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Weather in Spain in September (Barcelona, Madrid, Costa Brava)

Pogoda v Barselone v sentyabre

Barcelona is a temperate Mediterranean climate.

After the heat of the August weather in Barcelona in September seem to be comfortable. However, tourists will be useful to sunscreen lotion and dark glasses.

The temperature in Barcelona in September

Beginning of September - a real velvet season: around 23-26, the water is warmed to 23. The nights can be cool: need a sweater and a light jacket. By the end of the month gets colder and rains often, which makes the umbrella – a mandatory part of the Luggage.

Possible trouble in the form of storms, when strong wind interferes with walks.

The temperature in Spain in September varies by region. In the South and if the rains are, they go very quickly, not having to wet the ground. In the North and in the Central part of autumn begins to be felt sooner, but here is the perfect place to spend a vacation.

Relax on the beach

The water is still warm and allows you to enjoy a swim. Each of the beaches of Barcelona its character. Barceloneta - rave and most popular beach, Bogatell – democratic, Nova Icaria and family, Mar-Linen - selection of naturist and sexual minorities.

Otdyh na plyazhe

Until 20 September in Salou, an hour's drive from Barcelona, is working water PortAventura. In the area of 50 000 square meters recreates the atmosphere:

  • Mediterranean village;
  • Polynesian jungle;
  • China;
  • Mexico;
  • Of The Wild West.

Weather in Costa Dorada in September, warm enough to cool off and recharge your batteries on the water rides.

At this time on the South coast a little warmer. Weather in Malaga in September shall be less unpleasant surprises, and the air temperature a few degrees higher.

Tell the tourists about the beaches of Barcelona...

Prices for tickets

Significant differences in the cost of vouchers for September, but in the beginning of the month, when students return to school, there is a slight decline and if you prepare for the trip in advance, then you can look for discounts for this period.

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The lack of sweltering heat finally allows you to pay attention to the attractions of the Catalan capital.

Start exploring Barcelona on double-Decker bus "hop-on hop-off". Three circular routes (green, red and blue) include all the places "must see": plaça Catalunya, Plaza Espanya, camp Nou stadium, the tower of Columbus, port Olimpic, Park Guell.

At any stop you can interrupt the tour and take a walk, and then continue "from the same place".

To feel the atmosphere of Barcelona in September, you need to walk along the seashore, to visit the Aquarium with a transparent tunnel, where right over the head of the sharks, and then up the funicular to Montjuic hill to see the city from a height.

Many people want to compare holidays and forever young Catalan capital with Imperial Madrid. Weather in Madrid in September is perfect for visiting the Golden triangle of museums including the famous Prado.


The main events of may in Barcelona

Independence day

Planning a September visit to Barcelona you cannot miss the 11th of September – independence day of Catalonia!

Let's hope the weather is not always "accompanies" the people of Barcelona delighted to dress up in Catalan symbolism: red and yellow stripes on clothing, flags, umbrellas and where they can draw.

On 11 September 1714 Catalonia lost its independence, bowing to Madrid, and regained it only in 1980, when it received autonomy. From this moment on September 11 a national holiday and a symbol of the struggle for independence.

The festival La mercè in honor of the Merciful virgin

Another important event of September - the day of the Merciful virgin, patroness of the city, celebrated on 24 September. The patroness of Barcelona, who defeated the locust.

The festival lasts for several days. Those lucky enough to attend the festival and feel the meaning of the word"Fiesta".

The scope of the event does not depend on what the weather in Spain in September. The Spaniards can get umbrellas, but the fun doesn't stop.

Some crazy days with performances, giant puppets, tightrope walkers, delicious food. The culmination of the festival – build "real" towers of people. Six floors without insurance – any circus envy!

In the evening on the streets there are "devils" in red hoods flying sparks from firecrackers and firecrackers. At this time, better stock up on long sleeves and goggles to be safe, while enjoying the fireworks show.

Glavnye sobytiya sentyabrya v Barselone

With what to combine a visit to Barcelona?

Visit the Spanish mainland can be combined with a trip to the Canary Islands, as favorable weather in Tenerife in September confirms once again that on this island of "eternal spring".

For a day trip from Barca to recommend a visit to Girona and walk around the medieval Jewish quarter.

Weather in Costa Brava in September is quite warm and Sunny. Tired of sightseeing, you can relax on one of the beaches.