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Weather and water temperature in August in the Crimea (Yalta, Evpatoria, Simferopol)

Pogoda v avguste v Krymu

August is the best time for tourists resorts of the Crimea, it's the hottest month of the year.

Weather in August in the Crimea is characterized by high daytime temperatures and low rainfall in previous months. The average temperature in August in Crimea is around: in the afternoon from +33 to +37, in the night time from +23 to +25 degrees.

August is the driest period, in some years this month runs 1-2 rain. In a certain way that affects the state of the Crimean nature this month.

Weather conditions in Yevpatoriya, Simferopol, and Yalta

Weather in Yalta in August is characterized by high temperatures, the city is especially popular among tourists who prefer the sea. Evpatoria — one of the best cities of the Crimea for sea bathing.

At the same time, Evpatoria is not very hot climate, average daily temperature is 27 to 31 degrees with a plus sign, at night the thermometer shows 20 to 24 degrees. The average water temperature is around 24-25 degrees, which is enough for comfortable swimming.

Simferopol is located in a rather arid steppe areas, distant from the sea, so the weather in Simferopol in August is pretty hot.

The average daily temperature in Simferopol is 25-29 degrees. At night the temperature is almost not reduced, remains in the range of 24-26 degrees. This phenomenon is not typical for many cities of the Crimea, is due to the remoteness of the Simferopol from the sea.

Yalta is one of the most popular resorts among the tourists visiting the Crimea. The city is located on the seafront, with all three sides surrounded by mountains. Thanks to such location, weather in Yalta in August is somewhat different from the other cities of the Crimea.

The mountains protect the city from penetration of cold winds from the rest of the Peninsula. The average daily temperature in August is around 28-33 degrees.

Rainfall Yalta ahead of all the other cities of the Crimea, is the most humid city on the Peninsula. At night the temperature in the city drops considerably, the thermometer often goes down to 23 or even 20 degrees.

Water temperature in August in the Crimea in almost all coastal cities about the same — 24-25 degrees. The highest water temperatures observed in the cities of the South coast, and in Yalta, Feodosia and Kerch.

However, the comfort of sea bathing does not only depend on water temperature, but air temperature, humidity, presence of wind and many other factors.

The increase in the cost of services vouchers in August

In August there is the biggest flow of tourists to the Crimean Peninsula, respectively — this is a slight increase in prices for services.

However do not worry in this occasion, because the cost of permits in the Crimea remains unchanged, while prices for services are rising very slightly, but most remain unchanged.

The cost of tours to the Crimea is different, it depends on many factors, in particular the type of transport (bus, train, flights), the location of the city (in the cities located far away from the Crimea, the average cost of vouchers is slightly higher).

How to spend time on the Crimean resorts in August?

August is the hottest month of the year, so anyone wishing to visit the Crimea this month should bear that in mind. Lovers of sea bathing, beaches, and sunburns, undoubtedly, the Crimea should visit this month.

However, lovers of Hiking in the local natural beauty of the situation is somewhat different. High temperature (up to 33-36 degrees) combined with a severe drought will bring serious discomfort during a camping trip. With the drought and high temperatures do not get to enjoy in full the unique beauty of Crimean nature.

For this reason, all those who intend to devote their holidays trekking in the beauty of the Crimea, is better to postpone the trip, and to visit the resort in September, when the scorching dry heat is already beginning to subside, but the air is still warm (20-26 degrees).

September is also suitable for sea bathing, the average water temperature is around 22-22 degrees, i.e. at the level of the month of July.

Pogoda i temperatura vody v avguste v Krymu (YAlta, Evpatoriya, Simferopol)

August is the month, full of lots of different holiday and leisure activities. Yalta is the most outstanding of the city from this point of view, because it is the most entertaining events, music concerts, festivals, etc.

One of the largest festive events in Yalta is the Daycity, celebrated annually in the first half of August. There are a large number of restaurants, Nightclubs, different rides, etc.

For children there are the Skazka zoo, aquarium and much more. For lovers of active recreation is undoubtedly the best city is Yalta.

To sum up. August is the best time to visit Crimea lovers of sea bathing, and active travelers. But hot and dry weather creates adverse conditions for those who prefer Hiking in the mountains of Crimea.