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The weather and temperatures in September in Anapa

Pogoda v Anape v sentyabre

Gentle sun, warm sea, light tan...

Holidays in September in Anapa has many advantages: the absence of sweltering heat, a small number of tourists in recreation areas, low cost vouchers.

As well as a large selection of fresh fruit and vegetables.

What is the weather like in September?

Weather is unpredictable at any point of the globe, and Krasnodar Krai is no exception. So you can focus on the long-term average performance, but an unpleasant surprise is always possible.

The first week of September is usually warm (air temperature 26-30 degrees during the day), pleased with their temperature and water 22-24°C.

Often, however, the heavy rains, the sea is stormy. So stay to 5-8 Sep is a lottery.

According to statistics, forecasts, the most favorable time for rest in Anapa are considered the second and third week of September is velvet season.

At this time the day temperature is around 25-27, night 18-20 C, and water 22 degrees.

The perfect time for a beach holiday in September – after lunch. However, in the evening useful and warm clothing.

After 20 days of September the night temperature rarely rises above 15 degrees, so the sea cools down even more – up to 18-20 degrees.

The evenings often there is a strong wind. But the day weather is quite comfortable – about 20-23 degrees.

Kakaya pogoda v sentyabre?

Where to spend time?

Attractions Anapa

A popular place for tourists vacationing at the sea – promenade. In Anapa its length over 1.5 kilometers, begins at the marine terminal and goes to the beach.

On Central promenade is the square of Fame, "Park 30th anniversary of Victory". Located near the lighthouse and the stadium of water sports.

"The Park 30-letiya Pobedy" - is a classic place filled with noisy crowds of fans theme.

Tourists can experience the "roller coaster" and "panic room", and rides on traditional carousels, eat ice cream and cotton candy, to see the city from the Ferris wheel.

For the kids there are trampolines and rope town.

There is also a cinema and concert hall all in one - "Victory". On site constantly operate the butterfly Museum and mini-zoo, the exhibition of moving dinosaurs.

In the Park there is a tunnel aquarium "Bathyscaphe". It is a 35-metre glass corridor, which supposedly is under water.

Above you swim sharks and other unusual fish, and around – the beautiful coral landscapes.

On the second floor of the aquarium is the terrarium with the inhabitants of Africa: lizards, turtles, snakes (even Anaconda). In addition, you can see butterflies, fantastic colors, a variety of monkeys, birds and other animals.

Visitors to the aquarium can also go to the show with ostriches.

Gde provesti vremya: dostoprimechatelnosti Anapy

The doors of the water Park "Golden beach" is open for tourists till the end of September. It is located on the coast, near the Central beach.

The Park offers diverse attractions: the "storm surge", "Yellow river", "Aladdin's Lamp", "Kamikaze extreme", "Family rafting".

The most extreme roller coaster "Black hole" and "Kamikaze", and children are invited to visit the "treasure Island" and "Sailor".

At the Lighthouse, which you can reach the Promenade along the alley of love, you can climb to the observation area. With a black Cape with a spectacular view.

The light from the lighthouse, built more than 60 years ago, extends to 30 kilometers. By the way, the inside has a special permit system for tourists trespassing.

Archaeological open air Museum is spread over an area of 35 hectares. This reserve tells the long history of the city of Gorgippia.

Here you can see a memorial plaque to local resident Mother Mary and the tomb of Hercules. And the entrance is the "Russian gate", the rest of the Turkish fortress.

"Russian gates" reminded of the timewhen this area was ruled by Turkey. Then there was the fortress, consisting of 7 bastions, four-kilometer-long wall and a deep and wide moat.

Russian troops managed to take the fortress only after the sixth attempt, since herthere are only gates.

Another theater of Anapa, located in the center, before was called "October", and now "World cinema". The last reconstruction took place in 2010, today it is a modern two-hall cinema with the ability to view 3D.

One of the major Christian sitesthe Church of St. Onuphrius. It belongs to the oldest Orthodox monuments in the Kuban. It traces its history to the 19th century.

There are unusual monuments: sculptures of "Resting" and "White hat" (find in the alleys of the Park 30-letiya Pobedy), the Flower clock.

Anapa - Russian Emirates

Holidays and festivals

September is a great time for outdoor activities. Warm weather promotes long walks around the city, so in the first month of autumn in Anapa passes a lot of interesting events.

The "Kinoshock"festival, which involved painting, produced in the CIS countries.

At this time, the city takes on a special creative atmosphere with regular film screenings of amazing movies, meetings with famous Russian and foreign Directors and actors, beloved by many , the event "Cinema on the square".

The movies are absolutely free and you can see the street on the big screen.

Folklore festival "Peace to Caucasus" is a bright whirlwind of performances of the original bands from the Caucasian republics and neighboring regions. Dances, songs and other creative performances will be of interest to lovers of folk art.

Gde provesti vremya: prazdniki i festivali

A day in the city of Anapa, unlike other municipalities of the country, takes place in the fall.

First, in September the mild weather allows you to walk all day long, and, secondly, tourists becomes smaller, so local residents have more free time and they are happy going on holiday.

On this day you can become a member of the culinary and sports festivals to see performances by stars of Russian and world level.

What to do?


Kuban village of Big Utrish , located near Anapa. Here you can enjoy "pearl" waterfall to visit in the homonymous natural reserve, visit a Nude beach "the 1st Laguna" (near the center), and century-old lighthouse.

Also there is Utrish Dolphinarium, which enjoys even greater success than "Nemo" in Anapa.

Utrish is located in trail, named in honor of Mikhail Lermontov. According to legend this was the place that inspired him to creativity.

The Sukko lies in the valley juniper forests in Grand Utrish. It is in the sukkah for many years removed the releases of the legendary magazine "jumble".

In the sukkah common horse riding. Horseback riding in the valley last from one hour to a whole day. Also worth a visit to the local blue lake to see the unique cypress grove.

The village of Maliy Utrish from the Great can be reached via the beach, however, only if you are ready for the eight-kilometer walk.

The reward will be the stunning area of wilderness: the clear blue sea in which the fish swim, crab and mussels. Here is a club that will provide the necessary equipment for snorkeling or underwater photography.

In September in Anapa opens the season of spearfishing and sea fishing. Take a tour in one of the city's tourist centers or your guide. Also on offer are classic boat trips with picnics.

Fans of extreme relaxation can enjoy Quad Biking.

Dolphinarium "Nemo" is not only a colorful show with participation of marine animals. The complex also has a aquarium and alive exposition "Pinguinii". There is also 8 small animals.

Zoo Balu is an opportunity to see the brightest representatives of the fauna, such as lions and white tigers.

Beach vacation

The most popular is the Central city beach. It has an excellent infrastructure, and a shallow sea attracts families with young children.

Its only downside is the crowdedin September becomes relevant.

Fans of more secluded places you can go to the beaches in Large or Small Utrish.

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