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Weather and temperature in Cyprus in April-may

Pogoda na kipre v aprele

Spring in Cyprus is something special. In the last decade of February of the valley begin rapidly covered with green vegetation, the first flowers appear, from the mountains flowing spring creeks. The weather in Cyprus in April is perfect for exploring the local attractions that can be viewed without the exhausting heat and the crowds. Despite the small number of tourists, you can always relax in the clubs and discos are open throughout the year.

The temperature conditions in spring Cyprus

Often the most impatient tourists come on holiday in early March. Of course, beach holiday and swimming in the sea can not be a conversation.

In the beginning of the month the daytime temperature does not exceed 15 to 18 degrees, and these warm days begin in early April. In March it will be raining and even snowfall, and the water temperature is suitable for bathing only the most seasoned of tourists. But in the first month of spring, you can still relax in the ski resort of Troodos.

temperatura na kipre v aprele

Therefore it is better to come on holiday in April. The weather in Cyprus in April, already provides a comfortable environment for lovers of beach sun. Average temperature in Cyprus in April is about +21-23 degrees, and the depth of the island of +24.

Many tourists who have visited here say that every day warmer than the previous one and the temperature sometimes go up to thirty degrees in the afternoon. Though experienced tourists are advised to stay in hotels where there are swimming pools with an extra heated because, despite the high temperature performance of the sea has not time to warm up.

Apart from relaxing by the heated pools, the weather in Cyprus in April promotes:

  • skating on yachts,
  • leased vehicles
  • bicycles, etc.

In the presence of a driver's license to get around the cities and exploring best car rental services. Basically requires three years of driving experience and age not less than 25 and not more than 70 years. But since at this time tourists come a little, and the rental company happy to provide the equipment to rent if you have a driver's license and 18 years.

In April opens most water parks of the island. The water is heated, so often come here to celebrate an early Easter or may holidays.

pogoda na kipre v aprele-mae

Sometimes in April the rains, which can spoil a pleasant vacation experience, so you need to be prepared for such weather changes.

Although daytime temperatures in April and high enough here in the evenings can be quite cool. It is recommended to take some warm clothes with long sleeves (sweater, sweater, sweater).

Precipitation in the popular resorts of the island is possible only in the first half of the month. Further, their probability decreases and in may, is usually no more than 2 rainy days. April is the best time to explore the nature of the country, as in may many plants fades and summer heat is not great for long commuting.

Things to do tourist?

The weather in Cyprus in April-may is still not suitable for a complete beach holiday. Despite the relatively comfortable temperature, even in may the sea is warming just to 21-22 degrees. To swim in this sea only the most unpretentious tourists.
But April is ideal for

  • an independent tourist excursions
  • shopping
  • explore the traditions, culture, kitchen.

pogoda na kipre v aprele-mae

The weather in Cyprus in April contributes to familiarity with natural attractions. For example, visitors to the island can visit the island the Akamas, where in the reserve you can see over 700 species of flowering plants. Forty of them found nowhere else on the planet. Hikers can enjoy the mountainous areas of the island.

Buy in Cyprus

Cyprus is well known shoppers. And come here not for shopping clothes but to purchase things related to the culture of the island. Known all over the world

  • Cypriot articles of gold and other precious metals,
  • local wines
  • lace
  • olive oil.

Many want to purchase leather goods: bags, wallets, purses, shoes. Although most shops offer discounts in the summer, it was in April on the island attracts lovers of shopping, as the warm spring weather promotes shopping. In every big city there are many stores offering products for every taste and budget.

The kitchen island

The kitchen of Cyprus is a striking intertwining of the Turkish, Greek and European cuisines. From Turkey came the tradition of cooking food on the grill, and Greek herbs. But unlike the cuisine of Turkey, Cypriot dishes less spicy and perfect for any tourist. Already in the spring of ripen fruits, which are the main components of the national cuisine. Meat on the islanduse poultry, lamb, rabbit and pork. Beef is not so common due to the small herd of cattle on Cyprus.

If it's raining or just air temperature is not suitable for walking and sunbathing, it is best to rest in the local restaurant or cafe. Here you can enjoy barbecues in a special recipe in combination with wines of different varieties.

Tourists first visited Cyprus, it is recommended to get acquainted with the cuisine of Cyprus with dishes called "meze". It includes more than 20 ingredients. In fact meze - a set of the many cold appetizers.

The cost of holidays in April

Many hotels and Inns open doors to guests in late may. So the rest of April on the island is much cheaper. Depending on the level of accommodation the cost of holidays in may, the sea is five hundred Euro per week for one person, and in summer even more (+200-500 euros for the "all inclusive"). In April it is possible to find tours for 400 and even 300 euros, but these vouchers quickly sold out.

Simply put, a holiday in Cyprus in April is recommended for all tourists who want to relax in calm conditions to explore the main resorts, to see an unusual nature. The trip to Cyprus will be an unforgettable event for young tourists and for couples with children. Any of them are available here for entertainment.