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Holidays in Vietnam, resorts, hotels, climate

Otdyh vo Vetname

Today, for many travelers there is another question – where to spend your holidays? Variants there are many, but so want to go where you will not only see something unusual and feel a whole lot of unforgettable emotions. If you are one who values the experiences who are open to new and unforgettable, and one who happily goes to the most unusual corners of our planet means for you vacation in Vietnam, you not only enjoy, but also to make them come back again and again.

About what constitutes modern Vietnam

This country is amazing, it never compares with the other territories, and all because Vietnam is the most peculiar territory. It is called the treasure of the world, because all things are unique here.

Why this holiday dream of millions? – you will ask. The reasons are manifold, because the country is diverse in every sense. Here everyone will be able to find something you like. A particularly important point is the richness of culture, the followers of which were many cities and countries around the world. In this article we will discuss all the most important aspects of travelling in Vietnam and will inform you about everything that matters.

The most important and significant moment is a city in the country, because each has its own unique history. In Vietnam, every city is commonly identified by different criteria. For this reason, there are places and areas where a lot of tourists, and there are those who call unpopular. We focus on the most famous.

Vietnam has five of the world's most famous cities, they are called Central. One of them is, of course, well-known and very popular in Hanoi. It is the capital of Vietnam, here are concentrated all the important administrative organizations. He also stands out among the others and a vast variety of attractions. Everything is so civilized that sometimes an ordinary tourist forgets what is in the heart of Vietnam. The peculiarity of the capital and that holidays in Vietnam always starts from this place. This city is called the "between two rivers", which is very symbolic, this concept describes its location. The city is situated on the banks of the famous river of the City.

Especially interesting for those who are interested in history, because it has a unique history of development. It is complex, interesting, because the beginning of existence connected with several stages of development throughout the country. Hanoi is interesting for architecture lovers, because there are unique buildings of different eras. Being the center of Vietnam, the city is a bright and colorful example of what is country. If you want to see all the fun to begin, your journey should be with this site, many who chose to stay in Vietnam stops here. Because the best place it is difficult to find.

But despite all the features of the capital, no less attractive to modern tourists are the other two cities Ho Chi Minh city and da Nang. Each city, as is common in Vietnam, is a great place to stay, because you have a lot of opportunities.

In General, in order to describe the holiday in Vietnam can only say two words – stay here unusual and is maximally saturated. Not only will you be able to see all the most amazing, but also to assess the level of the country.

So, going to da Nang will open before you the prospect to discover so many informative. This city is located on the shores of the South China sea. It is from here begins his journey the longest cable car that will take you to the full panoramic space. But that's not all that sets the city apart from other settlements. It has an airport and port, making the city even more popular. Therefore, if you are already lucky enough to holiday in this country, then continue your guided journey here.

Completely different, you find Ho Chi Minh city, which is home to over 8 million people. There is always a lot of people, life here is particularly rich. Here you can relax in the sense that your schedule of the excursions will be full-bodied and veryactive. You will meet lots of interesting people, hear thousands of legends and stories about the great Asian country.

Of course, in Vietnam there are many cities worth visiting, but do not forget that this parts of Asia, it is impossible to see for a short time, so you need to find time to go here for a longer period.

It is important to know and always remember

As in any other country, a holiday to Vietnam is a rather peculiar pastime. Neobiknovennie culture puts to tourists certain rules, but because before the trip everyone should focus their attention on the most important.

A few words about the climate

The climate of Vietnam is changeable, this is its magnificence. Actually sent here who is not afraid of the vagaries of nature. Here you will not get in during the hot Sunny day, as I did not experience a winter this cold and frost. In truth, holidays in Vietnam – it is the best option for every tourist.

The only and main disadvantage is the high humidity in the periods of rains, affecting many, because not every tourist is ready for this trouble. But, due to rain, the visitors refuse to rest in no hurry. So here at any time of the year a lot of tourists and vacationers. To anticipate the weather here is not always possible, because often there are unexpected changes. Depending on which part of Vietnam (Central, South, East) you are interested, you will find a peculiarity of the climate. Therefore, there is a difference in the rest periods. So in July, for example, you can enjoy the warm sunshine in the southern part, whereas in the East will at this time pass the wind and rain. Everything in this country is natural, but because Vietnam is attractive even for its changeable climate, which are already used by local residents.

And as regards the visa?

