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The weather and temperatures in September in Alushta

Pogoda v sentyabre v Alushte

Alushta - a small, but very warm and welcoming city, located on the Sunny coast of the Crimea. For beach lovers this beautiful resort created all the conditions.

Quite often tourists, the question arises: what is the best time of year to visit Alushta? This question has no definite answer.

Of course, many travelers prefer to visit these places in July or August, to fully enjoy all the pleasures of beach life.

However, experienced travelers know that the ideal time of visiting this resort is the beginning of autumn.

What is the weather like in September?

With the end of summer, the main flow of tourists falls, being here is much nicer - no hustle and fuss.

But the weather in Sunny September days are here is just wonderful: exhausting heat gives way to cool light and breezy but still quite warm, sea air.

Not surprisingly, the September in the Crimea is considered a Golden season.

Practically the whole of September in Alushta is warm and clear weather. The number of Sunny days in this period approaching the maximum.

Usually the air these days warms up to 23-25 degrees, and sometimes can rise up to thirty-degree mark. The water in September is still great for swimming.

It promises the weather? According to meteorologists, the average water temperature for September in this area is 22 degrees.

Despite such pleasant climatic conditions, be prepared for the fact that your relaxing vacation may disrupt a sudden downpour.

Rains in Alushta in September, though rarely, but still happens. However, it should be noted that precipitation is not the case very long.

Rain can suddenly arise and then suddenly disappear, replaced by sunshine and clear skies.

Kakaya pogoda v sentyabre?

Where to spend time?

Rest in Alushta in September you can enjoy the hotel's various activities and interesting places. First of all, we recommend you to pay attention to the following options.

Attractions and historical sites

Alushta - is not just a resort town, but also a place with a very interesting history and architecture.

If you don't plan on spending your whole vacation on the beach, we recommend that you customize the vacation with a visit to the many attractions of Alushta.

Be sure to inspect the fortress of Aluston, waterfall Jur-Jur waterfall, miniature Park, the Valley of Ghosts and other interesting objects.


Cultural life in Alushta is rich and diverse. Coming here, travelers can visit one of the permanent or temporary exhibitions.

Especially popular among tourists and local people enjoyed an exhibition of meteorites and minerals, which contains a huge collection of unique stones.

Nature lovers will certainly be interested in an impressive display of butterflies.

Most fashionable girls will like the exhibition of dresses from different eras.

It is noteworthy that here it is possible to consider not only the elegant costumes of different historical periods, but also to try on these stunning dresses.

If you find yourself in Alushta, be sure to check out the local Aquarium. This is truly a unique place that deserves a mandatory visit. On-site Aquarium created hundreds of beautiful fish and rare marine animals.

It is particularly good to visit with childrenand adults underwater world are also sure to entice. By the way, Alushta aquarium is the largest in the Crimea. It really is impressive in its scope.

Here are collected representatives of almost all oceans. In memory of visiting this place you can buy a few shells or other cute little thingsthat are sold in the local gift shop.

Gde provesti vremya: vystavki

Holidays and festivals

With the end of summer life in Alushta does not stop, but on the contrary, begins to boil even harder. Early autumn here is weightthemed celebrations and festivals.

For example, every year it attracts from all over the world for jazz musicians and fans of good music to participate in the famous jazz festival.

These days the entire city is filled with the sound of music, and many outdoor venues concerts are held half open.

In September there is also a festival for gifted children, which gathers talented teenagers from across the country.

Frequent in Alushta also dance and music competitions, festivals of new wine, gastronomy fairs and other atmospheric events.

If you arrive in Alushta in September, you should be able to visit one of them.

Things to do in Alushta?

There are lots of options and nice to spend time in Alushta.

Relax on the beach

This is the standard option for most arriving in the resort town travelers. Infrastructure beach in Alushta developed at the highest level, so you are surely going to feel as comfortable as possible.

The warm gentle sea, beautiful nature and excellent service - what you need for a pleasant stay. But weather conditions in September are normal.

In addition to numerous cultural events and educational tours in Alushta is also possible to have a great time doing active sports.

For example, for families with children perfect a visit to a modern water Park. Children older than 12 years is also worth visiting the adventure Park - this place will give you unbelievable energy boost and great emotions.

On the beaches of Alushta also master classes, surfinglessons, water skiing, beach volleyball tournaments, etc. there are excellent conditions for those who have an active lifestyle.

CHem zanyatsya v Alushte: otdyh na plyazhe


This kind of leisure will certainly suit those who travel are important, not only comfortable accommodation and a beach, but also a cognitive component.

Today many travel companies in Alushta offer this city different in purpose and duration of the tour.

For a small fee you can in a group or individually to visit different remarkable places of this unique city.

Don't forget to devote at least a small part of their trip shopping. Without Alushta in no event it is impossible to leave without shopping.

Be sure to visit local markets, shops, and souvenir shops. From Alushta traditionally bring the famous Crimean wine, sweet honey, various essential oils, which create local perfume industries, as well as lavender in any form.

All these nice atmospheric favors will warm your heart and remind you of Sunny Alushta even in the harshest of winters.

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