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Weather and water temperature in August in Montenegro (Budva, Kotor)

Pogoda v CHernogorii v avguste

To paraphrase a famous phrase, the weather in Montenegro in August is just great.

Even more, August is the peak temperature of the entire year and certainly you will not freeze, if you stay on the coast.

The temperature during the day – scorching +30...+35 degrees Celsius, but the sea breeze slightly it smooths out.

The water temperature on the coast is +24 and even 26 degrees Celsius – a real Paradise for fans to splash around in the clear blue water.

Comfortable in Montenegro at that time?

But do not forget that Montenegro is a country situated in different climatic zones. And North of the country, popular with tourists, will meet you in August, very comfortable +20...+25 degrees Celsius, but if you plan to stay there for a couple of days, then you must consider that the night is cooler and you need to bring a pair of warm clothes.

Because July and August are "high season" and the temperature in August in Montenegro achieves its maximum values, the prices will be higher than at other times of the year. This can be taken as a Supplement and enjoy the warm sun and gentle sea.

Sea as the sea, the weather is like the weather, say you are a seasoned traveler. And it will be wrong. Weather - all weather. But you can't compare the excellent summer weather in a stuffy, dusty megalopolis with summer weather in the places from which the spirit grasps.

What to watch, what to listen to?

All were in Montenegro will certainly want to return. And not only that in Montenegro there is something to see, and Montenegro have something to show.

 Kakaya pogoda v Budve i Tivat v avguste?

Let's focus on the fact that Montenegro is unique. Especially if you get there in August.

If you are a lover of music, especially modern, you can visit the Entrance of the festival, which attracts, since 2002, the most popular DJs of Europe.

Here were stars such as Richie Hawtin, Benny Bennassi, Who Da Funk, Dave Clarke, Ade Fenton and many others. The festival takes place in the small village of Rosa, located across the Strait from Herceg Novi.

Want more music? Don't like electronic? Be sure to visit Lastouski festival. It takes place in the village of Gornja Lastva, near Tivat.

There, by the way, it is possible to get from Herceg Novi by ferry, or drive around the amazing Kotor Bay and enjoy the beautiful scenery that will literally unfold around you.

The main Lastovsky festival the festival occurs on the first Saturday of August, and weather in Tivat in August did not spoil the celebration.

It consists of various artistic programs, especially stands out unique local dance "Brotherhood of seafarers". You can also enjoy authentic local songs and dances.

Even more music? The tambourine! This amazing musical instrument, the species of which are known from the XVIII century, has become a true landmark of the small town of Bijelo Polje, located on the river lim.

It attracts musical groups that use this tool, from all over Europe. The most interesting that after performances on the streets and squares, the musicians go into the local restaurants and delight guests with their performances and, more importantly, live communication until the morning.

Pogoda i temperatura vody v avguste v CHernogorii

For connoisseurs of such direction, as the jazz will be a surprising discovery jazz festival in the seaside town of Petrovac near Budva.

It takes place in late August and will surprise fans of this music. Addition to the festival will be beautiful weather in Budva in August and warm sea.

Yet it is worth noting two August events – the International music festival in Kotor and Cetinje.

But August is famous not only for music festivals. Take, for example, theatre. In Podgorica in August hosts the international festival of alternative theatres. Despite the big name teams participating in this local.

Despite this, the festival received high praise of theater critics. You can enjoy the most astounding interpretations of long-familiar works. And a lot of theater performances in Budva, especially from late July to mid-August.

For lovers of beautiful syllable - poetry day name Ratkovich, held in Bijelo Polje. This holiday becomes a powerful springboard for local talents.

Want extreme? Enjoy the beauty with a taste of adrenaline. In one of the most beautiful places of Montenegro, the Durmitor national Park, in the town of Zabljak in August are off-road racing jeep. Powerful machines on the background of the beautiful mountains – what could be better?

Since I remembered about racing jeeps, then you need to mention the other sportsevents. At the Bar, be sure to visit the women's volleyball tournament – stunner.

There is a five-kilometer marathon swimming. And everyone can take part in it. Such memories of summer vacation abruptly any magnet on the fridge.

And in the Bay of Kotor is an amazing event, "a night at the Bay". All yachts and boats decorate with lights, and they drift in the Bay of Kotor. On the shore are celebrations, and it all ends with fireworks.

But what about the famous Kotor carnival? He is not so famous, like the Brazilian, but worth it to participate. Dancing and fun will be until the fall, but the memories will last a lifetime.

This is not a complete list of what can be seen in Montenegro in August. But let the rest of the event will be for you a pleasant discovery that you make while you're there. Nice trip!