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Holidays in France - prices, cities, hotels, visa, climate, transport

Otdyh vo Francii

So close to dreams, films and books in the life of France sometimes seems out of reach. There's "Burgundy, Normandy, champagne or Provence", and, of course, Gascony, and the chief joy of the tourist - Paris... Even the names evoke joy and a desire to see all is well at least one eye. Well, this is quite achievable – holidays in France can be as economical and convenient. It remains only to choose where exactly I want to visit and calculate their financial capabilities.

The most popular tourist destinations


Of course, you shouldn't die after he has seen Paris, but to start out with the most sophisticated country in Europe is with him. Eiffel tower, Champs Elysees, Montmartre... This city became the cradle of talent of many famous artists, the city is inextricably linked with the adventurous spirit of the novels of Dumas, a town of the French revolution, in the end. And you have to devote time to all areas associated with real and fictional events. And to drink a Cup of French coffee at an outdoor cafe and visit the Paris catacombs.


This is one of the five biggest French cities, but he's not that famous. Anyone who is even slightly familiar with the history of wine, at the mention of Bordeaux immediately think of the vineyards. And indeed, the whole city is like a large wine cellar, which attracts lovers of this wonderful, giving health drink (if you eat it in moderation, of course). However, in between tastings it can offer tourists interesting sights, walk along the banks of the Garonne or in the garden in the English style.


Sitting in third place in terms of population after Paris, Lyon is famous not only for its historical monuments, but also the industry, particularly the production of silk. And yet it is considered the unofficial capital of the French Freemasonry. And, of course, when visiting Lyon should definitely plan a night walk – it model night lighting can be considered perfect, she became a role model for many cities in the world.

Lion vo Francii


Inseparably associated with the history of Catholicism in France, for a long time it was the residence of the persecuted by Rome priests. And most of the attractions of this picturesque Provencal towns have is religious significance – and the Papal Palace, Avignon Cathedral, and beautiful in its bleakness Gothic Church. And, of course, not to mention in connection with Avignon and its famous theatre festival – the oldest in Europe, which for a few days makes this city a place of pilgrimage for the refined connoisseur of litsedeyskie art.


The heart and soul of the côte d'azur, a favorite resort of celebrities and aristocrats, and yet one of the centers of French education is such a diverse and multifaceted nice not just delights and fascinates, remaining in the memory of the city of sun and sky. He is able to give to everyone who comes here, a part of the French view of the world, true joy and refined pleasures. Pleasures from visiting museums and strolling along the waterfront and just a leisurely, almost languid relaxation, which frees the head from heavy thoughts and hearts from worries.


Homeland of Edmond Dantes, this port city is the oldest in France. And his name became known far outside the country thanks to the famous revolution anthem – "La Marseillaise". However, it's not all that he boasts – there were born many French writers, there are a number of museums and the famous Opera house. The city of industry and culture – is a modern Marseille.

Marsel vo Francii

French climate: moderation in all things

It is worth noting that, in General, temperate, the climate of France differs depending on the region. So, in the West common (including summer), are the rains, and in winter almost no snow – just the same rain. But in the South the summer rains almost never happens – they "delight" of the locals and tourists in the winter. Best expressedthe division between seasons in the Central part of the country in the winter here is pretty cold and summer is hot and relatively dry. As for the mountain regions in the winter it is cold and snows a lot on the delight of lovers of skiing and summer is hot (although the night is still cold).

To answer the question, when is the best time to visit France is quite difficult. Traditional tourist months are July and August, but in winter it is very nice, especially because at this time even do not need especially warm clothes will be enough winter clothes.

And what about the visa?

To visit France, the traveler must apply for a Schengen visa.

It is made in the usual way, the processing time – minimum 5, maximum 14 days. Usually the first time you visit it is better to issue a single entry visa, and after several visa categories "multi" to have the opportunity to visit France as often as would wish (and after the first visit will want to see that country again).

Currency in France

Beautiful Louis d'ors and ECUs replaced by sustainable Franks, and they, in turn, the common European currency – the Euro. It has a circulation in France, so before the trip is to attend to exchange money for Euro or receiving a card to be able to withdraw money from ATMs and pay for purchases.

Tours and their costs

As mentioned above, tours to France you can pick up people with different financial capabilities. Overall, surprisingly, the country is one of the most expensive in Europe, so stay in it it is possible to afford. So what are tours?

  • The prices of economy class will start from 300 euros per person. Of course, in this case, no one will accommodate the tourist in a "fleabag", but the hotel is a three star, and tours included at a minimum. This category usually consists of tours with plenty of free time.
  • The more expensive tours from € 500 assuming the best conditions of accommodation and more attention to leisure tourists – lots of interesting excursions with guide, interesting exclusive offers.
  • Well, tours from EUR 1,000 (the upper bound of their cost is very conditional) – this is for lovers of category "elite" who prefer very comfortable hotels and exclusive in everything.

However, on any round you can save and transform, for example, the middle class in economy, if you buy a "last minute". So spontaneous travelers are often more economical.

Transport in France

The transport system of the country has a very high level of development, but not less than high prices. Focus on three types of transport as the most important for tourists.

High-speed trains link Paris with every region of the country. They are very comfortable (from Paris to Lyon, for example, can be reached in two hours), but, importantly, not too expensive, especially if you order tickets online and print them yourself. If the ticket is bought in cash, should be prepared to wait: the queue at the station – a common occurrence, because the cashiers-the French have become notorious for slowness of service and love to idle conversations with passengers.

skorostnoj poezd vo Francii

It is important to know that the cars in trains are usually divided into classes – first and second.

Familiar to seasoned travelers buses in France are becoming a real problem – such a terribly inconvenient schedule, and even inconsistent with any types of transport, as here, to look for more. Furthermore, their routes are almost completely duplicated by trains. And the latter is faster, so the question of whether the use of buses remains relevant.

The third type of transport is Parisian. Because tourists love this city, not to mention it is impossible. There are buses, trams and underground, and in order to save, you can purchase one ticket for all public transport. Fans of metro station should take note that the Paris metro is quite fiddly – for example, there announce the station and the transitions between them, it is not surprising to get lost. But there is often go controllers, so that the purchased ticket has to be kept until the end of the trip. Although there are new branches, where happy customers can find out at what station the train arrives.

But in Paris well developed bus network. And the buses are divided into two categories – daytime (from 6 am until around half past eight in the evening) and nighttime (from midnight to half past five in the morning). Tickets are can be purchased from the driver, but it is better to buy them in advance – will be cheaper.

Also in Paris, four tram lines, which are popular with tourists can be quite fast to reach to the necessary place, and even views of the city to admire.

Features of French hotels

Of course, prices on vacation in France largely depend on where travelers stay. And because there are accepted its, pretty interesting system of classification of hotels, isread it before choosing a hotel.

So, if everything that a traveller needs is to spend the night, you should choose the hotel "without category", denoted by the letters HT.

For two stars , the traveler will receive not only lodging, but the Breakfast is the usual budget hotels, which sometimes have the added designation of SUP, which means the presence in the room TV or telephone and more diverse Breakfast.

An interesting option with a three-star hotel - not only the fact that for a modest fee, tourists are provided comfortable accommodation and the opportunity to eat in the café and restaurant. Much more attractive that such hotels are often set in old houses.

When choosing a hotel in 4-star category to the pool, housekeeping service twice a day and most diversified service. This so-called "moderate luxury".

Interestingly, hotels five stars in France no. The best care is provided by institutions of two categories – it's Luxe and Palace. The first category is a luxurious and very famous hotel with the best service and elegant rooms, the second is truly luxury with the prefix "super". Here and unique design of the rooms, and impeccable service, and full concentration on the person of the guest. But such hotels are "mere mortals", of course, unavailable.

Shopping in France

But the French shopping available to everyone, you only need to choose what you want to buy. A trip to Paris without going to the boutiques with clothing, perfume and jewelry, we can assume, was in vain. Even if such purchases are not very expensive, it is necessary to allocate money at least to buy a bottle of real French perfume and elegant neckerchief – they will remind about the capital of beauty. But if finances allow, go from the famous "Golden triangle" without new clothes in the form of dresses, handbags, shoes, and even impossible.

parfumernyj magazin vo Francii

From Bordeaux it is impossible to leave without a bottle of local wineto drink it at home with loved ones, enjoying the taste of France. But before that, you can enjoy the delicacy, brought from the province – for example, a piece of cheese, which is famous for this country, or biscuits. In addition, with a need to bring olive oil from Provence and the eponymous mustard with Dijon market.

As a gift or for yourself is a must buy and essential oil is also a native of Provence – let the house will envelop scents of lavender fields or the bushes of Jasmine.

France is also known for its antique shops where it is also impossible to leave without a fine vintage trinkets or even coins.

Instead of an epilogue

Adventurous and thoughtful, carefree and wise, gave birth to many worthy men who survived several revolutions and sheltered many victims of other revolutions, France is not just a tourist country, a few pages in a book on fashion... She is all together and not only that, each special and unique in nature. The trip to France was worth every Euro spent on it, because in the soul, and in my mind she will leave much more.