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Holidays in Turkey - prices, resorts, hotels, climate

Otdyh v Turcii

To welcome guests there are a couple of weeks and you still in deep thought of where to spend their summer happy minutes? The solution is: holiday in Turkey! Take a seat and the imagine your legs are being wrapped with a warm sand and the Mediterranean sea wants to flap you on their waves. Turkey is the cradle of hot and memorable stay. It is just to take the ticket – and you will plunge into a deep abyss of sticky sea of pleasure, sunbathing, and endless fun.

Top 5 popular resorts


The city is not in vain called the Turkish Riviera, most certainly should captivate you for a long time. The capital of the Mediterranean coast with a smile will reveal all their secrets and secret places. Friendly water parks, a huge aquarium, magnificent museums, ancient buildings and the city, crystal clear blue lake is not the whole list of miracles that you are destined to experience in this enchanting place!

The beaches of Antalya are astonishingly varied:

  • sandy and pebble
  • wild and crowded
  • paid and free

Everyone will find a hot place to taste. Hundreds of tourists come to Turkey only for one simple reason – to escape the hustle of urban city and annoying the Madding crowd. Beaches-the hermits will amaze with its splendor, and the cliffs around will create an incredible feeling.

The Konyaalti beach has the distinction "Blue flag", is an environmentally friendly area. Many tourists come here to rest with children, in order to improve them and bask in the southern sun.

Lara beach is another unspoiled area of nature. He is known for crystal clear waters that bathe the coast. To dive into the deep blue sea – heaven.

Have you ever looked at the waterfall from the sea? In Antalya there is a possibility! Düden waterfalls is a wonder of nature. The upper Duden waterfall is located in the heart of the city and is a favorite place for walks and romantic dates. Sparkling drops of water falls into the mirrored surface of the lake, and then fall into the sea. To watch the picture from the sea by boat great. Cozy cave behind the waterfall gives you the opportunity to enjoy the spectacle inside. Lower Duden falls directly into the sea with a 40-meter height. The noise from the falls extends for miles, and a huge rainbow embracing the waterfall is amazing. Lower Duden is not in vain called the largest waterfall in Antalya!

Otdyh v Turcii - kurorty

Antalya water Park "Aqualand" will take you back to happy childhood for a few hours! It has everything: a huge heavy slides, and the enormous size of the trampolines, and good-natured dolphins, and seals. A real feast for the kids who love to have fun, to frolic and to gain new experiences. Adults too will find yourself here delight, sipping juicy cocktails in the infinity pool and enjoying life.

Prefer to wander through the old towns and inhale the aroma of antiquity? Welcome to the old quarter of Antalya – Kaleici. Here you will meet beautiful minarets, the gate of Hadrian, the fountains who can sing.

Did you miss shopping? Shopping centre , Dipo will hit European quality and best prices! Discounts provided by the shopping center, will delight the most inveterate shopper: some days you can buy a commodity for 30% of its initial value. Also be sure to visit the shopping center Migros. Here you will find branded boutiques, a Park for children and even a cinema!


The resort town of Alanya attracts a considerable number of tourists, many of them genuinely love this city and return again and again. What is he so attractive? With almost the entire coast offers an incredible view of the Peninsula with its ancient castle. Initially there was a base of pirates, in ancient times the Romans built a beautiful fortress and a shipyard, and later one of the sultans made their contribution, with the addition of the majestic tower.

ceny na otdyh v Turcii

The promenade stretching along the beach, cosy city. Here you can ride a bike or "electrospace", to run or exercise on outdoor fitness equipment. And in the evening take a walk in a romantic setting, contemplating the moon's reflection in the sea, illuminated fountains and installations. Fans href="http://tour.liketourist.com/strana/skolko-stoyat-ekskursii-v-turcii/" title="how many there are excursions in Turkey">fun, entertainment and shopping will always find in Alanya something for everyone!


The ideal place for those tourists who do not tolerate the summer heat. The climate here is very soft and friendly. Active recreation is booming:

  • sailing
  • catamaran rides
  • water skiing
  • Windsurfing
  • diving

In Marmaris there are 52 enchanting place where you can explore the extraordinary underwater world. For lovers of antiquities arranged in extremely interesting excursions to the ancient towns of Knidos, Ephesus, Aphrodisias.


Lovers of luxury holiday will appreciate a fashionable resort! Fun for true gentlemen, numerous bars, pubs, clubs, restaurants, make the Belek center of entertainment and fun.

The wild nature of the resort makes you relax and feel at one with the planet. Secluded beaches, quiet coves, the spectacular beauty of the cliffs – all this is so attractive for couples who want to spend their honeymoon memorable and beautiful. Many beaches are pleasing to the eye. Some of them accessible only with a pass.


The nightlife here is raging and overflowing! And during the day you can enjoy the city, beyond the fortress of St. Peter, overlooking the magical view of the surroundings. In this city the usual symbiosis of modernity and ancient Turkish structures.

Where better to go to Turkey, read this article.

The climate of Turkey or what time of year is suitable for travel

Turkey covers a subtropical climate zone, this means that in different parts of the country the climate is markedly different.

South and West will greet you with the spirit of the Mediterranean. Relaxing on the beach the weather is favorable: the winters here are very mild and summer is hot. For example, in Antalya staying with the sun 300 days a year.

The North is dominated by the black sea climate. The summer is warm, winter is colder than in the Mediterranean region. Rain often prevails: in both summer and winter rains – a common phenomenon.

