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The weather and temperatures in September in Abkhazia

Pogoda v Abhazii v sentyabre

Abkhazia (Apsny, or "country of the soul" as it is called Abkhazians themselves) is a small country, warmly nestled on the coast of the Black sea.

Tourists enjoy here from late may to late October, peak season is July-August. But in the early autumn of Abkhazia as good as in the summer months.

Before the beginning of the school year the flow of tourists decreases significantly. This means that you can rest comfortably is – fewer people on the beaches, in hotels, on the streets, and the weather continues to delight and surprise.

September weather

In September on the black sea coast of Abkhazia starts the velvet season.

Air temperatures average 31 degrees, water temperature – 25 degrees, more information on resort towns and villages of the following:

The name of the settlementThe air temperatureWater temperature
Cold River+27+25,0
New Athos+33+25,3

A day in September in Abkhazia are quite hot. The night the air temperature drops to +18 - +20 degrees.

In this kind of weather to sleep comfortably without a fan or air conditioner with the window open. And, you can take a romantic stroll along the sea or the city.

Where to spend time in September in Abkhazia?

Abkhazia is a small country with a rich history, it is a lot of interesting places that appeal to tourists.

The main attractions of the country:

  • The new Athos Monastery of the Holy Apostle Simon the zealot, and the new Athos cave;
  • lake Ritsa;
  • fortress Abaata;
  • Hague falls;
  • waterfall Girlish tears Men's tears;
  • Abkhazian state art gallery in the city of Sukhum;
  • The Annunciation Cathedral.

Will have a brief overview of the main attractions.

The city of Gagra itself can be called a landmark. It is divided into the Old and New Gagra Gagra.

In the Old Gagra must is a visit to century-old restaurant "gagripsh", built, according to local residents, without a single nail.

The oldest architectural monument in Gagra - Marlinsky Tower, not extant in its original form. Its name it owes to the Decembrist Bestuzhev-Marlinskogo, who served in the garrison of the fortress Abaata.

Abaata fortress dates from the period II to XI century. Was built as a building defense against the enemy.

Gde provesti vremya v sentyabre v Abhazii

Other attractions in the city of Gagra - the Prince's Castle Oldenburgskogo, mountain Mamzyshha, which offers a panoramic view of the city, the temple of Gagra, the Gega waterfall – will be interesting to vacationers and many will tell them about more than a thousand years the main resort town of Abkhazia.

Majestic new Athos monastery consists of six temples, the Central of which holds up to 3,000 people. Founded in 1874, the construction lasted 14 years.

New Athos is one of the religious centers of Caucasus, the monastery belongs to Russian Orthodox Church.

New Athos cave is open caver Givi Smyr in 1961. Within the depths of the Iverian mountain. To reach it we'll have to train through an underground tunnel with a length of 1360 meters.

The cave impresses with its created nature splendor, beauty and mystery. Since the cave was carefully studied, at this moment she is prepared for tourist visits.

The Annunciation Cathedral, built in the period from 1909 to 1917. Old name – the Greek Church of St. Nicholas.

Is the oldest monument, is located in a rather dilapidated state, but it is valuable for the Abkhazians and tourists. On weekends and Orthodox holidays are performed in the temples of worship.

What to do in Abkhazia?

The most interesting pastime in Abkhazia during the tourist season tour.

Any tourist town or village, you can take a trip in the mountains, in the historically interesting and picturesque places of the country, at the local apiary, or winery.

Tours are conducted by experienced guideswho will talk in detail about each property and answer your questions.

There is nothing moreentertaining than a tour of the mountains of Abkhazia. Majestic mountains, fast mountain river with cold and clear water, Blue lake.

The yupsharsky canyon, located at an altitude of 40 meters above sea level, Stone bag, from which, as it seems, no way out, because the two rocks almost meet, between them can be seen only a narrow strip of sky. All this captivates the imagination of any guest.

Two Abkhaz falls – Girl's and Men's tears are on the way to the famous Ritsa lake; a must-do activity when traveling to the lake.

There is a belief that if you wash from the waterfall to tie a ribbon and make a wish it will come true. Women look Girlish tears, and men Men.

Admire its splendor of the lake Ritsa, which is called the pearl of mountainous Abkhazia. It is located in the basin of the river Bzyb at the height of 950m above sea level.

CHem zanyatsya v Abhazii?

The pond is surrounded by three mountains: Plegia, Agepsta and Azteca. According to legend, the three brother, guarding the peace of his sister, the beautiful ritzy: she drowned in the lake, fleeing from the robbers.

The color of the water in the pond changes depending on the time of year. But it is always clean and clear, the bottom visible to a depth of 10 meters.

In Gagra you can visit only in Abkhazia the Park. It is located near the waterfront in the Central part of the city. The water Park has six slides with different angle and different heights, including vertical escapement.

Separate area for children with water attractions will keep you busy your kids.

Pitzunda-Mussorsky reserve, which is composed of Pitsunda grove, Lijeska upland oak forest on Cavalucci hills and Mussorsky forest.

Its vegetation is extremely diverse: in the reserve you can see Georgian oak, boxwood, chestnut, Caucasus Linden. But he is famous for its relict pine trees, many of which about 2 million years.

The air in the place where there are these amazing pine trees, is filled with useful and ozone, according to the Abkhaz guides, disinfected so that it is possible to do surgery under the open sky.

The most favorite and awaited time to visit the black sea coast. In Abkhazia, there are both wild and equipped beaches.

The latter is quite crowded in the summer months, in September the flow of tourists decreases.

But if you don't want the presence of people and have a desire to relax from the hustle and bustle, you can choose any undeveloped beach in the sparsely populated village, not related to the resort (for example, Scallops or Bugreps).

Kuda pojti, chto posetit?

Just need to be careful before without residue, located in the still warm gentle Black sea, the surface of the seabed better be carefully examined.

Where to go, what to visit?

Be sure to visit the market. Here you will find local wine, honey from local apiaries (bottled in containers or in the comb), bee products, seasonal vegetables and fruit (ripe persimmon "Wren", tangerines, kiwi, pineapple guava), nuts, Caucasian abundance of spices that are sold separately or in sets for different dishes.

In Abkhazia there are many cafesoffering tourists local or Russian cuisine. One of the signature dishes – fish the trout, which is cooked on the grill or grill. And, of course, the barbecue, without which no cost, no Caucasian cafe or restaurant.

Here you can enjoy local wine, grape chacha, barberry almond or cognac (same chacha that insist on almonds or barberry).

Going in September on a cool evening in the Abkhazian cafe, you will be pleasantly surprised by the good service and delicious cooked dishes.

In this video you are presented with Abkhazia in September:

If you want not only to relax but also to recharge your historical baggage of new interesting information, come to Abkhazia.

This small, hospitable country with more than thousand years of history, rich in scenic spots, ancient monuments and attractions that are remembered for a long time and forced to return again.