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Weather and water temperature in Egypt in may: in Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh

Pogoda v Egipte v mae

May holidays in Egypt is fantastic. Sticky summer heat has not yet arrived, but comfortable enough for a delightful beach holiday on the beach and sightseeing. At this time, throughout African countries there is no rain, and the sea is pleasantly warm and affectionate. Weather in Egypt in may - the dream of any tourist, especially Russian, weary of a long winter.

Holidays in Hurghada

The greatest demand in may, enjoys a small town 500 kilometers from Cairo - Hurghada.

The most developed tourist industry, the local population has a lot, including Russian, languages, and nearby a large national airport. All this makes the stay here comfortable and enjoyable, but getting to destinations easy and affordable. Truly summer weather in Egypt in Hurghada in may reached 33 degrees at noon and drop to a nice cool 22°C at night. Many cosy hotels gives you the opportunity to choose the most affordable level of comfort of living and year-round readiness to receive tourists well-developed infrastructure allows successfully fun and unusual to spend your vacation days. Camel rides, boat trips, diving and Windsurfing, the fascinating fishing and many unique attractions - all this awaits those who choose to relax in Hurghada. A day can be plenty nakupavshis in the warm sea, get a bite of the southern sun, and in the evening to go to an entertaining institution "1,000 and one nights".

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Holidays in Sharm El Sheikh

Selecting the vacation spot East coast, you need to be ready for more hot sun, quite a summer probecause in the middle of the day. Dry and hot weather in Egypt in Sharm El-Sheikh in may is characterized by average daytime temperature is 31 degrees, at night it drops to 23 degrees, and the water warmed up to a comfortable twenty-five. However, the heat here is felt much stronger than on the West coast - if there's a cool wind allows not really to feel it, there is a full wind increases the impact of the southern sun. In may on the East coast has many interesting entertainment events. In the Egyptian province of El-sharqiya festival of purebred Arabian horses, located near Sharm El-Sheikh - addicted fans the competition fishermen, and Dahab introduces the cultural heritage of the Bedouins.

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The Mediterranean coast

If El Kusayer is the hottest resort in may, in Alexandria cordially invite tourists who prefer cool weather. Extremely comfortable water temperature in Egypt in may in the Red sea 26 ° C and in the Mediterranean - 24 degrees, so travelers in Alexandria is at least a pleasant beach holiday on the well-equipped beaches. In the afternoon the air confidently up to the level of 26 degrees, and in the restless night, the thermometer is quite able to drop to 17°C. So comfortable they allow you to combine sea bathing in the morning with a tour of the many attractions in the evening.

And in this pearl of the Mediterranean is something to admire:

  • famous ancient library,
  • National and Graeco-Roman museums,
  • The Roman amphitheater, the Royal jewelry Museum,
  • Coptic Orthodox Cathedral of St. Mark,
  • Mosque of Abu al-Abbas al-Mursi,
  • and a lot of unique objects that are simply not to be missed.

Cairo Attractions

Hot, but still bearable temperature in Egypt in may allows you to enjoy your visit to the capital. A metropolis with eight million people is deafening continuous sound of horns and the raging crowd burning African sun the streets.

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A colorful African city, moving dipping tourists into the unusual, the unique atmosphere of a 6,000 year-old civilization. Much unusual and strange - the endless prayers of complete detachment from reality, a huge pile of shoes in front of the entrance to one of numerous mosques and the snow-white robes of Arab men and chaste eyes wrapped in the veil of young women. And bustling bazaars, the narrow streets, delicious coffee in a street cafe and hanging near the door of butcher shops huge animal carcasses, which, for some reason, does not sit flying flies. But it is a street exotic and historic landmarks in the Egyptian capital - a great many.

Securely holds the secrets of the ages the pyramids of Giza, the impassive Sphinx, a huge number of beautiful mosques, the papyrus Museum and the famous market Khan al-Khalili. After dark the impression is that the population of the metropolis has doubled - doors wide open with many shops and restaurants, the sounds of Arab music and hear a welcome nothing, and at the foot of the pyramids is a traditional holiday performance. NightCairo will definitely be surprised and will remember for a long time.

See what the weather is in Egypt in may:

The cost may tours

Weather in Egypt in may make a trip here quite attractive, so the prices on vacation in hotels of Egypt are increasing. This is understandable, because by the end of the month will come the debilitating heat, which not all tolerate well. The influx of tourists in this direction, especially in the beginning of the month increases significantly, therefore, determined to relax on the beautiful resorts of the African countries, you should worry about advance purchase of tickets. Only in this case, you will be comfortable to spend a holiday in a fabulously attractive the may Egypt.