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What is the weather in Cyprus in August: the Paphos and Larnaca?

Pogoda v avguste na Kipre

The Island Of Aphrodite! About staying in this amazing place a dream of hundreds of millions of people on different continents.

Today to get to the beautiful Cyprus is easyenough to buy a ticket and go on an exciting journey to the green headlands and the blue shores.

What is the weather in August in Cyprus and whether to choose this month to travel? The answer to these questions will help to organize vacation to get maximum enjoyment from the long-awaited vacation.

How comfortable are in Cyprus at this time?

The peak tourist season in one of the largest Islands in the Mediterranean falls on the last month of summer, it was at this time in Cyprus comes in the largest number of tourists.

August is considered the hottest month of the year for the island of Aphrodite. At this time, the temperature reaches 35-40 Withwater off the coast of Cyprus thoroughly heated and reaches the target of 29-30 C.

Thanks to the constant breeze tolerated such a climate on the island is much easier than on the mainland (Turkey, Greece), but people who are not used to high temperatures, will still feel the discomfort.

Tourists and travelers need to be prepared for the fact that in the period from 11 to 16 hours will have to "hide" from the relentless sun under the shadow of trees or in the hotel room.

Time for beach walks and exploring the island – from early morning until noon and in the evening when it's a little cooler and it becomes much easier to breathe.

Kakaya pogoda i temperatura vody na Kipre v avguste: v Pafose i Larnake?

The temperature of the air and water

The area of Cyprus is about 10 thousand sq. m., even though the temperature in August in the regions varies, but still insignificant.

Given a summary table of the temperature regime in the popular resorts of the Greek and Turkish parts of the island.

ResortsThe airWater
Larnaca+31+25 With
Nicosia+ 36+25 With
Paphos+ 29+ 26
Limassol+ 29+ 27
Ayia NAPA+ 33+ 27
Kyrenia+ 33+ 27
Famagusta+ 32+ 29

So, as you can see from the PivotTable temperature, weather in August in Paphos and Limassol, the most comfortable, the hardest thing you will have those who choose to stay in Cyprus, Nicosia (the capital of the Greek part of the island), the city is located not on the coast, and no easy sea breeze effect.

Quite high air temperature in the resorts of North Cyprus. The one who decided to choose to stay Famagusta or Kyrenia, must remember this.

Consider the fact that in the table the temperatures indicated average performance, in General for Cyprus in August is not uncommon, when the reading on the thermometer reaches 42-45 C.

Things to do in Cyprus in August?

Cyprus is an interesting island from the point of view of historical attractions, but it is worth noting that August is not very opportune time to explore them.

When the temperature reaches 35-40 With, it's hard to focus on the beauty of the island and listen even it is a fascinating story of the guide.

But despair is still not worth it, as they say, there are always options. For example, you can go early in the morning in the Troodos mountains, where temperatures are much more comfortable. Mountain rivers, waterfalls, scenic trails, ancient monasteries, the mountains of Cyprus will give a lot of vivid impressions, so that to neglect such a trip is not worth it.

Often when tourists find out what the weather in August in Cyprus, prefer water activities:

  • use of catamarans;
  • Windsurfing;
  • diving;
  • travel on water transport through the picturesque bays of the island;
  • to get a serious dose of adrenaline in local parks (Limassol, Paphos, Protaras, Ayia NAPA).

In August, Cyprus hosts many interesting festivals and celebrations. In Paphos , organized a beautiful event dedicated to the art of Opera, which was named in honor of the goddess Aphrodite. In the evening, during three days, concerts are held outdoors in a picturesque grotto.

In Limassol there is a famous wine Festival. The nectar of the gods tasted within 10 days. The festival is accompanied by outstanding performances of artists and musicians.

By the way, the price of the wine festival are quite reasonable, so tourists are sure to bring aromatic beverages Cypriot home.

In the ancient city of Kourion, where the old amphitheatre, the Festival drama. Thousands of spectators immersed in the atmosphere of antiquity and sincerely empathize with the heroes presentation.

Not to mentiondynamic and vibrant evening and nightlife resorts of Cyprus. In the evening the island comes alive and turns into an anthill. Bars, discos, restaurants – everywhere is full of life. Vacationers finally come alive from a long-awaited coolness and noticeably aktiviziruyutsya.

The most happening city of the island of Aphrodite is Ayia NAPA, it is there most often rushes and active youth.

What are the prices?

Despite the fact that August was not the most comfortable time to travel in Cyprus, tours in this period have the highest price tag.

The law of the market, the high demand increases the cost. No matter what the weather in Larnaca, August is the last month of summer, so you need to have time to relax, this is the attitude of most tourists.

In an average week-long holiday in Cyprus in August the Russians have to pay from 25 to 33 thousand rubles.

Compare prices for tours in may and August, clearly not in favor of the last summer month – the difference is 30 to 35%. In July and September, the cost of holidays on the island of Aphrodite cheaper by 10-20%.