of the dishes that are served first. Funny is the fact that the Europeans who come home from Thailand, often try at home to make this dish. Soup "Tom Kha Kai" with mushrooms and chicken no less tasty, but still not very known in all regions of the country.

The choice of cafes should be approached with extreme caution, because in most cheap institutions are completely absent hygiene standards. Such institutions must be avoided. In no case do not order a drink with ice.

Before you order any dish, consider the fact that most of them are extremely sharp. It is best to select the dishes to consult with the waiter who kindly will show you meals that will not be harmful to your stomach. To do this, there is no need to speak English or Thai language, we need only your hands and facial expressions to show the waiter the appropriate action :).

Attractions, excursions and entertainment in Thailand

Do note that the country has many dazzling and ancient sites. Siam is the ancient capital of Thailand, which is located in the North of 86 km from Bangkok. Here is a gorgeous Ayutthaya historical Park, which contains the famous ruins of the Palace of Bang-PA-In, as well as the ruins of ancient temples.

127-metre Phra Pathom Chedi is the tallest Buddha statue in the world. It is located near the small town of Nakhon Pathom, which can be reached from Bangkok within a few minutes. Kanchanaburi's famous "Road of death", which was built after the Second World war prisoners of war. Near this city has the opportunity to see the beautiful cultural center "Rose Garden" - the country's best ethnographic exposition and the elephant sanctuary and Samphran zoo.


Phra Pathom Chedi

But Northern Thailand today is almost untouched by tourists. It is considered the origin of all Thai civilization, elegant national holidays, the land of waterfalls, tropical forests, many temples and ancient cities. For example, Chiang Mai is about 300 historical monuments and temples. Some of these sites more than 2 thousand years.

The Wat While Khamis located in the mysterious town of Maehongson, has a magnificent ancient wall paintings. In this city you can buy many interesting Souvenirs of the tribes of Northern Thailand, Handicrafts from Burma and Laos.

Chiang Rai, which is located in the North-East of Chiang Mai, renowned for the dozens of Buddhist temples and beautiful nature. Chiangsan is another ancient capital, located on the banks of the Mekong river. Here is extremely interesting for tourists from around the world the Museum. Abroad in this city you can see the famous "Golden Triangle" - the convergence of the borders of Laos, Burma and Thailand. This hilly forest area is considered the birthplace of Thai civilization, which later turned into several independent States.

Namtok-PA-SIA is a forest Park where there is an interesting six-speed falls. But the unique "Cave fish" you see in the Park Tham PLA. Here in the underground streams inhabited by billions of beautiful colorful fish, and snails live here in a small cave. Nam-Tok-Mae-Surin is a national Park in which the cave to Us-Lot and a hundred-meter waterfall, Mae Surin.

On the left Bank of the Yom river is the historic reserve Sukthi, which covers an area of 70 sq. km. this place is the famous statue of the seated Buddha.

Agree, it is only in a country like Thailand, one day href="http://tour.liketourist.com/strana/chto-posmotret-v-tajlande/" title="what to see in Thailand">to watch on a spectacular show with crocodiles, snakes and elephants, admire the many churches, visit a Thai massage parlor and wildlife. But the youth here will attract discos that did not stop until morning. Thailand is a place for tourists, where for a reasonable price, you can obtain a memorable stay.