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The weather and temperatures in September in Corfu

Pogoda na Korfu v sentyabre

Travelers to Corfu literally beckons. Here, lush Mediterranean nature and cities with its Venetian architecture, and village, picturesquely brickovskiene to the foot of the forested mountains.

Fishing villages with boats on the sandy shore, tart scent of the sea, fish and spices. Picturesque olive groves, endless beaches.

And, of course, ancient Greek temples and small monasteries.

Weather conditions

Corfu island is very conveniently situated between mainland Greece and the Apennine Peninsula, providing a soft smooth climate.

In September, the heat begins to subside, although the thermometer still shows 28 degrees, but the night is only 17, and a nice walk in the evening by the sea, enjoying the coolness.

The sea starts to cool down to 22-23 degrees, but that swim is getting more comfortable. Sometimes it rains, washing the tired heat of the greens.

By the end of September for a long time the set temperature in the range of 22-23 degrees.

Pogodnye usloviya

Where to spend time?

Corfu has diverse and interesting to spend time. In September begin to blow winds, and this is the best time to surf. Here is what to see and where to go.


Corfu is known as the island curiosities, they're here literally every step of the way.

The Temple Of Poseidon. Poseidon, the mighty God of the sea, from his grace depended upon it, so he built Grand temples in which I communicated with God, and brought sacrifices to him.

This temple is incarnated in stone in the illustration of Greek myths: carved on the rocks pictures tell the story of the battles of the centaurs and Epifanov, about the events in the life of Poseidon.

Doric columns support the portico. When the evening sun slowly descends behind the horizon, the old temple, bathed in its last rays.

The ancient city of Paleopolis. The paleopolis – the ancient Greek city. Once there lived artisans, merchants, was the consular residence.

There is now archaeological Park, which attracts crowds of tourists to witness the remains of an early Christian Basilica in the 5th century it was the most grandiose Church in all of Greece.

In the Park there are still interesting ruins of the temple of Apollo and the temple Era, an ancient Roman house.

Royal Palace. The Palace is in a simple Romanesque style with columns was built in the 19th century. British high Commissioner F. Adams gave it to his wife.

The Palace is surrounded by gardens, flower-filled, with the Venice ponds, with stunning views of the harbour and fortress of Corfu.

Now the Palace are two museums: the Asian art Museum and art Gallery.

Gde provesti vremya: dostoprimechatelnosti

Fortress Paleo Frourio. On a small man-made island formed by the canal, stands the fortress Paleo Frourio, built in the 7th century by the Byzantines.

Later the Turks turned the channel in the moat, the castle itself made more and more powerful. It strengthened the British in the 16th-18th centuries, building bastions and other fortifications.

They built the fortress Church, which was markedly different from the usual on the island of Orthodox churches. Now it is often carried out the reconstruction of the war, arrange a laser show.

The monastery of the Mother of God "life-giving spring". The monastery, built in the 13th century, was not much luxury and beauty, the Golden domes and jewels salaries.

The reason was simple: the monks didn't want to attract the attention of many in those days of pirates, with impunity hunted in the Mediterranean.

The tourists are attracted mainly the beautiful scenery, the views from the high observation deck, a small Museum of rare icons, the faithful come to venerate the miraculous icon "the life-giving source", which gave its name to the monastery.

The Achilleion Palace. The Palace was built on a picturesque headland, far stretching into the sea, for of Elizabeth of Austria, who retired hither from the noisy life in Vienna after the mysterious death of his third son.

On the ground floor there is a small Museum display where you can see personal things of the famous Empress, to learn the history of her life.

Near the Palace you will find a three-tiered gardenin which a statue of the dying of Ageless school for sissy to her deceased son.

In 1907 the Palace was bought by the German Kaiser, he didn't like the dying Achilles, absolutely notconformed to the doctrine, held by William.

And on the seashore by order of the Kaiser erected the four-meter statue of Ageless winning. To honor Wilhelm, still the statue remained in its place.

The ruins of the temple of Artemis. The Greeks built this magnificent temple of stone in 600 BC, During the excavations there were found objects of worship, weapons, household utensils. Even the temple in ruins leaves a lasting impression.

The Church Of St. Spyridon. In this temple in Kerkyra are not only Orthodox, but also Catholic priests. Here contributor a reigning persons.

It is believed that Saint Spyridon has many times saved the island from plague, famine and the Turks. The belltower — the tallest structure in the city.

