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Adler in September: weather and temperature

Pogoda v Adlere v sentyabre

Because of algae, of which there are many in water, in Adler is the smell of the sea. In September the sea breeze refreshes the lovers walk along the promenade to the sound of waves.

The beaches are clean and warm, the water is cool, the influx of tourists falls. Still welcome small cafe.

Parks tart, autumn fragrant tropical flowers. And in the sky still fly hang gliders.

What is the weather like in September?

September is the best time of the year anywhere on the Black sea, and Adler is no exception.

Slept the heat, are refreshing rains, but the daytime temperature never drops below 23 degrees. There are very warm days when the thermometer shows 26-27.

In the evenings it becomes fresh, and closer to night and is cool, the night air cools down in the beginning of the month up to 19 degrees, and by the end, and up to 15 degrees.

But the sea had already thoroughly warmed for the hot summer days, and the water temperature is not below 22, even closer to October it is still warm, about 20 degrees.

However, complete calm at this time of year, the rare, the wind drives the waves, but not very strong, and a pleasure to swim.

Pogoda v sentyabre

Where to spend time?

In Adler at any time of the year it is possible to relax. In September all the attractions and entertainment haven for tourists.

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The Temple Not Made By Hands Image Of Christ The Savior. The new temple is built in the traditions of Church architecture of Ancient Russia. According to the archaeological materials at this location in ancient times was also an Orthodox Church.

St. Sarkis Cathedral. It was built in neoromance style, painted in beautiful yellow color. Belongs to the Armenian Apostolic Church.

Olympic Park. Here you can see the Olympic flame, the light and music fountain. Walk through the town with the Olympic objects, remembering the days of the Sochi Olympics.

Cave "the dragon's Mouth" (a Deep ravine). Cable car across the mountain river you can climb to the waterfall and the cave entrance, which resembles a gaping mouth of a dragon.

Dendrological Park "Southern culture". Unique garden, where he managed to collect almost all the plants of the subtropical zone of the planet.

Striking collection of rhododendrons and clematis still in bloom in September.

Since the layout of the Park in the style of a traditional landscape, there are many ponds, colorful flower and green fields.

Ahshtyrskaya cave. Fans myths claim that it was here that Odysseus fought with Cyclops. And scientists have found that in the cave the Neanderthals lived there and left animal bones and tools made of silicon.

Gde provesti vremya: dostoprimechatelnosti

An ostrich farm. Here you can see not only ostriches, but also parrots, pheasants and other exotic birds. You should taste the dishes from ostrich eggs, which offer tourists.

Apery. Here are 11 species of monkeys, there are rare instances. In cages in the nursery live 2700 monkeys, macaques, gorillas and numerous other monkeys.

Adler pump room. Here you can drink mineral water and to rest for a few minutes under the murmur of water among the greenery.

Lighthouse. Low Adler lighthouse, the oldest in Russia, it was built in 1898.

What to do?

In Adler lot of places where you should go:

  • the outdoor water Park "amfibius" , in Adler 16 attractions, among them pyatnadcatiletnie slides and many other attractions for adults and children;
  • the Dolphinarium "Aquatoria" for 50 minutes of the performance, the audience pleased with the performance of several types of marine mammals: Beluga whales, seals, dolphins;
  • adventure Park "Sochi-Park" and offers rides, a variety of skiing, playgrounds, restaurants; all the design done in the style of Russian folk tales;
  • trout farm invites guests to spend a few days in guest house or overnight in the tent, it was time to enjoy trout fishing, caught fish perfectly prepared and served directly to the site of a picnic;
  • the largest in Russia aquarium not only help to get acquainted with different species of fish, including the ancients, but also to see a variety of show programs: "Feeding sharks", "Shark tale", an independentfeeding carp.

CHem zanyatsya v Adlere v sentyabre?


The canyon of the psakho river. Waterfalls and gorges of the canyon are impressive the most experienced person. To spend the day, have a picnic on the river is unforgettable. Here are organized excursions by jeep.

Zychlinski gorge. Travel to the gorge passes through scenic road where you can see many waterfalls on the sides of rare plants grow. In the gorge you can swim in the cold water of a mountain stream.

Excursions on the yacht with feeding dolphins in the open sea.

Rest in Adler

Relax on the beach

The city beaches. These beaches are the most safe, there are lifeguards on duty. On well-developed service system: you can buy water, there is a cafe, you can rent a sun lounger, sunshade, rent a boat, jet ski, rides on the boat.

Sand and pebble beaches, very clean. But they are crowded, noisy, while for children the most comfortable.

The beaches of the Resort town. Pebble beaches with small Islands of sand.

You can rent any equipment, buy water and food, and there are fewer people than at the beach. Some areas are owned by the resorts, but the price of admission, which is taken at the entrance of strangers, is purely symbolic.

Beach "Ogonek". Narrow clean pebble beach. The water here is colder due to the fact that in this district enter the sea, numerous mountain rivers. On the beach there is a pier with boats and catamarans.

The Beach "The Seagull". A large pebble beach, where everyone can find the room. Here are offered many water activities and walks. There is a cafe and rental, lots of rides and entertainment for children and teenagers.

CHem zanyatsya: otdyh na plyazhe

Beach nizhneimeretinskoy Bay. Wild pebble beach, where there are big waves due to the lack of breakwaters. Here rest those who love peace and nature. Include no no.

Nudist beach Mzymta. A quiet pebble beach with no special facilities for lovers of complete unity with nature.

Adler is a good option for those who want to go there in September.

A wide variety of tourist activities attract families with pre–school children and youth that is committed to active recreation.