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The weather and temperatures in September in Yalta

Pogoda v Evpatorii v sentyabre

Yevpatoriya in September surprisingly good: not moved along the promenade crowds of loud tourists, not worn on the beach noisy teenagers, leaving the waterfront food vendors on the street, and with them disappears and the smell of cooking food and smoke.

But still full of bright petunias and marigolds in the flower beds, Cannas and Calla lilies blossomed in all its glory.

On the market incredible abundance of fruits and vegetables. Housing is cheaper, restaurants are empty. And on the waterfront appear lovers to relax slowly.

Weather in September

The sun is still bright, warm but not scorching. You can not be afraid of burns and overheating on the beach and get a nice tan.

The day still very warm, the temperature stubbornly held in the range of 25 degrees, only occasionally the thermometer reluctantly climbs up a degree or two, and even less willing to slide down, but no more than a couple of degrees.

At night the temperature is kept at 19 degrees and is also in no hurry to change the entire first half of the month.

But by mid-September becomes a little cooler, and by early October, the air warms up to 20 degrees. And it already starts the subtropical autumn.

But in September in Yalta about autumn do not want to think, moreover, that the water is still very warm, but has already reached the temperature when it refreshes, the water temperature at beaches around 23 degrees.

Rains a bit, but it's better to grab an umbrella, bad weather here is so unpredictable, it can begin at any moment.

Note that Evpatoria is located in the steppe zone of the Crimea, therefore, the air drier, the air temperature in all seasons is higher than in other areas of the Peninsula.

Pogoda v sentyabre

Where to spend time?

In Evpatoria will not be bored whatever the weather. There is also a place for the soul for couples, parents with young children and exciting young companies.


Tekie dervishes. In Crimea, the monks are not hiding from the world behind the thick monastery walls, and they roam the world, sometimes for a time finding refuge in monasteries (tekie).

The construction of this monastery in Yalta began in the 16th century. Its stones hold many secrets that remained unknown and the names of the architects, and the exact date of construction. Near the monastery there is a mosque Shukurla Effendi.

Karaite Kenasa. On the territory of Crimea, home to a small but interesting people, the Karaites. Kenasa — their religious building. Cathedral kenasa erected in 1807, and in 1818 was built a small.

When kenasa is arranged in three courtyards. In the first, entwined with vines, a fountain, the washing of hands before prayer, on the Marble slabs of the courtyard is inscribed religious poems.

The walls of the patio Waiting get acquainted with the main events in the life of the Karaites.

Wood market gate. This is the beginning of a route "Small Jerusalem" for tourists. Once they were part of city fortifications.

There are battlements and arched niches, were placed inside the rooms for the guards.

The Mosque Juma-Jami. In 1552 at the behest of Devlet Giray was laid for the First mosque, it was built under the guidance of the great architect Sinan Hoxha East.

The mosque was built ten long years. Here was announced the firman is a document that grants the right to the Crimean khanate.

Now the mosque can go with a tour, but given long robes and shawls, which must be worn during the tour.

Cathedral Of St. Nicholas. The Church in the Byzantine style with a huge dome was erected in honor of the liberation of the city from the Anglo-Turkish troops in 1893.

Here the service can be from 1,000 people. In the Cathedral divine services daily.

The Church of St. Ilya. Opened in 1918. Current, you can attend the services.

The Church Of St. Hakob. The Armenian Church built in Basilica form in 1885. Now there are restoration works. But the temple had already acquired original appearance.

Synagogue Egie The Cap. The building was built of limestone mamayskogo yellow. Has the shape of a Basilica. The temple belongs to the Jewish religious community.

Karaite street. The street is lined with small stones. On both sides of the old well restored house. Here you can see a group of musicians in national costumes and Souvenirs.

In the evenings there played the whole performance.

Medieval Turkish bath. These Turkish baths were operating as much as 500years. They decorated inside with marble and on the outside the building is decorated with a dome.

Now the baths are closed, but inside there are guided tours, back in the eighties of the last century it was possible to wash, by paying 20 cents.

Kariz (underground passages). These tunnels and galleries were created in the Middle ages: it was chosen the stone for city buildings.

Now it is a whole network of intricate passages, many of which end in dead ends.

Gde provesti vremya: dostoprimechatelnosti

What to do?

The main occupation resting on the coast, sea-bathing. But you can add variety to your stay and go sightseeing.


Excursions in Yalta varied and exciting. The history of Yalta goes far in depth of centuries.

Delve into the past, to feel yourself in a medieval city will help the tour route "little Jerusalem", which takes place in a carefully restored old streets of the city, where you can see the wood market gate, the mosque, the Turkish baths.

But the middle ages here are not only seen with the eyes but also taste: a small cafe at the gate of the wood market will open doors. Here you can enjoy a variety of Oriental sweets according to old recipes.

Excursion around the suburbs of Evpatoria interesting for those who love both ancient and recent history: during the tour you can see the excavations of the Greek settlement and visit the Center of space communication.

It is hard to resist and not to take a horse ride to the mountain Demerdzhi, on the way to visit the mysterious Valley of Ghosts and Funa.

CHem zanyatsya: ekskursii

Relax on the beach

Beaches — the main object for resting on the sea. All beaches in Yalta are sandy, they are marked with a special mark for the clean and safe Blue flag.

Free municipal beaches:

  1. The Beach "Solaris". On the beach you can rent all the necessary equipment, a bar and a dining room. Pay toilets and a children's Playground. You can ride a catamaran, water bike. There is a bouncy slide, down to the sea.
  2. The Central city beach. One of the most narrow beaches. There are few, beach season is densely populated, there is early in the morning.
  3. The beach at the lake Moinaki. The beach is minimally landscaped, but there are pure steppe air, few people.
  4. The beach near the waterfront Tereshkova. To the sea you descend the concrete steps. To hire sun loungers and parasols. On the waterfront cafés and shops.
  5. A new beach. On the beach has volleyball and other sports games. There are campsites and cafes. Built a few playgrounds. The beach is quite spacious with a wide coastal strip.
  6. Knights beach. Youth beach where we constantly hear club music, till morning working DJs on the beach there is a dance floor, bar, sports grounds for volleyball, football, basketball.
  7. Sports beach. It is equipped with several sports fields, showers, bleachers for spectators and judges tent.
  8. Beach for disabled people. Arranged special access to the sea for wheelchairs, dressing rooms, medical service, Bicycle water wheelchairs, amphibious wheelchairs and all-terrain vehicles for transportation on sand.

CHem zanyatsya: otdyh na plyazhe

Pay beach:

  1. Beach NBI. The beach is equipped with all necessary things: drinking fountains, toilets, shelters, changing rooms. Rentals of beach equipment.
  2. Beach entertainment complex "Sun". This is the only pebble beach in Yalta.
  3. The beach Cote d'azur. Large beach, where there is always a lot of tourists, but a special closeness there. On the beach is constantly patrolled. There are shower, changing cabins, toilets.
  4. Beach "Tycoon". The most expensive beach with well-organized facilities.
  5. Beach "Sunny Paradise".
  6. Nudist beach. There are rental of beach equipment, sell drinks, ice cream, fast food.

In Yalta you can not only relax, but also to be treated.

There is curative mud and brine from lakes, estuaries, located close to town. There are local mineral water and springs with thermal waters.

See video of the rest in Yalta in the autumn season: