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Weather in Egypt in February: what is the weather in Hurghada, Sharm El-Sheikh?

pogoda v Egipte v fevrale

February Egypt is magnificent. For local residents it is the most unpleasant and cold month, in addition, the weather in Egypt in February is not very stable. But for us the trip in winter is a unique opportunity to throw off the boring coat and bask under the warm rays of the southern sun. And not just bask, but also to swim in the warm, by Russian standards, sea.

A trip to Egypt in February, has considerable advantages:

  • A great time for those who don't like annoyingly-excessive heat, the huge influx of tourists and crowded beaches.
  • Good time for educational tours.
  • The opportunity to visit the Festival of the Sun.
  • Low prices.

Beach holidays in February

kakaya pogoda v egipte v fevrale?

More attractive just at this time, look Sharm El Sheikh and the resorts in the Arabian Gulf. Mount securely sheltering campers from the cool winds and create comfortable conditions for recreation. In the daytime the average temperature is 23-25 degrees. The difference between day and night temperatures is quite large, and after sunset it gets cool. Night temperatures can drop to 14-15 degrees. During the whole time the weather in Sharm El Sheikh in February, stable and unflappable. The sea is calm, affectionate and not cold - 23 degrees, so a beach vacation affordable and enjoyable.

A little different situation on the West coast, all because of fairly strong winds.

And although the temperature is not much below day 21-22, and in the night of 11-12 degrees, the feeling is not very comfortable. Water in the Red sea is quite warm at 21-22 degrees, and be in it for a long time, but to come out cool. The sky is cloudless, the sun generously distributes the southern sun, and to buy hundreds can particularly in the hotel pool. So the weather in Hurghada in February is quite acceptable for a great stay, especially for those who barely tolerate too hot Egyptian summer. But windsurfers get real pleasure from the fact that the weather in Hurghada in February so windy, and I hasten to use every suitable day.

Visiting Cairo

Cool weather in Egypt in February you can enjoy visiting historical places of this unique country. In Cairo, where daytime temperatures in these Sunny days of 23 degrees, very comfortable visiting deserts. The lack of scorching summer heat slowly gives you the opportunity to see the majestic statue of the Sphinx, to get closer to the mysterious pyramids and even take a short walk to calm the camel.

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In the city itself, which looks like one giant and incredibly bustling Bazaar, it is interesting to get lost in narrow small streets and feel the unusual atmosphere of this city. City of the dead, the Citadel, the mosque of Sultan Hasan and al-Azhar, the Coptic Museum at the Church of the Holy virgin Mary - in order to visit all the interesting sights, not enough, probably, and the whole year. However, to discover favorable weather will make it maximumby

What to see in Alexandria

Favorable for travel weather in Egypt in February makes an unforgettable visit to Alexandria, an ancient city founded by the Macedonian.

Lie on the beach is unlikely - the temperature of the Mediterranean water only 14 degrees. But the air warms up to 18-20 degrees, so wander through the historical places of the time. Very interesting visit to the Hydrobiological Museum - 50 aquariums with a variety of inhabitants of the red sea and the Mediterranean sea! You can walk in the Park Montazah, where the residence of the Egyptian kings, see the beautiful mosque of Abu El-Abbas and visit the Fort of qaitbay, walk along the beautiful promenade.

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Sun festival at Abu Simbel

Lovers of the beautiful and magnificent spectacles it does not matter what the weather in Egypt in February, after the 22 of this month thousands of tourists flock to the temple, elaborately carved into a forbidding appearance to the rock at Abu-Simbel to witness the extraordinary events - Festival of the Sun. This spectacular festival is held twice a year in memory of the Pharaoh Ramses II - 22 February, at the intended date of his birth and 22 October - the day of the accession to the throne.

In the 8th century BC, enjoying the victory over the Hittites, Ramses has ordered to cut down in the rock and two temples, before which was erected four statues - three of them were images of the gods, and the fourth by Ramses himself. Only twice a year, during the holiday, the sun's rays illuminate the statue of an ancient ruler, creating the feeling of a smile. The action lasted twelve minutes, while the other figures remain in the shadows. The festival lasts all day, including:

  • musical performance
  • ancient rites performed by talented dancers
  • costume festivals,
  • fireworks and fire show,
  • it ends late in the evening a fantastic lasershow.

The attractiveness of winter tours to Egypt

I would like to mention low prices.

After the long new year holidays tourist hype falls down, hotels are empty and prices are significantly more attractive.

This period will last approximately until the beginning of March, and not a bad idea to take advantage of this great opportunity. At this time, expanding the selection for comfort and a reasonable price hotels. Many hotels have a heated pool, which greatly increases the chance to ignore light coolness of the waves.

 pogoda v sharm el shejhe v fevrale

Despite the fact that Egypt is good at any time of the year, it is a sin not to take advantage of these opportunity to relax there at competitive prices. Because the cost of tours, ceteris paribus, cheaper in winter on average by one third.

When family camping, the savings are tangible. In the case of last minute trip, financial attractiveness might further increase. Do not forget that Egypt - the unique attractions of the country. Taking advantage of favorable weather and an incredibly low price, can arrange for themselves and their children is incredibly interesting sightseeing trip.

Treat yourself kindly, gentle sea, nice probecause the February sun and visit the astonishing wonders of the world. Comfortable and affordable hotels with pools and water parks will allow you to forget for a while about frozen-slushy Moscow and sit on the veranda, enjoying the sea views and gentle breeze.