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Weather in UAE (Dubai) in may, the water temperature in the Emirates

Pogoda v Dubae v mae

It seems recently this place was a small town inhabited by pearl divers and Bedouin. Now Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates with more than three million people. It is located in the North-East of the capital city and consistently attracts millions of tourists. If the trip to the metropolis is scheduled on the last month of spring, it is better to know in advance what will be the Weather in Dubai in may and to adjust the timing of the trip if necessary.

May weather

Hot and dry weather in the month of may, especially in the first half, favourable for rest and the accompanying shopping. On may holidays the daytime temperature has been firmly kept at around 35 degrees, dropping to midnight 20. It was at this time in Dubai attracts many snorkellers.

Comfortably-warm water in the Gulf warms up to 27 degrees and no precipitation and wind create the perfect conditions for diving. The sun is in summer mercilessly, so do not be amiss to stock up on a reliable protective means from its effects.

Beach vacation

Sultry and windless weather in the UAE in may tranquillity on the beach and swimming in the perfectly warmed waters of the Persian Gulf. The most popular beaches are Jumeirah beach and Jumeirah beach Park, although the others do not suffer from a lack of tourists. From the first stunning view at the world famous tower "Sail", the latter is famous for an interesting feature to three days a week to visit it only by mothers with children. If the family prevails solely beach vacation, it is best to choose a place of residence more quiet towns, such as Umm-al-Quwain or Ajman. For lovers of more cool water for bathing is best suited Fujairah, Gulf of Oman in may only warmed up to 23 degrees.

pogoda v oae v mae

May fairs

Pretty hot weather in the UAE in may not a hindrance to visit the most interesting events taking place this month in Dubai. For example, the annual international exhibition "Gulf Byuti" is considered the largest in the middle East and attracts exhibitors from dozens of countries. Well-known manufacturers of cosmetic and perfume products represent the latest innovations in the world of exquisite beauty.

Another interesting exhibition "Arabian travel market", takes place in the Dubai world exhibition centre and gathers thousands of visitors. It involved a large company of the tourism business representing attractive offers and novelties in the field of hospitality industry.

temperatura v oae v mae


Although the temperature in the UAE in may sometimes approaching forty degrees, not take advantage of unique shopping opportunities is just unforgivable.

Dubai world trade centre with offshore and free economic zones. The absence of some unique low taxes and trade tariffs create ideal conditions for conducting business that favorably affects the price.

A visit to the countless shopping centers - employment is extremely enjoyable and not burdensome for the family budget. Special demand among tourists enjoy unique jewelry, which you can purchase here and in specialized stores, and just in the street shops. Cashmere shawls, Smoking accessories, exquisite Arabic perfumes and incense to entice the Russians do not count. So shopping in Dubai - a topic for a separate discussion.

temperatura vody v oae v mae

Comfortable water temperature in the UAE in may and the absolute lack of rainfall attracts many who want to take advantage of interesting proposals of tourist firms. However, despite the demand for rounds is often a unique opportunity to save a certain amount on a trip to Dubai, especially if you consider a vacation in advance. This month, travel agencies have special offers and a journey to the middle East can be very beneficial.