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Weather in Egypt in April: Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh

Pogoda v Egipte v aprele

Egypt is ready to welcome guests all year round, and April is no exception. The indigenous people of the country the weather in Egypt in April seems fairly cool, as any resident of Europe to get unusual after a cold winter once in thirty-degree heat.

Hotels in popular Egyptian resorts already filled with almost ninety percent, therefore it is recommended to buy vouchers.

The temperature of the air and water in April with each day becoming higher, and to visit the major attractions of the time.

Long trips from all resorts to the pyramids not as tedious as in the warmer months, so many tourists come here with children.

Despite the relatively large number of tourists, prices remain at the level of a winter, but the level of service approaching summer months. The average temperature in the popular resort is about 25-26 degrees during the day and at least eighteen night, and the sea temperature reaches 23-24 degrees, which is perfect for relaxing on the beaches. In the first half of the month are not excluded sandstorms, but every day their probability is lower. Sand storms bring wind, called the Khamsin blowing 50 days a year and bringing in the heat. To avoid their influence, you should choose the hotels located in the bays.

How to choose a hotel?

In April we get a lot of holidays, in particular Easter and a few Catholic, which explains the large number of people wanting to vacation here in April. Experienced travelers, not just visited the resorts of Egypt say that for your comfort is very important to choose the right hotelto become holiday and not regret it. You must follow the following rules:

  • many hotels even during the construction offer check travelers, while the construction is still ongoing. Naturally, the work will cause constant noise. It is therefore important to learn more about the hotel for settlement;
  • practice shows that the most spacious and low noise that is the corner of the room. The location of this room did not have an impact on the value of rest in Egypt;
  • it is important to choose a room so that it is not adjoined to the technical premises. For example, to the Laundry room. Otherwise rest will not work, even at night;
  • for your comfort it is important to learn about the locations of nearby clubs, discos and other noisy places;
  • pogoda v hurgade v aprele

  • the cost of housing affects the view from the window. If you plan only to sleep in the room when the view from the window is not important, you can save money by choosing the exit to the Parking lot, etc.;
  • when booking a hotel room, you need to see what services will have to pay, how often paid use of sunbeds or other equipment can become an unpleasant surprise for vacationing, as it greatly increases the budget;
  • best to take air-conditioned room with: night ventilation would not have the desired effect, and noisy objects will not go to sleep;
  • many hotels have special housing for non-smokers, so if you are hypersensitive to cigarette smoke, you can take a room in this wing.

If for any reason the number is not enough, you can always ask about his replacement. The main thing is to do it in the correct form and the hotel will always go forward travelers.

 pogoda v sharm el shejhe v aprele

Weather at popular resorts

Favorable weather in Hurghada in April leads to the opening of high season and book a room can be difficult. In the first half of the month it attracts many tourists from Europe, where the Easter holidays begin. After the first decade of April is established, windless weather that the resort attracts a huge number of tourists with children. The second half of April is the best time for a beach holiday and sightseeing in Egypt.

Temperature in Hurghada in the afternoon is in the range of 29 degrees during the day and about 18-20 at night. During this period, almost no rain, and the water temperature in the sea is about 23-24 degrees.
Weather in Sharm El Sheikh in April also is quite comfortable to stay.

The hot season in April has not yet arrived, and the air and sea water warmed enough for comfortable beach holiday in Egypt. Usually a day at the Spa the temperature is in the range of 30 degrees, and at night it drops to 20. The water of the red sea warms up to 25 degrees.

Highly recommended to stock up on the cleaning head to protect from the sun stroke, sunscreen, light clothing. From the desert of Sharm El Sheikh is separated by a mountain range, so there is almost no sand storms. April is the best time for diving, which is famous for the Red sea.

pogoda v hurgade v aprele

Whatthe attractions to visit in April

For many Russian tourists Egypt became a place of rest, but not everyone knows what places are worth a visit. At the mention of Egypt in mind, of course, come the pyramids of Giza and Sphinx, but Egypt is a country with a rich history.

For example, the Luxor, the former capital of the country, may please you with a huge number of monuments of culture and architecture. The city is a world center of archeology.

Egyptian museums of Cairo can boast unique exhibits, which age is measured in thousands of years. No less interesting is a visit to the Museum of perfume or papyrus factory, where you can buy original Souvenirs of the visit.

Holidays in Egypt in April

One of the most important festivals of spring - the "Sham el-Nessim". It is celebrated on the first Monday of Easter. The name of the event translates as "season of harvest". For the first time the festival began to celebrate more than four thousand years ago, and to this day there are ceremonies dedicated to fertility. The holiday is celebrated by all Egyptians regardless of religion. The majority of the population was outdoors, to relax with the whole family. On the festive table have to be green onions.

Equally important holiday for all Egyptians - the day of the liberation of Sinai (April 25), which is celebrated since 1967. This day can be closed even restaurants, as their owners mark the event.

In Sharm El Sheikh in April annual competitions of camels, where animals are bought at a very high price, are racing on camels.

pogoda v hurgade v aprele

The cost of holidays in April

It is believed that the best time to holiday in Egypt this spring and autumn, because the weather is the most contributes to your comfort. The most expensive vacation in October and November, when the price of leisure and the services of the most high. April is the period when prices have not yet had time to take off, but eat into too low cost is not worth it. From the first days of April, tourists from around the world are beginning to arrive, which affects prices. In may, prices soar to dizzying heights, and sometimes even exceed Christmas tours. But the weather and affordable prices speak in favor of visiting the resorts of Egypt in April.