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The weather and temperatures in September in Gelendzhik

Pogoda v sentyabre v Gelendzhike

Autumn on the black sea coast of the Caucasus can be called a calendar period, but not the weather.

Holidaymakers do not leave intentions to relax in the velvet season on the beaches of Sochi, Gelendzhik, Anapa and other resorts.

Friendly Gelendzhik happy guests.

What is the weather like in September?

In the typical seaside town of the North Caucasus Gelendzhik don't have the sweltering heat that was in July, but still warm enough.

The temperature rises in the day is not higher than +25ΒΊ, a much cooler night +14. So an evening stroll along the Waterfront in a light dress or t-shirt and shorts will not bring travelers joy.

The water warms up in the afternoon to +21 degree centigrades, and many do not dare to swim, but only sunbathe under the warm and not aggressive sun. Autumn sun is the most safe, and goes on even better than in the summer.

In September, an increasing number of rainy days. But what is the rain in Noumea? Within an hour or two it goes, and then the sun once again shines upon the heavens and happy campers.

But you have to understand that these are averages. So, in 2011 the rainfall was such that overflowed the banks of a mountain river, and there was a flooding of some parts of the greater Noumea.

The northeastern wind, typical for the September Gelendzhik, too does not add comfort but it blows don't always wear long sleeve it will save him while walking.

Kakaya pogoda v sentyabre?

Where to spend time?

The September holidays

Is to calculate the time of travel to Noumea to September 1 to be in the festivities in honor of the day of Knowledge. And in Arkhipo-Osipovka on this day celebrating the Birthday of the village.

In September, held a conference on aviation, known as the Gidroaviasalon. The conference is held flight program, where the best Russian pilots demonstrate their skills.

September is the time of various festivals in Gelendzhik. One of them – "Southern nights". During the festival there are meetings with artists, film screenings, concerts, exhibitions, plays, performances of folk groups of Russia, CIS and other countries.

Lovers of Antiques can be purchased at auctions of rare copies of works of art.

In early September in Russia held the children's festival "a Blue wave". In the boarding house Kirovets attracts children's theater, singing, dance groups, young artists and singers, musicians and the leader of the children's movements.

The guys combine festival events with leisure, visiting the city's sights and basking in the still warm Black sea.

See what awaits tourists in September in Gelendzhik:


Because there is no exhausting heat, there is nothing stopping to walk around the city exploring its attractions.

First and foremost is the famous Promenade, the length of which reaches 12 km. It is possible to go from fat to Thin Cape, admiring the views of sea, mountains and inhaling the sweet smells of Pitsunda pine.

In September, the demand for leisure in the boarding houses and sanatoriums, as prices for accommodation are reduced, and Wellness treatments are offered sufficient quality.

The resort town attracts not only tourists but also artists. Throughout the season, the concert halls of the entertainment complex "the Olympus" and hotel "Kempinski Grand hotel", and Arkhipo-Osipovka and Divnomorskoe not empty.

September is no exception. Artists on tour and in the halls of the notices.

Gde provesti vremya: dostoprimechatelnosti

What to do?

Relax on the beach

Whatever the month was not chosen to stay on the coast: may, July or September, people come here to swim and sunbathe. Many choose September, as the beaches at this time is not so crowded.

The older children sat at their desks, preschoolers in the water is not allowed parents, and for those who want to spend time away from work troubles, the best rest – a slight swaying on the calm waves.

Although sometimesstormy and quite strongly, especially in the thick Cape and on open beaches of the villages of greater Noumea (Praskoveevka, Kabardinka, etc.).

But many pay in, plus, getting the adrenaline from swimming in approaching the shore waves.

In stormy weather many go into one of the three water parks of Noumea. The queue for the roller coaster markedly reduced in September, and for 5 seconds descent it is not necessary to wait for an hour.


A tour Desk, which in Gelendzhik, a great manycontinue to fight for every vacationer. Travel prices and significantly reduced 1.5 – 2 times.

Still popular are boat trips. Comfortable liners like "Empire" and the court easier, as Gloria daily leave in open sea or moored at Praskoveevka.

This beach attracts tourists who wish to watch the rock Sail and to be photographed in her famous window.

Remain relevant excursions in a Safari Park and entertainment complex "Olympus". These two characters Noumea rigidly compete among themselves.

Both attract tourists, the cable cars leading to the top of the Markhotsky ridge to an observation deck. From the height of the Bay seems even more beautiful, and the sea merges with the sky. At the bottom of both complexes are located zoos.

Safari zoo is larger, and the "Olympus" small children like to feed the animals with it.

Avid anglers have the opportunity to fish in the open sea. For this you can rent a boat or go with a small group of lovers of fresh fish. If you are lucky you can see dolphinsswimming in the open sea.

In September, offers and excursions outside the city, for example, at Taman, in the Valley of Lotuses, in Abkhazia, in the Crimea. Prices are also declining.

The duration of the trips vary from one day to several days. Lovers of horse riding have the opportunity to enjoy a guided tour along the way, admiring the rock Sail and beach Praskoveevka.

CHem zanyatsya: ekskursii

Summarizing all said above about September time in Gelendzik, you can select a lot of advantages.

First, it's still warm. Secondly, fewer people, the sea is cleaner, the beaches are not frequented. Thirdly, the range of excursions and activities remains as wide as in the summer, and the prices are much lower.

Fourthly, reduce the cost of accommodation and food. Fifthly, in the South to enjoy the summer weather, when other areas of the country rains, and the nights freezing.