This question always interested beginners who are in the country for the first time. For those who have already visited Vietnam, the issue is closed.

As you know, for the people of Russia who are planning to be in the country less than 15 days visa is not required.

But for those who want to be here longer - it is mandatory, so we will remind you of the conditions of registration. But before that I would like to mention that while on vacation in Vietnam less than 15 days without a visa, you will need to have on hand tickets for the return journey. For example, in Hanoi you will be required to provide a passport and tickets, to confirm the return. While not having them, you also have the opportunity to buy them in fact throughout the country. Usually this question is not a problem all the time and can always be solved. Now, to tell you about how to get the coveted and very necessary visa to this country.

Here you will need certain documents. The procedure takes a little time but it is important to have all the necessary documentation. All really easy, because Vietnam is an open country. The tourist business is one of the most important sectors raise the economy of the whole state.

Prices and monetary units

To make purchases in Vietnam is very profitable, because here you can buy all that liked. The range of goods is very large, it is called inconceivable. And all because to bring out a lot of interesting things. Of course, various trinkets and small Souvenirs are popular purchases. Spending a small amount of money, you will make a worthy shopping. Recall that a country's currency is the Dong, there are various denominations of currency units.

I would like to mention that not only shopping is considered to be the best, but the prices for tours in this country called the best. When you go on vacation to Vietnam, it should be understood that the trip you will get not only a lot of fun, but a lot of impressions. Therefore, the cost of the tour compared with the received emotion can be called more than affordable.

About transport and not only...

To travel across the country can be different, because you have options. Many are convinced that spending your holidays in Vietnam you should rent the car because as soon as you feel the freedom of his personal travel. It is important to say that the length of the road is simply incredible, but there are also disadvantages. Sometimes, to see unique landscapes you need to send to a special observation deck where the entry of vehicles is prohibited. In each city, relative to this type of movement has its own rules and procedure which are very important for tourists. Perhaps for this reason people give their preferences and tour travel by bus.

Very often to move from one city to anotherused railway. By the way, I should say that this method of movement is the most common. When you have a question about how the move to Vietnam, always consider the personal preferences, because for many, many hours of travel by train can be tedious. But to note is that such trips will allow you to ride on the most famous tunnels in the country, and it is important advantage.

Now let's talk about what sort of accommodation it is better to choose

You know that Vietnam is a country best service. It is interesting and fun to relax and spend their time always comfortable:

  • the most delicious dishes
  • best service
  • only very cultured and educated workers.

All hotels can be called a model and beauty, and comfort. Makes sense for you to stay in any of them, after all, so your free time will be most narushenie. Here is how the economy class hotels and very expensive apartments. The options are limitless. What exactly will you choose depends only on you!

The most important thing is the sights

At the beginning of the article, we drew your attention to the fact that Vietnam is diverse. Now we would like to tell you about the most famous. The list of beauties and important sites are limitless, but we will highlight the most interesting and unusual. In order to start the story, we encourage tourists and travellers initially (before the trip) to create your personal plan trips and excursions. To this list may be credited:

Vinpearl island is the most beautiful and quiet, unusual place in the country. Here you will feel like a native or the last man on earth. It is a haven of peace, quiet, tranquility. The beauty of nature will discover a world of amazing flora and fauna, you will see the serenity of the sea, calmness of the trees, the purity of the sky. This natural area you will discover a world entirely dissimilar to what you imagined.

Entertainment complex "Vinpearl" – a charming place for an active holiday. Never before have you felt such a different range of experiences. This attraction (and the complex has already become the domain of nature) perfect for a family holiday.

Vietnamese slides is a good option to experience this tour you will never forget.

But in addition to these options, your list can be replenished and buildings or natural resources. You can go to:

  • Halong Bay;
  • The underground tunnels of the village of Cu Chi;
  • the Nha Trang Bay.

For you to open completely different places and corners of the country. So rest with pleasure and always appreciate it. what did you chose to stay in Vietnam, the most hospitable country in the world.

Useful information for parents

According to children's experts and pediatricians, holidays in Vietnam for school-age children very unsafe.

So this continent to choose for a family vacation is not always the case. A feature of the climate and high humidity can not very well affect the health of the young organism, but because this way is better to postpone. If you are not afraid of difficulties – and Vietnam can be for a child interesting, nevertheless, to neglect the advice – not worth it!