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Weather and temperature of water and air in September in Goa

Pogoda na Goa v sentyabre

Weather in September in Goa is distinguished by its complete unpredictability. The monsoon season ends, Sunny days give way to heavy rains and storm winds moving in a flat calm.

It was during this period in Goa attracts a lot of tourists. Some of them come in the beginning of September, as prices for tours are still very low.

Temperature and water

In September, life in Goa is slowly waking up and beginning to arrive here tourists. Basically, it is the Russian peoplethat the weather conditions at this time of year quite like.

Europeans prefer to relax here closer to October.

In September gradually end tropical storms. Rainfall compared with the previous August month is reduced by half. Grey clouds in the sky are interspersed with bright sunshine.

Daytime temperatures reach 30 degrees Celsius. At night it drops to +21 degrees. Wind speed average 10 m/s.

This does not cause any inconvenience, as it brought warm air masses.

In both South and North Goa, the number of rainfall days averages around 10.

Arabian sea warms up to 28 degrees. In September, it was warm though, but still restless. Therefore, most tourists choose to swim outdoor swimming pools in the hotels in which they stayed.

Temperatura i voda

September leisure

In Goa in September, many people are not going to swim (as mentioned above, the sea at this time of year is very hectic). First of all, they want to see different sights and enjoy high-quality entertainment.

In September, you can explore the ancient local relics. What better way to go at this time?

In Margao, there are the Pandava caves, which legends and mystical stories. They can look at ancient frescoes and carved stone inscriptions.

Legend has it that this drove one of the five pandawa brothers, after whom the Buddhists called this cave.

In the capital city of Goa called Panaji is the Church of the Immaculate Conception. It was built in 1540. Initially, the sailors used the temple as a beacon.

This building is considered the city one of the most important. Curiously, the Church has opening hours as the shop. That is, it works not always.

Worship in the temple is conducted in such languages as Portuguese, Hindi and English.

Fontanes, is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Panaji. There is a Chapel of St. Sebastian.

In the late 16th century, local residents were forcibly converted to Christianity. That faith was strong, and it was built this building.

Unfortunately, today the chapel needs restoration, as the building is gradually destroyed.

Also in September you can look into the architectural complex Largo da Igreja. Also called Church Square.

On its territory is a green Park where you can perfectly enjoy your stay.

Anjuna flea market, it originated in the 60s of the 20th century. Came here the representatives of the popular at the time of the hippie subculture. In a variety of recreational opportunities they wasted money and could not even buy a ticket home.

So the hippies came up with to sell personal belongings, as well as crafts-style handmade products to earn their way back.

The market has developed very quickly, only now, instead of hippies there are Indians and Nepalese. In addition to the various beautiful trinkets you can look at the snake charmers and fascinating fire show.

Don't forget that here you have to haggle. It is a favorite pastime for all buyers and sellers in the market.

Sentyabrskij dosug


In Goa in September, there are several major holidays. Many tourists love to participate in them.

The birthday of Lord Ganesha. Hindus believe that this deity is the head of an elephant. With the trunk he removes all obstacles that hinder him to get to the goal. Therefore, people at this time trying to get the favor of Ganesha.

It is celebrated with a large festival which lasts for the whole 10 days.

Almost everyone brings to the Church all the gifts, starting with milk and ending colors.

Nine nights. The goddess Durga, people called the divine mother. In her honor is being held this holiday.

For 9 days Hindus observe fast. At this time it is forbidden to eat animal productsorigin.

India. Goa

Things to do in Goa?

Plenty to do in September at Goa, you will find almost everyone.

For example, if you do not like human vanity, that can visit virtually deserted local beaches. The lush greenery will hide from prying eyes, and provide an opportunity to have self-knowledge.

If you are interested in spiritual development, it is possible to make an excursion to the monasteries in a small town called Badami. The entrance costs 100 rupees, they are open almost until full sunset.

In the village, called "little Tibet", the monks live, the total population of more than 10,000 people. During the tour you can visit several churches, one school, the University and the kitchen.

You will also see cave paintings and read along with the monks of Buddhist mantras. In this place reigns the majestic atmosphere of harmony and love where all the problems go away to the margins of consciousness.

Besides, in the village live Tibetan doctor and the Oracle. They definitely need to visit if you want to restore your own health and learn the near future.

In the state of Hampi are constantly coming religious pilgrims. Here are some of the oldest temples, some of which to restore is no longer possible. Also tourists like to enjoy local restaurants and cafes.

Don't forget about Dudhsagar the waterfall, which is surrounded by very dense jungle. On its top, sometimes passing trains. This place is considered one of the most beautiful that exist in Goa.

CHem zanimatsya na Goa

To get to the waterfall you need to cross several small rivers. Definitely need to take tomatoes with onionsto feed the monkeys at the entrance. If this is not done, they can be very angry.

By the way, bananas to feed them is useless, the monkeys are not even looking at them.

If you have a very important financial question, then fly to Goa need it in September.

At this time, the prices of services is still low. You can visit the many attractions and local events.