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Weather in Egypt in March, Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh

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In Egypt, you can relax almost all year round, so travel packages it is possible to take at any time. But seasoned travelers still do not advise to go here in summer in the hottest months. The holiday season for most tourists begins in early spring, with the month of March. Many tourists like the weather in Egypt in March, because this month is a transition period between the relatively "cold" and "hot" season. And once this unstable period, it is characterized by its changeability. But since in Egypt there are many resorts, plus they are on the coast different seas, the Mediterranean and the red, it all depends on where exactly a planned vacation.

General information about the weather of Egypt

In many respects the climate of this country depends on its geographical features. Since a large part of the country - a few deserts, the climate here is very arid, with no rain. A distinctive feature of the climate are the sharp changes in temperature between day and night. Although summer can last all 365 days of the year, but it is possible to allocate two seasons, which have distinctive features. The first season is April-October and it has very hot weather. And the second is November-March and if you believe the Egyptians, it is the cold season.

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March is a transitional period between the Egyptian winter and hot summer.

This month is more suitable for older tourists and those who can not tolerate heat. Egyptian weather, this month can even compare with the Russian in the summer, but only in the middle lane. The temperature here can rise up to 30-32 degrees Celsius, but at night it drops to 15 degrees. In the morning in the sea you can not swim, because during the night the water cools, but before lunch it warmed up in the shallows. You should consider the fact that the weather in Egypt in March is marked by frequent winds, so it seems colder.

March weather in Egypt in the red sea

If you come to Egypt to rest in the Northern resorts on the Red sea, then in March the daytime temperature here can reach 25 degrees. Here in the Arabian Gulf, located resorts such as Taba and Dahab, Nuweiba and the famous Sharm al-Shaykh. If you compare what's the weather like Sharm al-Sheikh in March, and what's the weather like at the other resorts located near this sea, this resort located on the Sinai Peninsula, has a very favorable climate, so you can relax even in the hottest months. This month the day temperature reaches +25 degrees, and the night also warm, 17 degrees. To swim also because the water warms up to 24 degrees.

Very similar to the Sharm El-Sheikh is a resort like Dahab, and the distance between them is only 90 km away to observe the scenic painting of the mountain of Sinai, and you can relax all year round. As Taba and Nuweiba are situated on the East of Egypt and is located close to the Israeli border. Although it is small towns, but here developed beach tourism and in March, the climate is similar to weather in the popular Sharm El-Sheikh. If you compare what's the weather like in Hurghada in March and the weather in Soma Bay and Safaga and El Gouna, which is located further West, the weather is cooler. Here the temperature is about 4 degrees lower than in the Northern resorts.

March weather in Egypt on the Mediterranean resorts

Alexandria is one of the largest and most popular resorts on the Mediterranean sea. This is the second Egyptian city is the largest and it was built in the period of the Roman Empire. Due to the fact that the situation is more like a European, here often tourists come from Europe. Attract tourists and such ancient sites as Faroese lighthouse and the famous library of Alexandria. The weather here is colder in March than in the Red sea - in the afternoon air can get warm only to +21 degrees, and at night drops to +12. Therefore, warm clothing is not hurt.

To swim in March here is still impossible, because water is heated only up to 17 degrees. Will not swim and the cold wind that blows from the sea. 250 km from Alexandria is another resort called Marsa Matruh, the climate here is similar to Alexandria. The same applies to other Mediterranean resorts in Egypt and beach tourism as such does not exist here in March. This month, the tourists mostly travel to explore various attractions.

The tourist town of Egypt in March

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As the weather in Egypt in March is not too has a beach holiday, this month it is better to make excursions in various cities.

Naturally, inspections should begin in the capital of Egypt, Cairo. Butdo not forget that there are still a few attractive cities: Giza, Luxor, Aswan. As all these cities are located further from the coast and the summer heat has not yet arrived, the temperature does not rise this month more than 30 degrees.

Due to the fact that Cairo is the Nile Delta, a more cooler day with temperatures of 23 degrees, but the nights are much colder temperature drops to +11. The most popular is a suburb of Cairo, Giza, where the circumference is the famous pyramid. It is what a lot of tourists. In Luxor, many tourists come in order to see the temples. This city is located further South, 650 km from Cairo, so 27 degrees for this region is pretty good. At night the temperature drops to 10 degrees. Aswan is located on Luxor 400 km, so in March it gets hotter to 29 degrees, at night +13.

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Prices on vacation in March

Although the weather in Egypt in March is not only good for sightseeing but for a beach holiday on the Red sea, but tourists hesitate to come to this country. The point is just that this month you can often see how from the desert blowing dry wind called the Khamsin, that is why tourists are afraid of dust storms. This affects that the trips in March are quite reasonable for the price. This month the children in the school holidays, so in Egypt you can bring the whole family. Here in this month you will see some interesting Egyptian holidays: for example, the Coptic Easter or Mother's Day. If you choose the right hotel which will be protected from sand storms, it is possible to get pleasure from the recreation.