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The weather and temperatures in September in Mallorca

Pogoda na Majorke v sentyabre

Often employers are hardly willing to let go of his subordinate on vacation in the summer — hot time. But there is a huge variety of resorts in the world, which are very nice to visit in the first month of autumn.

One of them is a holiday in Spain, Majorca, also called Mallorca.

The largest in the Balearic archipelago the island is in the Mediterranean sea, summers are very hot and dry.

What is the weather like in September?

September is a real season at this time , you can enjoy moderate sun, warm water and a light breeze.

The day temperature almost never rises above +29-30°C. The hottest is considered the first three weeks of the month, then you can observe the decline to +24-26°C, which is not surprising, because autumn is not far off.

You can safely sunbathe up to 6-7 hours a day, because the sun is not so much baking in the past months and enveloped in a light refreshing breeze.

Nights the thermometer thermometer does not fall below +21-23°C, it is quite a good temperature for a late walk.

Usually the weather is very stable and does not change from year to year, but just in case, better to take a few warm clothes.

The Mediterranean sea gives travelers a truly comfortable environment for exploring the beaches, the water in the first week of the month warms up to +26-27°C, at the end of September the water temperature drops a little lower to +24-26°C.

In such water you can safely swim before the chill.

From the foregoing, it follows that the September weather and temperatures in Majorca are very comfortable for a beach holiday and to visit various sightseeing and attractions.

Kakaya pogoda v sentyabre?

What to do?

Beach vacation

If you come to Mallorca to soak up the sun, You made the right decision! On the island many beaches for every taste, if You like privacy and want to relax from the hustle and bustle, then head for the picturesque Bay.

If the opposite is true and You want to make new friends, sunbathe on the sun loungers, close to many bars and cafes, then You are stretched along the coast specially equipped beaches.

Also, the island has four water Park, will describe two larger and more interesting:

  1. "Aqualand El Arenal" — a water Park known throughout Europe. In the Park an incredible variety of different slides that will appeal to even the most prejudiced visitors.

    It is noteworthy that there are a number of slopes for the youngest guests of the Park. Keep track of your children, you can while resting on the loungers in the shade.

    On the territory there are cafes and restaurants where you can choose dishes to suit every taste. In the evening there comes a different atmosphere for youth are fun, foam parties.
  2. "Marineland Mallorca" is a great place to visit for families with children! After all, there is not only a water Park, but the Dolphinarium and the zoo.

    You can visit the amazing show of dolphins, sea lions and exotic birds. Who could remain indifferent?!

    And of course, a water Park without water rides?! The choice here is not so great as in "Aqualand El Arenal", but it kompensiruet interesting ideas.

CHem zanyatsya: plyazhnyj otdyh

Holidays and festivals

The whole of September in Mallorca, You will definitely have something to look at! Various events, celebrations and festivalsthat help you get the best impressions about the rest, are almost daily.

From 29 August to 10 September in the town of Calvia is a Grand festival for residents and tourists. It is held in honor of the arrival of the Christian ships on the coast of Santa Ponsa.

Is costume drama, which staged the landing and the battle of Christians with the Moors. Also, very popular with tourists these days are medieval markets.

Perhaps one of the most important holidays in Majorca is the island of the Day (September 12), Note it is not only in the capital but many other cities.

The celebration has been delayed for a few days, arrange colorful parades, various shows and performances, contests and entertainment.

In Santa Ponsa, where king James I defeated the Moors, organized processions of puppets, theatrical performances, completesthe fireworks celebration.

The second Sunday of September You will be interested to visit Vilafranca de Banani, there is a very unusual celebration of the end of the harvest of melons!

A competition for the largest melon. I wonder what size they are, isn't it?

In the last week of the month is celebrated the ancient feast of vintners, in the city of Bensalem. This event is delaying by as much as 9 days.

Master classes on wine tasting, competitions for the best wine and much more. But a more significant event occurs on the last Sunday of the month, when there is the largest tasting in the Cathedral of Bensalem.

Prazdniki i festivali

Where to spend time?

Entertainment and excursions

For lovers of excursions to visit too, there is something to do, because in Spain there is something to see, and the island of Mallorca is no exception.

Start your journey around the island, perhaps, is the capital of Palma De Mallorca. In the historic centre you can spend hours wandering through the narrow European streets, looking at old buildings.

One of the most famous attractions is the castle of Bellver, which in the eighteenth century was used as a prison and nowadays is the city historical Museum.

The castle stands on a hill 112 meters above the city and from there opens a wonderful view of the capital. It is noteworthy that it is the only building in the Gothic style, having a rounded shape.

No less exciting will be for You and visit the Cathedral of Santa Mariawhich was built over 360 years. No wonder this building is a symbol of the island, because its length is more than 120 meters.

Anyone can attend the Liturgy or listen to the organ, which sounds in the Cathedral every evening.

Near the Cathedral is the Almudaina Palace, it is the Spanish king holds official receptions.

During the reign of the Moors used it as a fortress, but only in 1281 began to rebuild the building into a Royal residence.

Gde provesti vremya: razvlecheniya i ekskursii

There is a Honorary courtyard, which houses the chapel of St. Anne and the national Museum.

In the North-East of the island, on the mountain height of 130 meters above sea level, is situated the castle of Capdepera. This place overlooks the Bay and the channel between Mallorca and Menorca.

Of the many buildings to have survived only house Museum of the Governor and the house Ladies.

The road to the castle by car is closed, so you have far enough to walk, take care that your shoes were comfortable.

Also the popular places among tourists are the small village of Banyalbufar and Deya.

If You want to go to the places where once walked and lived the great composer Frederic Chopin and famous writer George sand, you should definitely visit the amazing beauty of the town of Valldemossa.

The island is very common to rent, You can choose any mode of transport for getting around town: bike, car, and for walks on the open sea, you can take the boat out.

A wonderful and memorable beaches, extraordinary architecture, romantic restaurants in old neighborhoods, gorgeous views of the sea — all this can be enjoyed again and again in a picturesque location Palma de Mallorca!

Majorca / Mallorca. The Northern part of Mallorca. Alcudia, Valldemossa, a picturesque nooks and... mountains.