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Temperature, weather and holiday in Montenegro in September

Pogoda v CHernogorii v sentyabre

In September in Montenegro noticeably empty beaches, on the streets, fewer tourists, small cafes and restaurants welcome every guest.

Markets, mountains of figs and grapes. Still magnificently in bloom the numerous flower beds, the green trees, succulent and, thanks to the already started but is still rare rain, fresh.

The evenings on the quays couples stroll, enjoying the breeze from the sea and the freshness of the approaching night.

Weather and temperature

September — the last month of the high tourist season in Montenegro. At this time there are no scorching sun, in August, the temperature comfortable and keeps about +25 degrees in the main resorts.

The warm September weather in Kotor, 27 degrees. As warm and in the state capital in Podgorica.

The sea water is still quite warm, 22 degrees. To bathe in this water is comfortable, there is a feeling of freshness.

The bright sun stays above the horizon for 8-9 hours. But autumn is already making itself felt. Starts to rain, especially in Cetinje, this city is considered the most humid in the country, but in the capital it rains often.

And at night the temperature falls to 17 degrees. Lovers walking in the evening can enjoy the fresh, cool sea air.

Pogoda i temperatura

Where to spend time?

In September there are a lot of spectacular events. One of them is the Cup of the Adriatic in the Duke Novi. The whole sky is covered with bright balloons parachutes. Besides that it's very spectacular, it is also adds to the adrenaline in the blood.

And the youth will surely attract international Balkan meeting of bikers "Motored", which every year in September takes place in Sutomore.

Many travelers come here to go rafting on rafts or kayaks on the rivers Elvish, having a lot of pleasure from connecting with amazing nature.

In September, well drive a car across the country. Not hot but not cold. To stay in a small hotel, to observe the change of natural zones outside of the car window.

Landscapes are changing as a kaleidoscope: the country is situated in four climate zones.

You can see a rocky, almost naked rocks; then low mountains, covered with forests; Alpine meadows and small mountain village with endless flocks of sheep; then a flat terrain with towns where the houses are vine-covered; then go to the sea.

Seduces and eco-tourism at this time of year. To stay for a few days in silence, enjoying the scenery, you have to go to the canyon of the Tara river, to the glacial lakes near mount Durmitor.

Gde provesti vremya


Montenegro is a small country with a rich history, preserved old customs and traditions, unique nature, and therefore there are a lot of attractions.

To here the countdown stopped at the 14th century. It is surrounded by high fortress walls. The Cathedral of Saint Tryphon is dedicated to the patron Saint of the city and illuminated in 1166.

Here is the city's main Shrine — the relics of St. Tryphon, they were brought here in the 9th century from Constantinople. The Cathedral has been amazing frescoes of the 14th century.

Remarkable Church of St. Lucas with two altars-one Catholic and one Orthodox, built in 1195.

Definitely need to look at the Maritime Museum of Montenegrodepicting navigation in different centuries.

Podgorica — capital of Montenegrohas preserved its narrow medieval streets, the ruins of a fortress built by the Turks in the 15th century.

Ostrog monastery carved into the rock. This place is honored and Catholics, Orthodox and Muslims. There are the relics of Basil of Ostrog, associated with many miraculous events.

On the hill of Goritsa, which gave the name to the city in the 12th century was built the Church of St. George, there is preserved the unique frescoes created in the 16th century.

Budva — a town famous for its citadel, built on the cliffs in the 15th century. It was once full of life, roared the battle, and now all is filled with silence and peace.

Tourists primarily show the bas-relief, which depicts two fish, and tell a story about how two lovers are separated by harsh parents, rushed together into the sea and turned into two fish.

Church Of The HolyMary built in the 9th century. It is famous for rare acoustics, and because there are often music festivals.

Old Bar is full of attractions, is the Museum under the open sky. Here is preserved ancient aqueduct, mosque of Omerbasic, clock tower — all that remained of the three hundred years of Ottoman reign.

In the 11th century were built the churches of Santa Caterina, Santa Veneranda and St. George. The surrounding area is full of old monasteries.

Herceg Novi is an ancient city, its architecture left a trail of Spaniards and Russians, French and Maltese, English and Italian. A thousand years ago there was built a monastery of Savina, a sample of Baroque architecture.

Well preserved ramparts, and in the Gulf is the island of Mamula, where the Austrians built a fortress.

Dostoprimechatelnosti CHernogorii

Holidays and festivals

Autumn in Montenegro takes place the festival of children's song "the Shore" and a competition of musical bands in Budva.

Almost every town organizes different holidays, food, which carry out local restaurants.

Montenegro through the eyes of a tourist.

What you can do


There is a lot of excursions in many different places, so you can easily choose according to your taste:

  • canyons tan and morača: the reserve put on the UNESCO list; the tour lasts 12 hours;
  • rafting on the Tara river: the first trip by jeep along the shore and down the river on inflatable boats; the excursion lasts 15 hours;
  • fish picnic in Montenegro: a trip from Budva, on a boat in the open sea, you can fish and swim far from shore; duration 8 hours;
  • excursion to Cetinje, the ancient capital of Montenegro, located deep in the mountains, there is preserved the monastery there is a Christian Shrine, on the way back stop at the old tavern; the tour lasts 7 hours;
  • excursion to biogradsko lakewhere you can enjoy the surroundings, stunning Alpine meadows.


Budva Riviera — a sand and pebble beaches, most beautiful beach Lucice, the sun — Guvance.

Most popular — Mogren, it is divided in two by a rock, the beaches are good for those travelling by car, there are many located near the sea of Parking lots.

Hercegnovska Riviera — rocky, not very comfortable beaches, not connecting directly with each other; there are a lot of sea urchins, so vacationers have to be careful.

Bar beaches , sand and gravel, on sandy beaches, lots of coral, so they are red in color, flock here many tourists, because the mineral composition of corals healthy.

Tivat beaches — sandy areas between the slabs of concrete; one of the most crowded beaches.

The beaches of Ulcinj Riviera — basalt sand on these beaches has no equal in the world, it has a therapeutic effect, useful for people with problems of locomotor apparatus.

Nudist beaches – the main beach of this type is located in Herceg-Novi.

Plyazhi CHernogorii

In Montenegro travel supporters of nature, environmental, relaxation, peaceful walks, serene lying on the beach, delicious national dishes, sightseeing, antiquities.

Here is a good holiday for families with children and romantic honeymoon travel lovers. Tourists will find a warm welcome and affordable prices.