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What is the weather in August in Goa in India?

Pogoda v Goa v avguste

Most tourists perceive Goa as a place of fun, colorful and picturesque views and relaxing on an exotic beach.

Those who at least once visited here, sick "the Goa syndrome" and did not want to leave or try to come here again and again.

That is why, today, the Indian state called Goa is a very popular destination for holidays. In this article we will talk about what the weather in Goa in August and how to spend your most interesting holiday here this month.

Temperature and weather conditions

The first thing is to say that, in General, in this period here is humid and very hot weather. If we talk about the temperature, this month, in an average night, she is 24 degrees, and the afternoon and evening of almost 29 degrees.

But the precipitation here falls in August, very, very much, every second day on average, there is rainy. Also the humidity is extremely high this month and is as high as 88%.

In Goa in August, there are 120 Sunny hours.

It is worth noting that such weather in Goa in August is not entirely conducive to comfortable restas the time it rains and is cloudy, even despite the fact that the temperature of air and water is rather high.

But knowing all the features of climate in this month can be good to plan a vacation in advance and not be disappointed in coming here.

The cost of tours

Pleased that as a result of such not very pleasant weather conditions in the period of trips to this place are sold at a very same big savings. So, you will save up to 40% of moneythan if you bought a ticket during the high season.

And in that situation, if you at all are not pretentious traveler, you can go on their own without the services of the travel Agency. Because private owners of rental housing will be extremely cheap. For a large company so it is possible to remove even a whole house.

Where to go, what to see?

Due to the fact that the weather in August in India is not so favourable, you need to come up with something more interesting than just spending time on the beach. While in August here begin to relax the locals after a hard season of work with a bunch of tourists, and so they become more helpful and kind.

Coming in August in Goa, it is important not to forget to bring a raincoat. But it is also important to understand that a large number of places at this time there simply will be closed and so the rest may seem boring.

Only a few discos will be at your disposal in this time of year. There are some stores that just disappear until the next season and leave behind only a mountain of garbage, and restaurants are located preferably only on the coast.

But still you have a huge opportunity to delve into Indian culture this time, namely in August is celebrated:

  • 15 the number of residents in Grand style, celebrating Independence Day;
  • you can witness the big celebration of Ganesh-Chaturthi, which is the Indian God Ganesha with elephant head;
  • the holiday is celebrated on the Raksha-bandan, where the ritual washing of the sea.

In addition, in August you can do an active activity, in particular you can explore the beautiful temples of the state. So close to the capital is the famous Basilica of Jesus with the relics of Francis Xavier.

If you want something more "Indian", you should see the temple Mangesh with a seven-story tower. Or you can go on a tour to Hampi, where the ruins of the city called Vijayanagar.

Kakaya pogoda v avguste v Indii na Goa?

Definitely worth a visit is the Dudhsagar waterfall, which is located on the border between Goa and Karnataka. This waterfall has a huge size and has a height of 310 meters, and is something on the similarity of the cascade. Dudhsagar is the fifth largest waterfall in the country.

Also near the towns Sanquelim and Bicholim is a beautiful waterfall called Arvalem. But in August it is better not to bathe at its foot, as the water here during the rainy season, become very muddy.

In addition, it is possible at this time to engage their body and self. For example, it is possible to go on courses of meditation and yoga.

So, you spend by yourself, and will come home a completely new person, completely relaxed and balanced. Naturally, a beach holiday will be quite questionable, but still you can choose the most convenient time for bathing.

Thus, even in such unfavourable at first glance for vacation weather, here you can find a lot of things to do and to get acquainted with the culture of India and Goa state.

It is only important to plan the vacation and to be prepared for such weather conditions. Besides, you will not have to spend hugeamount of money since the ticket here at this time is incredibly cheaper.