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Weather and water temperature in Greece in August (Rhodes and Crete)

Pogoda v Grecii v avguste: na Krite i Rodose

Sunny beach, beautiful beaches, beautiful sunsets and purity of nature – that's what awaits visitors to the famous country of Greece.

One of the most visited of the Islands - Crete, a place where dreams come true and the most memorable stay. If the time has come and you decided to spend your vacation in an extraordinary and beautiful place – Crete in that sense perfect.

But before you go make sure you know about what is the weather in August in Crete, and that should carry.

Many argue that the wayward island, but because each month has a lot of features. Whether this is so, we will try to check and study in detail the best period for a vacation.

It is important to know!

August is called "azure" month. This name he received because it was at this time here the water takes on a special hue.

More and more it seems that you are in Paradise, because everywhere unique contrasts. Unique at the time and the air is so clean that the feeling of freedom impossible to experience anywhere else. But this is just a poetic comparison, so let's find out and about the climatic features.

The temperature of the air and water

The special location of the island is the main reason why here in August is warm and beautiful. We remind you that geographically, the island is located in the Mediterranean sea. So the territory is characterized by wind and warm, dry air.

Two climatic zones have an effect on the apparent temperature change. For example, the weather in August in Crete permanent in may – volatile.

The eighth month is a Prime example and the most successful time for rest. Here is a very Sunny and warm day the temperature reaches 35 degrees, but it is popular with the tourists.

They say that swimming and sunbathing in Crete have a positive effect on health, so the resorts are very many families with children. Here you will see the indescribable sunsets and sunrises, will be in complete privacy with nature.

You will find no rest, and filled with emotions and impressions pastime. It is important to note that the weather in August in Crete and the weather in August in Rhodes is not much different in General terms, therefore where better to go doesn't matter much.

You expect a Sunny and warm month, you can freely swim, ride rides, and, of course, sunbathing. But only need to be extremely careful, because the hot sun can cause you harm.

Therefore, to build a program need given the characteristics of heat. Therefore, all tourists should be aware that the temperature in Greece in August high and quite dangerous.

Vacation in Rhodes in August:

As for entertainment

We remind you that the weather in Greece in August accompanies to relax bright. Here tourists can see thousands of different entertainment. For each there is the option that will be able to enjoy.

The most important thing that any of them are optimal. Many people know that there are countries expensive, where accommodation and tours, rides are expensive, Greece also depart from such standards. Depending on your possibilities, you can find the perfect option.

The most popular leisure options for tourists of different age groups:

  1. In Greece it is very common the off-road excursions. This active type of entertainment will allow you to feel the adrenaline, enjoy the incredible scenery. You will be able to see all the fun. You will conduct training, will pave an interesting route, and create unique conditions for skiing. No less interesting will be trekking on horseback, which take more time, but allow us to estimate the diversity of the country.
  2. There are in Greece and multiple entertainment centersthat combine the opportunity to relax and spend time the most intense. So it makes sense to go on such entertainment events.
  3. A lot of cities and museums that have a special meaning to visit. With them, you will learn the history of development of Greece, will listen to multiple stories and legends, such excursions will forever remain in memory and will astonish. You could use the weather in Greece in August that are Sunny and hot because each room has special air conditioning system. You will be comfortable throughout the tour. That is why, in museums and at exhibitions is always a day a lot of tourists.
  4. After visiting the Museum, you will be force to go to sea. As the water temperature in Greece in August is perfect – the water treatments can be a great way to end the day. Jet boating and swimming in the water that you will be able to offer.

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Don't forget about the main thing - the beauty and charm of the country!

Greece is a very beautiful country, it is unique. Here you can visit many interesting places for excursions on the most famous sites.

You can choose any holiday, because each of them will help you to feel all the superiority of nature. But don't forget that the open air Museum "Lychnostatis" is also a frequently visited place, so it is a must see. Here all is unusual, filled with charm, this corner of the world – a place for relaxation and pleasure.

If you want to know what a summer holiday that is remembered, then Crete is the ideal place. Relax here with your family, spend your honeymoon, because everything is, in fact, unique and very beautiful.