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Weather and water temperature Abkhazia in August: Gagra, Pitsunda

Pogoda v Abhazii v avguste

Weather in Gagra in August has always attracted lovers of the warm sea and hot sun. Since the Soviet period to get a ticket in the end - was that lucky.

Gagra is a city located on the coast of the Black sea in a subtropical climate zone in Abkhazia.

The temperature in Gagra in the spring months is higher compared to other resorts of the Black sea. Microclimate and weather conditions are conducive to tourism activities all year round.

Further heat provide mountains - Gagra mountain range. They block the access of cold air flows and at the same time create local winds. Mountain air enriched with ozone, pure, exudes a pine scent.

The temperature in Abkhazia in August, different in all areas - this feature of the climate.

The average temperature of 27 °C (sometimes up to +35°C), nights drop to +20°C. There are three conditional temperature zones.

Most cool, of course, in the mountains. The nights are even cold. This is natural, because the tops of the mountains of Abkhazia is the glaciers.

Most comfortable on the coast - always balances the heat with a cool sea wind, and even temperature of +35°C to carry easily. You can not say about the deeper territories of Abkhazia. Away from the coast, this temperature is transferred hard, so hot August in Abkhazia should be carried out in beach resorts.

Weather in Pitsunda in August a little cooler. The day temperature does not exceed +26°C. This resort is rich in vegetation, which contributes to the cooling air. The night the air temperature drops to +19°C.

The swimming season in Gagra begins in the spring. Water temperature in April is +15°C and warming to +20°C in may. Peak, the sea temperature in Gagra reaches in August. The water at this time "hot" +28-30°C. In 2009, recorded a record temperature of 35°C.

 Kakaya pogoda i temperatura vody v avguste v Gagrah I Picunde

Attractions and holidays

Permanent vacationers in Abkhazia know what the best vacation in Gagra in August is the beach passive recreation. Sun and sea baths, on the beach, escaping the hot climate of Abkhazia.

Long trips it is better not to plan. They are heavy and exhausting, especially if it's a family vacation with young children. Moreover, the water temperature Abkhazia in August reaches the temperature level favorable for swimming even for small children.

But if the spirit of adventure and the traveler does not leave, is to plunge into the sights of Abkhazia. For this you need to go to the old part of town.

Here is located the legendary Gagra fortress wall - Abaata. Tourists are walking around the fortress - now it is a historical and cultural complex. No less interesting and picturesque Lekarskie gorge.

Central Park of Gagra seaside Park, located along the coast. Among the thousands of species of plants and trees, you can admire the sculptures and ponds.

Not leaving the Park, you should get to the famous castle of the Prince of Oldenburg - cable car.

There is no tourist who would not visit the famous restaurant "gagripsh", it is located opposite the Park. The restaurant building is built without a single nail. It was visited by the great artists of the Soviet Union, dined with Russian writers: Maxim Gorky, A. Chekhov, I. Bunin. Performed by F. Chaliapin, the great musician of the Soviet era.

Children and adults will enjoy a visit to monkey nursery, which has more than 300 species of monkeys from around the globe.

Fans admire the scenery from above at the observation deck - the way to the mountain Mamzyshhalocated at an altitude of 2000 m. the Only water Park of Abkhazia is located in Gagra.

You can make a trip to the mountains. However, this option is only suitable for tourists without young children.

Going to the mountain route, it is necessary to take warm clothes. The higher up the mountain, the more wind and colder air. But still, fans of mountain recreation rides in Gagra much less than tourists, seeking the embrace of the Abkhazian hot sun.

If you stay in Abkhazia will take over on August 26, you are lucky to get in on the holiday festivities in recognition of independence Day of Abkhazia.

At the celebration attracts famous Russian artists and musical groups.

See a video on how to relax and what is the weather in Abkhazia in August:

The cost of tours and accommodation

The resort infrastructure of Abkhazia is now growing rapidly. Equipment of boarding houses and hotels at a sufficiently high level appreciation of vacationers coming to rest eachyear.

Resorts and hotels resorts of Abkhazia, including in Gagra, have everything necessary for a complete and comfortable rest.

Prices here are quite reasonable, from 1300 to 4300 rubles per person per day. Prices with the lowest cost of meals not included, more expensive - provide 2 or 3 meals a day.

If you compare with prices of other months of the summer season, June and July , in August the cost of living in boarding houses, hotels and Inns are slightly higher but almost the same as in September.

This is the peak beach season, this month, overcrowded resorts of the tourists, aided by the weather in Abkhazia in August.

Prices for tours are also available, the average price of tours for two from 18,500 rubles a Holiday in Gagra, in a boarding house for 7 days costs about 30,000 rubles for two.

Rest in Abkhazia is much cheaper than the resorts of Sochi, therefore, they are preferred by many Russians.

For every "purse", even the budget, you will find a tourist offer for a great stay in Abkhazia! Passport and registration of visa for Russians is not required.

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