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Weather and water temperature in August in Egypt (Sharm El-Sheikh, Hurghada)

Pogoda v avguste v Egipte

It is known that the weather in August in Sharm El Sheikh is the hottest for the entire year. But worry much on this question.

The average temperature of +37-38°C, and the sun even hotter, but You always have the opportunity to cool off in the pool or on the beach sea shore. In guest rooms of hotels, shops and restaurants are air-conditioned, making the air cool and escape the heat.

Night mark the thermometer falls to 27 degrees. It is also a little warm for the night, but a romantic dinner in such weather conditions, on the terrace of the hotel or cafe will be full of pleasant sensations and emotions.

Also at night, convenient and comfortable access to the nightlife and clubs in weightless, light summer dresses, shorts and shirts.

Walk until dawn will make You freeze and will give the opportunity to show off your gorgeous tan.

Weather conditions

Always weather in Sharm in August is quite warm, the sky for the entire month You will not find any clouds, precipitation will not do. The sun is bright, and the night sky covered with millions of shining stars.

A big plus for tourists in Sharm El Sheikh is a warm sea. The water warms up in August to +29-31 degrees Celsius, it is very pleasant, velvety, it is possible to swim in the sea for days and not be afraid for health of children.

And the weather in Hurghada in August slightly cooler water temperature in the sea is colder, given such a feature that in Sharm El Sheikh, little winds, because the resort is completely surrounded by mountains.

If you compare - what is the weather in Egypt in August as a whole, then the charm wins a little. The average temperature in Egypt - 40°C and below, it doesn't drop. As a rule, the weather in August in Egypt in this period of the year reaches a peak.

Kakaya pogoda i temperatura vody v avguste v SHarm el SHejhe i Hurgade?

Prices for tours and entertainment in comparison with other months

Cheaper to go in vacation to Egypt in August, because this month is the hottest weather conditions of the year. As mentioned above, the temperature in August reaches record limits. The demand for tours this month a small.

More expensive to go on holidays such as New year, holidays, may, then sharply increasing demand and thus the cost of permits.

October and November is also considered the cheapest months to travel to Egypt, of course, if not to take into account public holidays.

This is because the weather since the beginning of October in Egypt when it came to strong, gusty winds.

But don't worry, the wind is not strong enough to really spoil Your vacation. After all, there is no bad weather. The cost of entertainment also has a direct dependence on the occupancy rate of hotels the tourists in this time of year.

What to do and what to see

To do at the resort same as in all other months of the year. The holiday season lasts here all year and the demand for different kinds of entertainment is always high.

For people, spare your wallet and don't have funds for excursions, you can find entertainment without leaving the hotel. The hotels have swimming pools and some water Park, as well popular entertainment is high-quality animation. On the beach the hotel offers different types of sports equipment and water fun.

But the most exciting adventure, which You can get while staying in Sharm El Sheikh is spear fishing or diving into the sea with scuba diving.

The underwater world of the red sea is incredibly beautiful, it is rich in such species of fish and plants, which are not inherent in either the Black or Mediterranean sea.

If the thought of diving makes You fear, you can just swim, snorkel and maskto enjoy the beauty of the underwater world and all its inhabitants.

For such purposes, perfect beach El Faraanahere is a world under water especially colorful at shallow depths.

Have the opportunity to go on tour, for example, on Tiran island.

In Sharm quite fun, but the best and longest of them is excursion to the Holy places of Israel.

A tour to Jerusalem will take about two days. It is considered the most expensive of all provided tour itineraries.