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Weather in August in Bulgaria on the coast of Sunny beach and Golden Sands

Pogoda v avguste v Bolgarii

August is the most popular month for travel to Bulgaria. Weather in August in Bulgaria pleases tourists all over the world and may surprise us this month.

During this period in the Black sea coast is a real autumn season, combining the warm sun and light East and South winds.

The air temperature in this period is very high, similar to July. Especially hot in August on the southern coast of the country.

For those who love warm holidays in a country such as Bulgaria, weather in Sunny beach in August would be ideal.

Temperature mode

In cities such as Burgas, Neserb and other daytime temperatures can rise to a level of 27-30 degrees.

August nights in Bulgaria fresh and cool, the average temperature is 17 degrees. Therefore it is better to take with you to leave a light jacket or windbreaker, the weather in Bulgaria in August did not bring you unpleasant surprises.

On the Northern resorts of the Black sea coast in August heat. The temperature is similar to southern part of the country, but the wind is stronger, because it is easier to transfer heat. And the sea here is more cool.

Although in fact the difference is small, only 3 degrees, for the climate she felt. The sea water temperature 24-25 degrees, which allows you to enjoy plenty of beach and water fun.

In coastal regions the weather is also quite dry. So, in Burgas vs 12 days of sunshine only 4 rainy. Varna – even more Sunny place. More rainfall occurs at the beginning of the month, but towards autumn their number decreases.

Be sure to bring sunscreen and a hat, you'll need them not only for beach holidays but also to visit all possible excursions.

In the territories, far from the sea and suggests a continental climate, heat could be felt much stronger. And the temperature is quite high (for example, in Sofia in the afternoon it can reach 28 degrees).

In the mountains are not very hot, very dry and Sunny. If you are planning to go to an evening or night tour to the mountain area, better grab a warm jacket and a better jacket, as the air is sometimes cooled to 5 degrees.

In General, for those whose dream this August are Golden Sands in Bulgaria, the weather in August is quite pleasant.

 Pogoda v avguste v Bolgarii na poberezhyah Solnechnogo berega i Zolotyh peskov

What is the price?

As August is the peak tourist season, prices for holidays in this period in Bulgaria is quite high. Peaks they reached in the beginning of the month and the middle.

By the end of August, the flow of tourists decreases, and with it falls and the cost of holidays. Together with prices for tours and hotels increase prices on all sorts of entertainment, which in this period is suggested a lot.

Accordingly, the cost of all these charms to the end of the month also falls. Of course, there is the opportunity to buy last-minute trips, which will save considerably on the trip.

It's definitely, Bulgaria?

In addition to traditional trips to the beach, Bulgaria in August offers us a lot of other entertainment, including a variety of holidays and festivals.

For example, in August the locals celebrate the Day of the Navy. In its framework in the black sea city hosts all sorts of parades of naval ships and on the quays you can listen to concerts of military brass bands.

If you love music, you will certainly find a concert or festival that matches your tastes. For example, in the beginning of the month you can visit folklore festival in Plovdiv, and then the jazz festival in Bansko.

By the end of the month in Sofia is a large-scale folk festival, and movie lovers is to visit Varna, where there will be the opening of a major international film festival.

Also in August you will appreciate the Bulgarian villages and towns. There is a lot of funny holidays, for example, the feast of watermelonthat offers a lot of interesting competitions.

Often tourists and pilgrims visit the Rila monastery, which is located in the mountains South from Sofia.

Here you can pray to icons, wonder-working relics of John of Rila, who became the founder of the once the seclusion in the country. Day of remembrance it is also celebrated in August.

Rila monasteryin this video:

Tours in Bulgaria for the month of August will allow you to experience all the power of the local mineral springs.

Here you will find a number of balneological resorts, where in a short time you can get rid of illnesses or to provide their qualitative maintenance.

In addition, worthy of attention and Wellness thermal springs. Say that five minutes in this source allow you to rejuvenate for ten years!

History buffs can enjoy the museums and thematic excursions. Hiking will appeal to the most daring, and nightlife lovers can visit many discos and shows.

Having arrived in Bulgaria in August, everyone will find something fun to do.

To summarize

General information on holidays in August:

  • the weather is conducive to a wonderful summer holiday;
  • campers will be enough;
  • be sure to try the fresh fruit and vegetables from local gardens – they are absolutely delicious and healthy;
  • mass entertainment.