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Where is the Park PortAventura in Spain (video, prices, hotels nearby)?

Park Aventura v Ispanii

Park Aventura Spain is unbelievable themed entertainment complex, which is owned by Universal. The Park is a real fabulous world of incredible adventures, after visiting of which, remain the most memorable.

The stories you might think that this is a magic country that does not exist on the world map. Many have heard, but not everyone knows where Park Aventura in Spain.

It is situated in Salou in Costa Dorada. Is one of the largest and most popular parks in Europe.

Annually it is visited by about 3 million visitors. The Park is really impressive – approximately 115 hectares. But the heart of the complex is a huge lake the size of 3 hectares.

The fleet consists of:

  • numerous attractions. More than 30 of them and they are designed for different age groups;
  • hotels. Hotels of category 4 stars, are incredibly comfortable and surprisingly affordable;
  • Golf courses;
  • beach clubs;
  • souvenir shops, boutiques, shops that catch the eye due to the presence of various Souvenirs;
  • cafes and restaurants, where the dishes of different national cuisines.

But the main highlight of this huge entertainment complex is its original idea – to divide the Park into six thematic areas and allow visitor to visit different countries (thematic areas) in one day.

Thanks to this great idea, you can feel a big difference between countries located in different parts of the world, making a sort of trip around the world. Each themed area in the Park that correspond to the different parts of the world.

So, the complex is divided into the following areas:

  • Mediterranean;
  • Wild West;
  • China;
  • Mexico;
  • Polynesia;
  • Sesame – children's country.

The Mediterranean

Area the Mediterranean is the first area in PortAventura. Here is reproduced an imitation of the usual Mediterranean village. In the center is a huge lake.

Since the beginning of July to end of August every year occur great show with fireworks. In the Mediterranean most of the territory reserved for restaurants and cafes where you can taste Mediterranean cuisine.

Delicious Greek salads, a large selection of sweets, puff pastry, delicious Italian pizza, a variety of fruits and berries are the food that will make you feel like a regular resident of the seaside town of the Mediterranean coast.

The restaurants, surrounded by vineyards, fairytale houses and castles. The restaurant Vinosfera Tapes i Vins you can enjoy delicious snacks and traditional Spanish cuisine, and SIP fragrant wines from local collections.

In this area there are two attractions, one of which is "Furious Baco". Means "Enraged Bacchus". The city is named because of the incredibly fast acceleration – about 135 per hour for a few seconds.

It is open since 2007 and is among the fastest rides of Europe. This is a wonderful entertainment for adults whose height from 1.4 m to 1.95 m.

From the area of the Mediterranean, you can easily move to another area on the pier by boat or overland on foot or on the train.

The most popular form of transport here – the ships. Closer to lunch, you notice long queues at the pier. Move through the water quite slow, but it gives you the opportunity to explore all the delights of the environment. In July and August, this mode of transport is not in use, as the lake at this time there are numerous shows.

Wild West

On foot or by water transport to move to the zone "Wild West". Here, it seems that even the air was filled with wild atmosphere. High cacti, shooting galleries, a saloon, entertainment for real cowboys, dancing girls – all of this incredibly accurate moves in the Wild West.

In this area is the attraction "Stampida", which differs in that it has double the mileage, and rails made of wood. Extreme descents, flips, lifts incredibly breathtaking. But You won't be able to taste, if the growth is less than 1.4 M.

A breathtaking panorama of the complex one can see the attraction "the Silver hand". Being in the hollow of a tree, You will be floating on the water with high elevation and then descend from a great height.

This ride is probably only for the most daring, which is already imbued with the atmosphere and managed to feel a real cowboy in the Wild West.

For children there are attractions "Tomahawk", "Carousel", "Buffalo Rodeo". In the "Wild West" the greatest number of rides.


Colorful rides, mysterious show, the Mayan café in Mexican style, ruins, Maya pyramid , this area is saturated with the spirit of colonial Mexico. To find out all the details of Mexican culture, one only has to visit this area.

Here is one of the most popular rides in the Park – "Hurricane Condor". He will give an unforgettable feeling of free flightaltitude of 100 m.

