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What is the weather in August in Tunisia and the temperature of the water?

Pogoda v avguste v Tunise

August – very warm, favorable month to travel, so it is necessary to draw on the beach. For example, in Tunisia, where every year tourists from different corners of the planet.

Attracted by this country with its unique natural beauty, pristine sand and cozy beaches, the treasures of history.

Weather in August in Tunisia, moreover, has to a great beach vacation, travel and just to relax.

Weather conditions

As a rule, the last month of summer in this country is quite hot: the day temperature sometimes reaches +32 °C.

But this does not prevent tourists to relax, because almost all the beaches have protective umbrellas, which you can use to hide from too much sun.

But in the evening in Tunisia quite cool, as a rule, the mercury drops to +21°C. Therefore, in the second half of the day there is the opportunity to get acquainted with the peculiarities of the local culture, and enjoy wondrous scenery.

As for the abundance of rain, in August their number is equal to zero, so you can not worry about the failure of the long-awaited vacation due to bad weather conditions. Relying on the level is the water temperature in Tunisia in August.

The price

As it turned out, August is the most favourable month for vacation, so many tourists choose to travel. Consequently, in August, Tunisia full of guests, and provokes a significant increase of the price of tickets. At this time nearly impossible to purchase tours, so book tickets in this area it is a good idea.

If we compare with other resorts, the tour, for example, in Bali, will cost you several times more expensive.

Features a beach holiday

In order to fully enjoy all the pleasures of a beach holiday in this country, it is necessary to know some features. So, the most favorable time for sunbathing is between 6 am to 10 am or after 16.00, when solar activity is greatly reduced.

But even at observance of these conditions can burn, so better not to overdo it. In addition to sunbathing and swimming in the clear sea, here you have the opportunity to enjoy water sports:

  • surfing: the most favorable conditions for this kind of classes are available in the town of Monastir;
  • diving: the underwater world of the richness of Tunisia, this has. Flawless beauty coral reefs, underwater caves, sea urchins, octopuses, Moray eels, shipwrecks, ruins of ancient cities – that's what awaits the owners of fins and masks.

Kakaya temperatura vody v Tunise v avguste?


Tunisia is a unique countrywith many interesting and mysterious places, the examination of which must enter into the program of every tourist.

But to explore at any time of the year, and what not to miss in August? Of course, the pottery Festival, every year organizes in Djerba, lasting a whole month.

Visiting it, you will be able to know the ancient methods of making pottery, to purchase original Souvenirs, which you can use as gifts for loved ones.

Also in Bizerte in August, a Festival of Mediterranean song, and in the ancient Roman Colosseum El JEM, it's one of the symphonic music.

It is impossible to miss and the Festival of thoroughbred horses running directly to El Batan. Thus, the August in Tunisia to make use of.

If you want to get spiritual enjoyment from the rest, but also improve your health, then you should visit the Wellness center, located at each hotel.

It is possible to get rid of cellulite, nervous disorders, to rejuvenate and even to overcome some ailments. After all, the basis of treatment is the thalassotherapyis renowned for its efficiency.

The list of these facilities is also to add yachtingto which development in this country pay a lot of attention. To find a good boat at either of the ports, so the desire to go to sea, enjoy the natural masterpieces are quite active.

What else can you do in this amazing country? Go on a tour, during which you will be able to see the ruins of the Roman settlements, or directly to the cave dwellings of the Berbers.

Thus, the Imperial month of August in Tunis is a fabulous timethat opens to tourists all the delights of rest:

  • warm sea;
  • wonderful landscapes;
  • Sunny days;
  • various festivals of classic music, jazz and lots of other fun entertainment.

Knowing what the weather in Tunisia in August, what are the chances to spend time with benefits, you can easily plan a trip and collectsuitcase.