Gde provesti vremya: festivali


In September starts the Arts Festival in Corfu. Here are held exhibitions, concerts, Opera performances.

What to do?

Water Park "Aqualand". Is a whole world of entertainment in the center of Corfu. Come here almost for the whole day. There were tunnels for the descent, twisted into a spiral, a variety of slides, flows differing in speed, the "black hole" and a children's pool.

There are conditions for people with disabilities.

The tourism developed on the island. It has developed special routes, which allow to get acquainted with all main attractions of the island.

To rent a Bicycle, get a map and route instructions are available in the bike centre of Corfu.

Golf club. In the village of Ropa Golf courses, you can get advice on the game, find partners, relax in the restaurants and bars. Equipment for rent.

The Island Of Corfu, Greece.


Mount Pantokrator. This mountain with altitude of 900 metres, the highest on the island. From its summit you can see the whole island and to see the neighboring Albania, and if there are no clouds, and Italy.

On the way to the mountain you should look into one of the fishing villages, which have a lot of foot, sit in the tavern, to try national dishes. And then, slowly, to climb a narrow mountain path to the top, enjoying the fresh air and scenery.

Mouse island (Pontikonisi).The name of this tiny island was named for the white staircase that climbs to the top of the mountain to the monastery and is very similar to the tail of the mouse. According to legend, the island is the ship of Odysseus, turned to stone cliff raging Poseidon.

The Church at the top is very small, it is constantly low are the planes coming in to land, and they seem ever so slightly and touches the cross.

Paleokastritsa. Tell what it is from here, from this corner of Corfu, Odysseus set sail for his return to Ithaca.

Real, not the mythological history of the coast is quite dramatic: the local fishermen constantly lived in fear of pirates, so many villages literally climbed the mountain, the mountain in the thick groves disappeared, and the monastery.

Now there are many coves and marinas where you can take a boat trip, visiting the numerous tiny Islands, located in the caves, watch the marine life from a special boat with a transparent bottom.

CHem zanyatsya: ekskursii

Park Mon Repos. On site in old trees, tropical vines are covered with medieval monasteries, ancient ruins, the ruins of the churches of the Byzantine period. And in the middle is a Palace of the Dukes of Edinburgh, which houses the Museum.

The Island Of VIDOS. Quiet secluded beaches, pine forests of the island attract fans of quiet rest. On the island ruins of the first Christian Church built in 80 BC

16-18 century there was a prison. Connected to the mainland by an underground tunnel, through which here and got the criminals. Several of the prison buildings have been preserved to the present day.

Relax on the beach

The island is washed by two seas: the Ionian and the Mediterranean, and the beaches are located along the coast, taking the island in the ring. They are all different, even the color of the water. In Corfu, everyone can find a corner to your liking.

Northern beaches is shallow, sandy, ideal for families with children.

The southern beaches are wide, surrounded by picturesque countryside, you can not only swim and sunbathe, but to walk around the neighborhood.

On the Western beaches the water is much colder, but there are all conditions for diving and sea trips.

La Grotta. Small beach located in a picturesque Bay, all around covered with green rock. The descent to the sea via stone steps. There is a beach bar. A great place for surfing. Nearby Paleokastritsa.

Bataria. It is a pebble beach with gentle entry into the sea. Well-equipped, with rental needed for a holiday items.

Uncrowded and quiet, with clear water. A number of small cafes. Ideal for families with children.Located near the town of Kassiopi.

Barbati. The long shingle beach at the foot of mount Pantokrator. Here in the water high content of iodine. Picturesque scenery, cliffs, caves. The beach is fully equipped. Close to restaurants where you can eat. Rental boats and sports equipment.

Peroulades. Considered the most beautiful on the island. Come here in the evening to enjoy the sunset. A very narrow sandy strip, wide at one beach lounger, stretches for several kilometers.

Nissaki. Located in wind-protected Bay is very popular with scuba divers, because here is the clean and clear water that you can observe the marine life. In the taverns they sell excellent fish dishes.

CHem zanyatsya: otdyh na plyazhe

Sidari. This sandy beach is considered youth. There is always noisy, you can rent a boat. the boat, hang-gliding, ride on a Quad.

There are organized diving school and surfing. Near many clubs, bars, restaurants, and noisy till morning.

Mirtiotissa Beach. Nudist beach. On all sides separated from the prying eyes rocks.

It is impossible to enumerate all the sights, entertainment and beaches are waiting for tourists on this island. Here you just have to come.