The original attraction is the "Temple of Fire", the centre of which occurs a fire show, and he is surrounded by intricate mazes.

The end of the spectacular show is always unexpected, accompanied with different effects: fire, the roof falling on visitors, the kindle treasures in the ruins of the cave and face the ghosts, all flooded with water. Enchanting emotions after this show is guaranteed.

Popular attractions in the "feathered serpent", the "mine train", "Yucatan" will entertain children and adults.

Enjoy traditional Mexican cuisine offering restaurants, La Hacienda and La Cantina. In the past, enjoying Mexican food, You will be entertained by mariachis, singing and dancing. This lunch will be remembered not only delicious food but a wonderful show.


In the thematic area of "China" can walk and enjoy the beauty of the environment or, if you want to save energy and strength for the day to drive a locomotive. On the road You will see an imitation of the Chinese great wall.

Park Aventura Spain is also famous for one of the most expensive and the new ride Shambhala, which is located in the area of "China". He opened in 2012.

Incredible height (76 m) and speed (134 km per hour) makes this attraction one of the largest and most popular in Europe. Consists of three trains, each of which can accommodate 32 visitors.

The area is a Playgroundthat offers various children's games and shows. All decorated in the Chinese style.

And, of course, is not without its tea ceremony. Ride the "teacups" - a symbol of the famous Chinese tea ceremony. Visitors to this attraction can feel like a part of the overall service, and spun in an incredible dance of the cups with great speed. And which way to spin the visitor can decide for himself.

Glowing show of soap bubbles will delight not only children but also adult. In a dedicated room, a skilled craftsman deftly doing tricks with soap bubbles, which the largest can hold a person. Light in the hall, because the Shine and shimmer of the bubbles is particularly fascinating.


A real Paradise creates a tropical themed area "Polynesia". It is in the "Polynesia" can be lost in the palms, ferns, statues of stone, in huts, covering with dry leaves and all sorts of exotic plants that so accurately convey the atmosphere of the jungle.

If you are tired of the heat, it is in this area you will find the desired coolness. But the rest here don't wait. Musical performance is the distinguishing feature of this area. Music, dancing artists will not allow You to lose heart, and only add excitement to the entertainment and will define a new portion of positive emotions.

The two main and most popular activities in this area is the 4D cinema "Sea Odyssey" and a water attraction "the Flash Tutuki".

"Sea Odyssey" immerses visitors in an underwater laboratory with your guide, where he talks about the new advancements and changes in Oceanography. But, as the title, lectures to stop the alarm. All visitors taking part in the rescue operation underwater laboratory. This attraction is one of the best water simulators.

"Flash Tutuki" - full of surprises volcano that seems quiet, calm and has long been extinct. But getting to the volcano, tourists will find a lot of surprises. Speed the eruption of the volcano up to 50 km. per hour.

After such shocks may want to recover strength and to eat something delicious. In addition to restaurants, you can see the truck with cool juices and refreshing fruit.

Souvenir shops, gift shops and clothing will help to change the situation and buy something for yourself or your loved ones to commemorate the visit of the "Polynesia". And that feeling was more real in the store, "Mers du Sud" you can buy things brought from the real Polynesia.


The new themed area which opened in 2011. This area is a children's fairy tale embodied in reality.

It is here that children can Express themselves in a variety of games, fun on the rides and enjoy delicious sweets. After seeing Your kids come in an unprecedented delight.

In the shops and in souvenir shops You can buy your kids themed Souvenirs of this unforgettable journey. And the memorable experiences they create fabulous attractions:

  1. Waikiki. The ride is an unruly seats that move chaotically. It's great fun and children will surely pick them up.
  2. Tami Tami. This is a children's version of a roller coaster. Now children can experience some extreme and get a new batch of charge.
  3. Station Sesame Aventura Family. It's a train, which circles throughout the Park. The child can go where he will like something interesting or unusual.
  4. Jump Blas. This is a children's version of the attraction "Hurricane Condor". To experience a free fall and to get your "children's" doseadrenaline children here.
  5. Magic Fish. This ride is a magical fish, where you can ride the whole family and enjoy swimming in the water, sitting on top of a fabulous fish.
  6. Loco-Loco Tiki. Is a small houses, which then fall, then rise up.
  7. Enchanted Garden. In this maze, the child can run around and look for the right way among the tangled hills.
  8. The Pilot Of The Coco. Planes, which move along the routes, will create children.

Dreamland "sesame" for the entertainment of the youngest visitors, filling them with new impressions.

To better understand the beauty and Majesty of the Park, you can view video clips of Sunny Aventura Spain, where the video will convey in some measure the emotions experienced by the visitors of the complex. But still, the video doesn't compare with the real presence and does not convey all the excitement seen in PortAventura.

Water Park

Water Park in Aventura is a real Paradise for lovers of water adventures and outdoor activities. The territory of the Park – about 50 thousand sq. m.

Here you can enjoy not only water sports, but admire many plants. Breathtaking mountain slopes will set the tone for the whole day, after which you can relax in comfortable sun loungers.

In the Park there are seven pools, which are suitable for both children and adults. And also, pools with inflatable beds, where visitors can relax in the comfort of the pool and sunbathe under the gentle sun, and to give time to your body in the SPA pool. For children there is a special entertainment themed entertainment in the spirit of the Caribbean.

Water fun at the water Park:

  1. El Triángulo de las Bermudas. Is this incredible pool in the center of the Park. Pool "Bermuda triangle" - a great place for water fun for the whole family.
  2. Zona Indoor. This is a covered area in the Park where you can hide from the hot sun and continue to water treatment.
  3. El Torrente. Rafting under the rapid flow of water will give the thrill the whole family.
  4. Beach Sesame. Great exciting entertainment for curious researchers.
  5. Rapid Race. Game is one of the most illuminating of water.
  6. King Kahuna will give a feeling of free fall over the water;
  7. Paradise beach is a romantic place for adults.

Organization of children's holidays or weekend in the Aquatic Park of PortAventura is an unforgettable baby gift. Family water fun will give you the opportunity to open up more children and adults to feel to be deferred to some time in the water Paradise.

Hotels in the Park

Aventura Mall, gorgeous amusement Park with a vast territory. Enjoy the rest and see all the sights in one day is not so simple.

The Park boasts a beautiful and comfortable hotelswhere you can stay for a few days. Hotels near Spain Park Aventura will give you the opportunity to live in a fantastic country and get all the new emotions.

On the territory there are 5 hotels. Almost all of them have a category of 4 stars and quite affordable.

The cheapest hotel is hotel PortAventura Hotel Caribe. It is decorated in a tropical style and very comfortable. The cost is from 60 euros.

The most expensive hotel - PortAventura Hotel Mansión de Lucy. With the price of 130 euros. He will impress with luxury and comfort. Has the category of 5 stars.

Hotel PortAventura Hotel Gold River is located in the area of "Wild West". Has direct access to a lovely town. Price – from € 63.

Hotel with direct access to the complex PortAventura Hotel PortAventura. It is located in the Thematic area of the Mediterranean. Stoimosti – from 65 euros.

The hotel PortAventura Hotel El Paso is located in the themed area "Mexico." Fascinates with its exotic gardens and the spirit of Mexico. Cost from 100 euros.

Accommodation in hotels in the Park gives a lot of advantages:

  • the best service at the most reasonable prices;
  • the opportunity to be in the Park for an unlimited time;
  • discounts for the water Park;
  • the opportunity to feel a part of this unforgettable place.


When You find yourself at Cass Park Aventura in Spain, the prices will pleasantly surprise You. The cost of visiting the Park for children up to three years, free of charge.

Up to 10 years and pensioners over 60 to 35 euros, and if you buy a ticket for two days – about 53 euros. The cost of adult ticket is about 70 euros. Depending on current special offers prices may vary.

Aventura – a great vacation for the whole family on the coast of the Mediterranean sea. Lovely warm climate, Golden Sands and magic atmosphere will move You in previously unknown countries and give the opportunity to feel each culture.