When to go Turkey? The holiday season opens the month of April, and November it completes. Beach holidays are best from April to October. If you prefer the Black sea resorts and well worth a visit from June to September. Fans of Marble and the Mediterranean sea will be able to enjoy swimming from April to October.

Do I need a visa to Turkey?

We can only be glad for Ukraine and Russia, because without a visa you can indulge in the Turkish sun for 60 days! Turkey is only too happy to influx of tourists, and happy to make concessions on their part, which is very nice. Leading travel Agency has analyzed information on countries and concluded that the Russian-speaking population annually gives preference to traditional Turkish resorts of Antalya, Kemer, Alanya, etc. So feel free to take last minute and without hesitation fly into a country Paradise of pleasure. You there most certainly are waiting!

What we pay in Turkey?

First time going on a trip to a hot country, tourists from happiness forget details to know about the currency of Turkey or hope to the Almighty power of the us dollar. On the one hand, they are absolutely right – the dollar is welcome in Turkey, as in thousands of other countries. But there are some aspects of knowledge which will be useful when you already will stand in the Turkish airport.

Was the Turkish Lira, lived it quietly, but the economic crisis in the late 20th century was not spared this currency, and pounced on her with the most severe inflation. For a brief period, the Lira immediately depreciated, and the national Bank began to issue millions of bills. Yes, now every Turk could boast millionaire status, but you must admit that to pay these bills damn uncomfortable! And because the authorities had decided to hold a denomination of currency. So was born the new Turkish Lira.

Unfortunately, the exchange rate of the Turkish currency is too unstable, and therefore travelers with a grain of rationalism in the brain prefer to pay with dollars and euros. Also popular and the Russian ruble. The Ukrainian hryvnia until that little taking, so stock up on better "green" just to be sure. Bring plenty of small bills, as some dishonest sellers upon presentation of a twenty dollar languishing argue that they have no change. And she had them in the hidden pockets there, dear!

Take it just in case and the Euro on small markets, one eccentric feature of shopkeepers – out of the Euro, they will count on the dollar. But don't be scared, just don't be fooled!

If you have any questions about the money, read the article: What money to take to Turkey?

What to ride?

Turkey is a big country, and for large movements it is better to use a plane iffinances allow. The most popular form of intercity transport – comfortable bus. The choice is huge: there are around 300 bus companies. Transport in any city is sent otogara – the main bus station.

Provincial Turkey is provided by buses and minibuses – golosami. Dolmushi adhere to a strict route. The stop is marked with the letter D on a blue background. The average fare is about $ 1. If you are in Ankara and Istanbul, the bus ticket need be purchased in advance at the nearest Newsstand. If you are traveling in Antalya, Bodrum, Marmaris, Alanya and other cities, the money for travel leave at the exit of the transport.

dolmushi v Turcii

If you want to slowly explore the surroundings and beauty of the city, you can take a taxi. The prices are very affordable. In different regions cost different. The night is set to double rate. Many taxi drivers wish to profit money by inexperienced tourists and overcharge them. To you this did not happen, try to mingle with the locals, learn the average price of a taxi and only after that order the transport.

Main question: how much is the trip?

Going on a summer trip, you should pre-calculate your budget and future expenditure. For millions of tourists every year is the question: how much is a vacation in Turkey and how to save more.

There are options by which you don't feel significantly empty purse. Let's take a look at them!

The cost of a trip is affected by several factors:

  • Season. Even if Turkey is a hot country, but sometimes at some resorts is very cold. The mass season opens in April when the water warms up a bit. The trip in April is much cheaper than in June or July, when the sea has finally warmed up. The tour in Kemer in April in 2 times cheaper. The average price for a two-week trip with a stay in the luxury all-inclusive hotel is around 1500-2000 dollars. Such a picture pleases and at the end of August - early September, when prices with 3000-4000 thousand drop to 2000-2500. Two thousand is equal to two weeks of fun together.
  • The star hotel. Exemplary service, ideal living conditions, a variety of the most useful food in a luxury hotel pull 2000-3000 "green". With a stay at hotel more cheaply: 1000-1500 dollars. Enthusiasts who can do without "all inclusive", you can cut in half to $ 200.

Prices for 7 wonderful nights range from $ 300 at last minute and up to several thousand dollars. You can go for 300 bucks, but you can for 3000. On the "last" ticket, it is possible to save up to $ 500 if you're lucky. When someone cancels his / her reservation, to free up space. If you have time, they can take – and then you will get a luxury trip at cost. Why not to try? Main thing is to be tenacious, and then fortune will compensate you. Read more on choosing a hotel, read here.

Features of Turkish hotels

Going on a long journey, tourists should consider not only "the star" hotels, but also other factors, as the stars do not always correspond to quality. Sometimes a hotel 3 stars might be better on service and quality than the notorious 5-star hotel.

First of all, pay attention to the value of your vouchers. Higher it is, the more luxurious the hotel. You should also read all the reviews about the hotels, and negative reviews can be gleaned much more useful information. Positive feedback can be customized!

The main business is tourism, and the Turks are actively seeking to develop it. The infrastructure of most of the hotels on proper level: at your disposal swimming pool, Parking, playgrounds. Plenty of entertainment is available for free. Most hotels work the system "all inclusive".

Turkey is a country of delicious cocktails, caressing sea and stunning scenery. If you wish to remember your vacation, feel free to take a ticket and go to meet his amazing and crazy adventure!